Make Money Testing Products: Site, Odds, Criteria, & Email

To get things home for free and then get money to test products. Does that sound like a dream job? Undoubtedly! Read on and find out how the job can become yours.

So, how do you make money testing products?

There are companies out there that are willing to reward you for testing and reviewing their products. To make money they will either send their products to you in exchange for giving them feedback (products that you can later sell online) or they will pay you directly.

Some of the websites will ask you to review their products via various social media and it is also a way to make money on Facbook, Instagram or Twitter.

What does it mean to test products?

Testing products is an easy and fun way to make extra money from home. As a product tester, you get home products from companies that you test and then give your opinion on.

The reason why companies want to know your opinion is that with its help they can develop better products that are better adapted to the users.

As a product tester, you can help companies develop both old and new products.

Is it easy to become a product tester?

Yes, because testing products works practically so that companies send home free products to you so that you can easily test them in your everyday life.

When you have tested the products for some time, you report your opinions and your feedback in a form or as a report and send it back to the company.

The company then gets help with developing its products and you have received a product and usually you get another reward in the form of money or gift cards.

What are the most common products to test?

Products that companies usually offer for testing are beauty products, snacks, sweets or electronics.

Depending on the product, you as a product tester give your opinions about the product’s design, packaging, taste, durability, appearance or user-friendliness.

Am I suitable as a product tester?

Testing products does not require any special experience or knowledge. All that is required is that you are interested in sharing your honest opinion.

Companies are interested in consumers’ opinions about products and therefore you only need to be able to say your honest opinion and feelings about a product.

What is the criteria to be able to become a product tester?

Most offers to test products start with you as a product tester filling in a personality test with information about, for example, age, gender, interests and the like.

This is to ensure that you belong to the customer group for which the product is suitable. If your experience as a product tester suits the product, you will be selected to test the product.

To increase your chances, you should sign up on several websites, some options are Buzzador and Smartson.

There are also products that suit several customer groups, such as sweets and snacks. If companies want to test such products, of course you do not need to fill in a preliminary survey, but then you only register your interest in testing the product.

If you are interested in technology, you can also make money by testing websites and software.

Good sites for product testing

In order to be considered as a reviewer, you must of course have joined any of the websites in the area. There are lots to choose from and there will be more all the time but I have found 5 that I think are the most credible.

1. User Testing

Super cool site that pays you to review websites. You do not test real products but the variety of websites should keep you entertained.

How to proceed: When creating a profile you will be asked to do a test review.

If it’s good, you’ll be sent web pages every now and then that you need to review. For every website you review, you get $ 10 into your Paypal (it takes 20 minutes to do a review).

Test products: Only websites that you obviously do not have the opportunity to keep.

Your chances of being selected as a test person: You need to do a test review to be certified as a test person but only around 1% will be denied.


Probably the best place to get products to review.

You create a profile and then just start testing or responding to surveys. Toluna is also one of the recommended companies to join to make money on paid surveys.

How to proceed: If you go to the test section, you have the opportunity to register as a reviewer for several different products.

If you are selected, the product will be sent to your home.

Then all you need to do is test the product, after which you fill in a survey regarding what you thought of the product. As a reward, you get to keep the product.

Test products: The range changes all the time, but products you often come across are shower gel, toothpaste and other types of cosmetics.

Your chances of being selected as a test person: Normally 200-500 test persons are needed who are randomly selected.

3. Ipsos

One of England’s leading market research sites and they are willing to pay you for your opinions.

How to proceed: Just answer surveys about different products or your personal shopping habits. Sometimes you need to have products sent home to be able to answer the surveys.

Examples of products: ???

Your chances of being selected as a test person: It is only sometimes that you get test products sent home, but what you get paid just for answering various surveys makes it absolutely worth the time.

4. Pinecone

A fairly credible site that is also the one that pays the best.

Unfortunately, you rarely get the test invitations.

How to proceed: You just create a profile after which you get the opportunity to fill in surveys and occasionally review products…

Test products: Cosmetics, food, drinks, etc.

Your chances of being selected as a test person: The number of products that need to be tested is slightly lower than on other websites, but on the other hand there are not many test persons there to compete with…


This site offers a wide variety of products with everything from gadgets to cosmetics to weekend trips.

How to go about it: Not sure what they are testing.

Test products: iPhones, iPads, TVs, cosmetics, weekend trips etc.

Your chances of being selected as a test person: As with the other sites, only a limited number of test persons are wanted. These are randomly selected.

Good to know when making money as a product tester:

Be aware of your odds

It would no doubt be nice if all the products we applied for were sent directly to our mailbox and we could quickly become millionaires by testing products.

Unfortunately, most companies work within a budget that limits the number of test subjects. Of course, as there are often thousands of applicants for each product, you will not be selected every time.

Choose carefully which products you apply for

You can quickly get carried away and search for everything between heaven and earth, but think about whether it is really a product you are interested in.

If not, do not waste your time there but go ahead and look for good products.

Never forget to give feedback as a product tester!

There is really no one who will come after you if you did not go in and review the product after receiving it. However, if you want to be chosen to test products for more stuff, ALWAYS REMEMBER TO REVIEW THE PRODUCT.

With so many test persons out there, you will quickly be overlooked if you do not meet the criteria.

follow up on your site when making money as a product tester

If you create a profile and then never return to the site, you will most likely never receive any test products. Instead, return regularly and check out new products.

Testers with an adequate profile and who have proven to be loyal testers will have a better chance of receiving the good products.

Make a separate email for your tests

By learning how to make money from testing products, you will learn how to apply for a freelance job and make extra money from it! It is important that you keep order so that you know that you always have new opportunities and jobs in progress.

Therefore, if you want to avoid losing test options in your regular email spam, create a new one and use it for your test web pages.

It can also be an advantage to have an extra email if you want to test new products on new sites but are not quite sure if they are credible.


Pro tip when making money as a product tester

Being a test person may sound a little too good to be true, but the sites that I have found ARE real. If you prove to be a loyal test person, the companies will be happy to give you enough products to test.

Also, I found this video on Youtube but I don’t know if it’s legit but I hope it helps, good luck!



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