Visibility In Digital Marketing Definition

What Is Visibility In Digital Marketing?

Visibility is about being seen digitally online – in Google and other search engines through search engine optimization, but not exclusively. It can also be the visibility you can get through social media, directories, comparison sites and ads.

Visibility or visibility in digital marketing as it is also called is meant to be visible online. It’s about how you or your company appears online. It often has a lot to do with how well the website and its content appear in Google and other search engines.

But it can also be about visibility in, among other things, social media, ads, comparison sites and directories as I have mentioned.

Marketing and being visible online

Working with visibility and SEO is a long-term job. There is a lot to gain, especially for companies. SEO is a good way to generate conversion.

Through search engines like Google, your business can gain ground, increase its sales and content value.

Why is visibility important?

If you are not visible, you do not exist. This is roughly how the importance of the concept of online visibility can be summarized.

It is important for your customers – current and potential – to be able to find you and your services or products at all. Visibility is also needed for your visitors to feel confident in you and begin the journey towards becoming loyal customers.

If you are seen in a good way, it creates credibility. People get confirmation that you are an actor to count on and to trust.

Create added value for both the customer and Google

Marketing is about creating added value for the customer. Search engine optimization is marketing. I understand that SEO is about creating added value for those who use Google.

That is, your business, by working with interesting content, provides Google with more search-friendly content, and you improve your visibility online.

As a marketer, you need knowledge, not only about Google, but also about your customers. What keywords and search phrases do they use?

What type of search behavior do they have? Google knows. Google learns. You can learn you too!

Stand out from the competition with increased visibility

A digital presence is characterized by great competition. There are usually several and sometimes quite a few competitors and other websites that are crowded in the same space.

Google has a limited number of results on its front page. Ads are only shown in a limited number and on social media it can be difficult to make yourself heard and visible due to the digital “noise” – the amount of information that is constantly flowing by.

Being visible online among this amount of digital information is essential to making the right impression on your customers.

Visibility: Learn more about how Google thinks

Bounce rate is one thing we know affects Google. It is not enough to be visible in the search results, visitors must want to explore your site as well.

Bounce rate is the percentage of your visitors who only see one page.

Thus, the percentage of visitors who click into the page loses interest and returns to the search results. A bounce rate of 49,8% is good. Less than 49,8% is even better.

If you have difficulty retaining visitors to your site, Google will downgrade your search value. Therefore, it is important to offer valuable content.

As a company, you of course want them to stay with you and not turn around and take the next link in the search results.

Increase your visibility with SEO

Although visibility is about the whole digital presence, it is often in Google that it begins. People who search for a product or service google for more information or to strike directly and buy.

It is often also to the search engine you go to find out more information about a company.

In addition, it is common for people to feel more confident in companies that appear again and again among the first results in Google.

Therefore, you should search engine optimize your website and make sure you are there!

Require transparency from SEO experts

Links are another thing that affects and when it comes to them, social media is a tool to take advantage of.

Links on more authoritative blogs are valued higher by Google than links on unrelated pages.

There are also harmful ways to use links. As a company, you should always make sure to request transparency when hiring SEO experts.

This is how you can be seen online in the search engines

The nice thing is that it can be viewed on Google for free. In principle, it’s about creating content that is relevant to your company’s customers.

Describe goods or services in a good way that is easy to understand. Think about what keywords your customers use when they google and use them in your texts.

Then you create content regularly, preferably through a blog. This will improve your digital visibility and eventually lead to more organic traffic and more engaged visitors.

Links are often needed to climb to the top of Google – especially if you are active in a highly competitive industry. Here it is important to be careful not to be penalized by Google.

Secure your brand online

Once you have started your business, it is important that you build your brand. Start by making sure no one else is taking it – by registering the brand in various places online.

  • Register your brand as a domain name (your website address
  • Register your brand on the major social media to be sure that no one else has registered this before. Then you will hopefully not get a name with strange hyphens or additions to the name. Create profiles on the major social media that you know you want to be on, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Feel free to also register your trademark with the Patent and Registration Office.
  • Use the same username on the different platforms which makes it easier for your customers to find you. Also use the same logo as the profile picture to hold the graphic profile together.
  • Using the same username as the brand also strengthens your ranking on Google as they recognize that your username belongs to your company.
  • Once you have created your social media accounts, it’s time to start planning for the content so you can establish a deeper connection with your customers. But it does not matter if your accounts are without content now in the start-up phase. The important thing is that you have created accounts and secured your brand.

Increase visibility with search engine optimization

Although it is free to appear on Google, it is almost always worthwhile to hire an SEO agency to systematically create better visibility online.

It is important to monitor and adapt your search engine optimization as the conditions in the search engines and digital competition change.

5 tips for increased visibility in search engines

It is important to customize your website so that search engines find your particular website and place it high in the search results.

The higher up in the results, the more visits you get to your website.

Most search engine optimization measures are not directly visible on the site, but are very important for your site to be ranked high by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

You help the search engines by tagging your content and designing the website properly.

1. Use a responsive website

Responsive website means that URLs display the same content in the same site structure for both mobile and desktop computer of your website.

So solutions where you create both a mobile site and a site for desktop computer impair your opportunities for good positions in the search results.

2. Mobile is more important than computer for visibility

Today we are in a situation where the search services first and foremost index mobile websites. This means that websites that are adapted for desktops end up further down in the search results.

All the following tips should therefore be implemented so that they are visible on a mobile.

3. Use the most important search phrases early in the text on the page

The old truth that one achieves good results in the search services by repeating a phrase over and over again no longer applies.

Today, there are two signal positions in a page’s text block: As early as possible in the page’s text area, and as late as possible in the text.

In between, it is better to be well-formulated, and preferably to use synonyms and relevant paraphrases.

4. Thirty words say more than one picture

Use captions. Write what images represent in the alt attribute and do not put important communication in image format but as real, readable text on the page.

The search engines are good at finding descriptive words rather than what the image represents.

5. Do not change web platform unnecessarily

If you need to change platforms, try to keep your old URLs, so-called URLs. Old embedded pages are given higher priority by search engines than brand new pages.

Unless you immediately get lots of nice links to the new page from for example web magazines and blogs.


In order for you to increase your visibility on Google, you need to have an idea for your blog or website. Well-written posts, collaborations and digital marketing are something that attracts many readers.

A very good way to increase your visibility on Google is to hire an SEO writer who writes blog posts and articles for you.

Keep in mind that it can cost a few bucks if you want a well-known website, but it is worth it in the long run.



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