Steps to Making Money Selling Photos in India That Work!

Are you one of those people who has a camera as a loyal companion and wants to find subjects everywhere?

Why not make some extra pocket money on your photos? I have found some websites where you can sell your photos without a lot of work once you have edited and uploaded them.

How do you make money selling photos in India?

Making money from your photos in India is something that many people would appreciate. But how to do it? It is very simple, you register on the website where you want to sell your pictures on. Uploads the pictures and waits for people to pay for them. Then you choose how you want it paid out.

Sure sounds simple? It’s also simple but it assumes that your photos are good. That people are prepared and pay for them is of course also important.

Here’s a video that goes more in detail on how to do this:

Who can make money on their pictures in India?

The great thing about being able to make money from your photos is that anyone can do it. Assuming you have a camera or smartphone, you can take pictures.

If you can take pictures, you can also sell these and make money. Registering on many of the sites where you can sell your photos is also free.

So you do not have much to lose by throwing up some of your photos and maybe earn some extra money.

What sites can I use to make money selling my photos in India?

Here are 5 sites where you can sell your photos:


According to the website itself, there are 5 million photographers selling their photos here. On this site you get 70% of the profit for each license you sell (the standard price is $ 250) and your images are then available for use in large advertising campaigns or otherwise (at least if you sell a commercial license).

How do you join?

To join 500px Prime, you must create a 500px profile. Here you upload your photos and fill in the necessary details about each photo, such as model, location and rights.

You have the choice to either sell your photos as exclusive or non-exclusive. You will earn more by selling exclusively but on the other hand you can only sell the image once.


On this site you can earn up to $ 120 per image. Their payment structure is quite complicated but you earn more per image the more you sell.

In total, the site’s members have earned $ 300 million on more than 500 million downloads, so it’s definitely a good site to sell on.

On the site you will also find videos and vectors. You can also refer to other images and earn a little each time the image is sold.


With Smugmug Pro you get a full 85% of the profit on your photos, but on the other hand it is not free to have a profile there.

If you want to join the site, you must purchase a subscription for a minimum of $ 12.5 / month. If you choose to become a member, you upload your photos, choose which products you want to sell and for what price you want to sell it.

A good site for you who have knowledge of sales and business as you have more freedom to reshape your products.


This site has been around since 2001 and has therefore built up a large network for both sellers and buyers.

For that reason, you can not only create a profile and upload your photos, but you must apply for membership. To apply, you must have selected the most appropriate category (images, illustration, video or audio) and complete the application.

After that, iStockphoto will assess your qualifications and you will get to do a little quiz. The last step is to send in some of your material, which should be spotless! If you are accepted, you will receive a minimum of 15% of what you sell.

However, you can work your way up to get close to 45%. On the website you can find a tool to help you calculate your income.


Etsy is not just the place for wedding decoration, Halloween costumes and gift ideas. In fact, you can also sell your photos.

Your terms of sale are pretty good, Etsy only charges 20 cents per sale + 3.5% of the sales price. Instead, you get to work a little extra from home to get your photos sold.

Etsy is not the place to look first if you are looking for photos to buy, but considering that Etsy takes such a small portion of the profits, it may still be worth it. besides, Etsy offers a very helpful handbook where it says about labeling, advertising, etc.

As an Etsy seller, you can also choose your own prices so your options are almost unlimited.

Each site has its advantages and disadvantages as it is just a matter of looking into them and finding the one that suits you and your needs.

How much money can you make selling photos in India?

On Shutterstock you must send in 10 pictures, of which 7 need to be approved. On those who are approved, you can then make money on.

You will then be paid for each downloaded image. How much you get per download differs depending on how much you have earned in total.

It will be between $0.287 and $3.25 at least. The more you sell the more you get. There is also a chance to earn $120 for a single image if you have an extended license.

iStock, on the other hand, requires you to submit 3 images to be approved. There, the payment is between $3 and $4 each per picture.

Adobe Stock pays between $0.230 and $3.7. It is very difficult to give an estimate of how much money you can make.

If you want to know how much you can possibly earn, it is probably easiest to count on about 5 sales per image you upload.

Some pictures will of course go better than others but about 5 sales is a low expectation.

Can you live on this in India?

There are many who live on this. However, these are professional photographers and it takes a lot of time and effort to get to where they are today.

Another possibility is that if a company likes your pictures, they may be able to offer an opportunity with them. This possibility could, for example, be that you produce an advertising campaign for them.

This can pay off really well as it is they who have opened their eyes to you. Then they are also willing to pay well If you are a good photographer, you can earn as much as you like.

There is no limit to the number of times your image can be downloaded. Therefore, there is also no ceiling for how much you can earn.

Appropriate photos to make money on in India

Just like when you are going to sell other things and maximize your earnings, you need to look at the competitors. If a lot of pictures of people hiking are sold, then it might be a good idea to also post one if you have one.

You do not have to find something completely unique, but it works very well to just do a market analysis.

From that market analysis, you decide what to put up. Riding the trend instead of going against it is good advice, especially if you are new.

What pictures sell well in India?

Pictures that contain people who are happy are generally something that sells well. No wonder either, who wants to use a picture of sad people in an advertising campaign? Of course, it is also possible to post something that is not on the platform.

It costs nothing to test but it is very difficult. The easiest thing is to just follow the current, if you are going against it, you need to have found something that no one else has done.

But one thing is for sure, if you find something unique, you will learn to make a lot of money from that image.

How to maximize profits in India?

Another tip is not to take photos just to make money. Arranging and setting up people so that everything will look perfect is not a good idea.

Usually it is the pictures that are taken at the moment that are best.

Taking pictures as it seems that everything is arranged is something that will not give much money. Therefore, a tip is that if you are new to this you should check out your camera roll.

The pictures that are there you have taken without having a make money purpose. It is often these images can be the ones that sell the most.

To think about in order to get as good a picture as possible in India

Just as I mentioned above, the very best photos are often the ones that have been taken spontaneously.

But if you want to go out and take a picture now, what should you think about then? If the background is not what you want to show, it is best to stick to a simple background.

This is because the background otherwise risks taking focus away from what you really want to emphasize. Do not place the subject in the middle either.

It does not give the same life in the picture.

It looks less upset and more vivid if the motif, for example, is on the left.

Also remember to take the pictures from different angles. Sometimes potential buyers can check your pictures and see if the pictures are in other angles.

If you take the pictures from several angles, the chances are greater that customers will find one that they like.


Feel motivated? If so, you can make money selling your photography in several ways. These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg.

If you are interested in selling your photos, start taking pictures and marketing yourself – then why not just try it out, a new career awaits you!

Also, check out this Youtube video to learn more about the subject:



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