Make Money Online as a Teenager in South Africa

Here I am at my desk, again, and I think to myself, ‘how would you make money as a teenager online in South Africa?

So, how do you make money online under 18 in South Africa?

Probably the easiest method on how you can make money in South Africa where you are garuenteed to get a steady income is by getting a job. And yes I know you probably have already thought about that, but bear with me. Of all the ways you can make money this is by far the most relaiable and sure fire way of getting money.

Other articles may recommend you to use Swagbucks and what not but Swagbucks is such a time waister. Minimal pay for huge effort, instead of waisting your time on surveys all day why not do a job where you know for sure you will get payed.

It may seem impossible to get a job if you are under 18, but there are actually several opportunities to get a job in your spare time. This may not be a method of making quick money, but it is a stable one.

Here are some examples:

1. Make money in South Africa by distributing newspapers

Anyone can follow a list of addresses and throw newspapers in mailboxes.

There are several different types of routes – some where you need to get up at six in the morning and drive around before school and some where you only have a few hours in the afternoon or longer weekend shifts.

Even if you sometimes have to fight in the rain and snow, a newspaper job is actually not that bad.

It does not interfere with school and it is a good way to get some exercise. You can find more information about jobs and routes online.

2. Work in a café / restaurant

Although there are some restrictions when it comes to serving alcohol, as you must be 18 years old, many cafes use young workers.

If not as a waiter, it is often possible to get a job as a kitchen assistant or dishwasher. Just go out and ask the locals if they need some help.

Even if of course you can not fill out an entire CV, you can easily write an application where you write a little about yourself and why you think you would be a good employee with them.

You should be able to find a job for afternoons or weekends.

3. Baby-sitter

Babysitting is a great way to earn money without actually working.

Often your job is to entertain them for a few hours, maybe cook for them, but otherwise just lay them down and then relax until the parents get home.

Post posters in the supermarket, at preschools or on bulletin boards and advertise that you are looking for a babysitter job.

Once you get your first job, it spreads quickly among the mothers and you should get enough jobs.

Make sure the kids have fun with you, so they ask their parents to let you come back.

4. Fruit pickers

If you live in an area with orchards, it is probably possible to get a seasonal job as a picker.

It is hard work and in most places you get paid for how much fruit you have picked. To apply as a fruit picker, you do not need a CV, but if you have worked on a plantation before, it may be a good idea to mention the name of the place.

Do not lose interest if you receive a low hourly wage in the first few days.

Once you have the technique for it, your income will increase rapidly.

5. Dog-sitter

Many people have a dog, but do not have the time (or desire) to go out with them.

This can be good for you! If you offer to help when you get home from school, you still have an advantage over people with full-time jobs and the job does not take much more than an hour.

You should be able to take up to four dogs at a time, which means that you get a good hourly wage.

In most cases, your job is to pick up the dog, go for a walk, leave it again and make sure it has water in its bowl. What you can charge for your services depends on where you live in South Africa.

In large cities you can take up to $18.5 per hour, but in most places it is a bad idea to take more than $10 to $12.5 if you want to get more jobs and be recommended to your customers’ friends.

You can also offer to look after and feed people’s animals while they are on vacation.

6. Cleaner

If you live near a hotel, you can apply to become a cleaner. In most cases, the job will consist of changing sheets, cleaning and sometimes bringing breakfast to the rooms.

The job is hard and the salary is usually not so good, but it is at least over in a couple of hours and then you have time to do something else.

7. Cashier

Once you are over 16, you can sit at the checkout in a supermarket.

You will probably receive a minimum wage of $6 per hour, but with supplements for evenings and weekends.

If you work well, you will hopefully have the opportunity to continue on the supermarket when you turn 18, which of course means that you get a higher salary and more responsibility.

How To Make Money Even If You Are Under 18 in South Africa – Top 12 Ways

Although it can be easy to earn a few bucks here and there, it is not easy to earn “real” money when you are under 18, because you obviously lack things like professional experience and an unlimited driver’s license.

So, if you are saving for a new computer or a holiday with friends, then you have come to the right place, I have found some ways for you to make some money, even if you are not 18:

  • Arrange a concert
  • Become a football referee
  • Wash cars
  • Get paid to iron clothes
  • Create your own app
  • Start a rental club
  • Rent out (almost) all your stuff
  • Fill in questionnaires online
  • Renew your old clothes and jewelry
  • Make money on your awesome style
  • Perform on the street
  • Start a movie club

1. Arrange a concert

f you have any friends who play in bands or perform themselves, you can make money by organizing a concert for them (for them, it means experience and publicity).

All you need is a location, the right equipment and a computer to make some cool flyers and tickets.

2. Become a football referee

Don’t know how easy it is in South Africa, but you can definitely give it a try.

3. Wash cars

If you do not want a real job with a grumpy boss and fixed working hours, you can try car washing. Anyone can do it and all it takes is to spread the word.

Make some flyers where people can see information about your services and prices (cleaning of the inside, outside, additional services) and your contact information and put them in mailboxes, put them on car windows and hang them in your local grocery store.

If your customers are happy with the job, you can ask them for a rating for your flyers.

4. Get paid to iron clothes

Are you a fan of ironing? Then there is another way to make money. Use the same method as above to spread the word.

5. Develop your own app

If you have been a little attentive in recent years, you know that smartphones have become an indispensable product for most people.

An important reason why smartphones have become such a success is the wide range of applications, also called apps.

Apps can be anything from games like Angry Birds to features like a trip planner. The best part is that you do not have to be a computer genius to develop an app.

There are lots of ways for you to turn a great idea into a fully functional app.

You can either hire someone to do the technical part for you (with this requires a stable start-up capital, so it is probably not for someone who is new to the industry) or you can try one of the following sites, where you can develop apps free.

  • ThriveApp
  • IBuildApp
  • AppsGeyser
  • AppMakr

Once you’ve created an app, you can apply for permission to upload it to the App Store or Google Play.

There are several fees for having an app on these sites, but it will probably be worth it given all the revenue it will generate.

You can learn more about developing your own app in this video I found on Youtube:

6. Start a rental club at your school

You can make money on things you already own by starting a rental club at your school. Think video rentals – for less money!

In this way, both you and the tenants win.

To start a rental club you need:

  • Create a register of those who rent with their information, such as telephone number and year.
  • Create a logbook where you write down who borrowed what and for how long.
  • Make a list of all the titles you have (movies, CDs, video games…).
  • This way, people can choose what they want to borrow without having to drag everything to school every day.
  • Just as you avoid carrying everything with you to school every day, it is a good idea to create a system for “booking in advance”, so that you only need to bring the titles to be rented out.

An easy way to do this, both for you and for those who rent, is to create a Facebook group with all the necessary information.

If you do not want to keep track of a lot of cash, you can easily create a Paypal account where you can keep track of payments.

The great thing about having a rental club at your school is that you can always easily track people who are not returning things on time.

Your rental club can contain everything you have at home that you would like to rent out and that you can take with you on the bike or bus.

Girls can also consider renting out their clothes – at least if you are not too afraid of them. This way, people can borrow things like a dress for the weekend festivities for example.

If you choose to rent clothes, you should probably have a system that gives you some form of guarantee in case the clothes are damaged in any way.

It can be a security deposit that is returned if the clothes are intact, or it can be a replacement fee if there is any damage to the clothes.

7. Rent out (almost) all your stuff

There are websites that help you rent out almost everything you own – without having to pay for advertising!

On the RentNotBuy site, you have the opportunity to rent out virtually anything to people who are willing to pay to borrow it.

Just choose your price and drive!

If you are worried about lending your things to strangers, you can arrange a deposit on the site, so that you have a kind of guarantee.

In addition, you can see the borrower’s history as well as from whom he or she has borrowed before and how he or she has been rated.

This means that you can judge whether people will take good care of your things or not.

In addition, RentNotBuy is available on Zilok and Ecomodo, or you can check if there is a site that addresses a larger area than just your local.

8. Fill in paid surveys

As I mentioned before, paid surveys can make you go insane of how long it takes to get paid.

But if you really don’t have anything better to do then paid surveys can be a good way to make some extra money just sitting infront of the computer.

The website I would recommend is Toluna. At Toluna, you get paid in free products that can be anything from gift cards to hand cream before the holidays.

It’s obviously not pure cash and you can not choose what you want for your surveys, but it’s never wrong to get some free stuff.

9. Renew your old clothes and jewelry

If you are hesitant to lend your belongings, you can try to renew and sell some of your old things. This is a very simple and straightforward way to work from home.

If you are a little creative and know how to handle a sewing machine, you can quickly renew an old sweater.

You can also try sewing your own clothes from scratch. If you go to different markets, you can find many different fabrics for a pittance.

In addition to being a really fun project, you will also get clothes that are completely unique. You can also look around online if you need inspiration for your own design.


The same goes if you have some old pearl necklaces at home that are no longer so modern.

To begin with, you can cut the old ones to use the pearls again, but you can also buy new pearls cheaply on the internet.

If you have a little aptitude for it, you can easily make a pearl necklace for $2.5 and sell it for $5-5.5. Make sure you do not pay too much!

Remember, after all, you only sell homemade jewelry.

10. Make money on your awesome style in South Africa

Do you have a good eye for finding just the right item of clothing or shoes? Why not use it for a small business! Vintage has become very trendy and you can just as easily take advantage of it.

Go hunting in all local second-hand shops and at various flea markets and make good purchases.

Be sure to take good pictures of the clothes when you get home (remember that online pictures make all the difference) and then create the ad on eBay, Etsy or any other site.

If you manage to show off your clothes properly, you can sell them for twice as much money or even more.

Another way

Another way you can make money online is by selling the pictures you take.

Many companies and magazines are looking for great photos that they can publish on their websites or in their advertising.

By selling your photos online, you can quickly get a good income.

If you do not sell the photos, you can always post them on either Facebook or Instagram and use them that way anyway.

11. Perform on the street

Street performance is a great way to have fun and make some money at the same time. Of course, it is required that you have something to perform with and that you do not mind standing in front of an audience.

But if you succeed in a good show, you can get a good penny in just a few hours.

12. Start a movie club

Another way you can make use of all your DVD movies is to start a movie club, either at your school or somewhere else where you think an audience will come.

To start a movie club, there are a couple of things you will definitely need:


Most schools have a projector and therefore this is the easiest place to start your club. Unfortunately, the school will probably not be as fond of lending its premises for private gain as it is when it comes to charity.

Therefore, you will probably have to look around for another venue to have your movie club in if you just want to earn some extra pocket money.

A movie

Consider what your audience is – what age, girls, boys or both?

By choosing a film that attracts many, you increase your chances of getting a wide participation.

A new movie is likely to attract more than an older one.

A location

The location probably depends on where you can borrow a projector from. When choosing a venue for the club, you need to consider whether there is room for those you expect to show up.

Are there enough chairs / sofas for everyone to sit on?

Is there a wall you can use as a canvas?

Once you have fixed all this, you can start considering if you can do something to create a cozier, more inviting atmosphere and if you want to sell popcorn and other sweets for a little extra income.

Remember that effort and income often go hand in hand! You also need to keep track of when you want your movie nights.

It can be a good idea to have a regular evening every week, so people know when not to plan something else.

It is very possible that you will have to choose that evening of the week when the room and the projector are vacant.

But if you have the chance, try to schedule your movie night based on the school schedule if there are any recurring activities.

Last but not least, you need to decide how much you want to charge.

You can either try a membership where people pay per month at a lower cost, or you can charge at the door.

You will probably earn more by paying at the door, but with membership payments you have a more predictable income and you can more easily pay in advance for snacks, refreshments or even your own popcorn machine.


These were some of the ways in which you can make money as a teenager.

There are many more. However, you can certainly find a simpler job in the list of all the jobs described above.

It is possible to get a perfectly ok income via the tips and advice in this article and if you are actually willing to work hard. Then there is money to be made no matter what work you do.

So, good luck making money, my friend!



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