Make Money Blogging: Domain, Afffiliate, Cost & Earnings $?

Curious about how you can make money on your blog or how other bloggers make money?

In this guide, I will tell you how to get started making money on your blog and what sources of income are available.

It is many people’s dream to make money from home and what makes a blog so exciting is that there is basically no limit to how much you can earn. But there’s still taxes tho ;).

How to make money blogging?

When it comes to making money on your blog, the three most common ways to:

  • Make your own products
  • Use affiliate links
  • Show advertising and market sponsors
  • When you make your own products, you can package information into an e-book or web course that your readers can buy
  • With affiliate links, you recommend another person’s or company’s product or services.
  • You get a commission when your reader actually makes a purchase from the other company through your affiliate links

Advertising and sponsors are the third way to make money on your blog.

With advertising, you can place images on your blog that show potential products that the reader wants to buy from other suppliers on your site.

You want to be careful not to do too much, as it may make your site look like a salesperson and it is not the best way to monetize your blog.

Sponsors are another way to make money on your blog, where companies will pay you to talk about their product and recommend them.

You can see this a lot in YouTube videos or Instagram photos: Clothes and fashion companies pay well-known bloggers to showcase their products and say they have a use of a particular brand.

You will not really have the opportunity to sponsor once you have just started learning how to make money on your blog.

But as you grow in popularity, you can find sponsors more easily (or it will be easier to find you for them rather).

What is a blog?

A blog is a collection of posts on a topic organized on a website. It is usually run by one person or a small group of people and is updated regularly.

Most blogs sell products to their readers such as e-books and courses, but some also sell clothing, supplements and more. It all depends on who visits the blog and what they want.

You can also market other influencers (ie, people who can influence large groups of people) and their companies or list ads to make money on your blog!

Why you should start a blog?

Can you imagine getting paid to write, think and talk about what you love every day?

This is what starting a blog is all about and why you should learn how to make money from your blog: You create valuable information, build a following base and then sell products they like and want to buy.

Not only can you do what you love every day, but you also get these amazing benefits:

  • You have no manager who tells you what to do and can take your blog in whatever direction you want, post what you want and sell what you want.
  • You can travel to other countries while you work if it is something you have always dreamed of
  • You will become a better writer, thinker and smarter
  • You decide what times you want to work at any time of the day
  • You can earn passive income – you do not have to sit at the computer from 9-6 to make money on your blog!
  • You can work in your pajamas, at home or in a café.
  • There is no one who says you have to show up at 9 o’clock in an office that is a 2 hour drive away

How Much Money Can You Make From Blogging?

When it comes to learning how to make money on your blog, some people think they will never make a dime. But I am here to tell you that it is not true


Why do you need a domain for your blog?

A domain name identifies your blog and website and locates it on the internet. The company’s Google domain name is for example

What purpose does a plug-in/plug-in module have on your blog?

A collection of files and software you install on your blog that can enhance the features of your site.

One plugin can help you display more information about your readers and another such as helping you display your Instagram photos on your site.

There are endless number of plugins and options for how you can customize your blog, and they will help you all on the journey how to make money on your blog.

What does a theme do to your blog?

A collection of files that work together to create an interface that your readers see when they visit your blog. These files are the instructions that WordPress follows for what your blog should look like.

Is it good to have info products on your blog?

Usually sold in the form of digital delivery, such as an e-book or web course, this is how many bloggers usually make money on blogging.

Once you know who is visiting your blog, you can do research and find out what they want to learn from you. You package this solution in a good format and sell it to them.

You can also consider making non-digital products such as clothing, custom physical products (think coffee mugs and equipment) and more. This is one of the best ways to increase your income from making money on your blog.

Are affiliate links still profitable for blogs?

A special link from a product you have researched, which when a reader clicks on and buys, gives you a commission. Affiliate links and products are a great way to make money on your blog and we will talk about them more later in this article.

Should I use WordPress when starting a blog?

This is a standard blogging platform, which allows you a lot of freedom over the design of your website (which is what you want). It is very easy to use and get started with. On the website you can get your own blog for free, but you are not allowed to choose the domain name and are very limited in what you can do.

I recommend that you use when you learn how to make money on your blog, which is the same technology, but you get to choose which domain you want. Once you have your domain name and hosting company, they will go through how to set up WordPress.

Which hosting should I use when starting my blog?

I personally use Siteground, and so far I havent had any problems. Just a bit pricey.

What does a web host do for your blog?

A web host stores your website on its servers that are connected to the internet. Imagine a web host like your computer and a hard drive, in addition to paying a company to host you online, you can get readers and customers from all over the world to see your site. Without a host, you can never discover how to make money on your blog.

Therefore, you should use WordPress to create your blog

With WordPress, you can skip many of the steps that can otherwise cost you thousands of dollars To sum up, WordPress is a content management system (from the English Content Management System, CMS) for your website, which gives you a lot of control and allows you to manage all content from one place.

This means you can easily manage your blog posts, titles, pages and more on your blog.

This is exactly what you want, because when you start learning how to make money on your blog, if you want to keep things as simple as possible, WordPress is the most popular CMS tool and many companies, from small to large, use it every day.

Here’s a video, not to discourage you, but to show you that blogging is not some easy thing. As with anyting it takes time and effort:

Make money blogging in 10 easy steps

1. Blog Affiliate links

Affiliate marketing works simply explained so that you as a blogger (or other type of site) refer people to an online store, and when someone who came through you makes a purchase, you get a percentage on the purchase.

Affiliate links are also popular with e.g. newspaper sites or comparison sites (best in tests, etc.) where you are redirected to other sites to buy something.

Just as you can get commission via a link, it can also be done via discount codes. When an influencer urges you to use their discount code, they often receive a certain amount per generated purchase.

Through affiliate links, you can also get paid per click and Apprl is, among other things, a network that does a lot of that kind of affiliate marketing.

What is important is that affiliate links must always be marked at the beginning of the post, for example with “The post contains advertising links”. However, see many who do not use this and think it is quite ugly of them. You can recognize an affiliate link because it either looks strange (for example, starting with, for the Tradedoubler network) OR by what is at the end of the link once you have clicked on it.

For example. ? utm_source = adtraction & utm_medium = affiliate & utm_campaign = Kev + blog (affiliate link through the Adtraction network).

It is a world of its own that it takes some time to get acquainted with. Maybe it can also be a follow-up post where I go deeper into affiliate as income for bloggers?

2. Advertisements and advertisements in the form of banners

Banners on websites, it is perhaps the most classic form of advertising?

We see it everywhere and at the same time there is nothing so disturbing? Adblockers are poppis for that reason. But it’s proven to work and sites make money on this form.

At the same time, I wonder who the heck is clicking on all the banners? The only time I do it is by mistake. Or is it just the exposure companies want, just like a physical advertising pillar?

Banner ads can have different pricing, either you have a fixed price, price for number of impressions or price per click.

You can agree with companies directly but the most common today is to use Google Adsense. With Adsense, information about the user is retrieved and the ads that are displayed depend on who visits the site and must therefore be relevant (and more profitable).

So far, you can enjoy that this blog does not consist of ugly advertisements in the middle of the posts or around everything. 🙂

3. Choose a topic or niche for your blog and stick to that topic

One of the biggest mistakes we see people make when it comes to learning how to make money on their blog is to start a blog about sports, but then suddenly change direction on the blog.

Maybe they saw that cats are now very popular, so they think they should write an article about cats on their sports blog.

Once you have decided on your topic or theme for your blog, stick to it. Because if you focus on making content on different sites rather than just one you will probably burn out. Or just give up.

4. Think about who reads your blog, not yourself

Too many bloggers write only for themselves. They confuse the blog with their diary.

Writing to express yourself is good, and yes, part of your blog will be about expressing yourself… But how can you attract people and make money on your blog if you do not create content that your readers love.

You should always put yourself in your readers’ shoes and ask, “What do they want?

Create your content based on the answer to the question of the best lesson on how to learn how to make money on your blog.

5. Blog for a portal / magazine

In order for you to get paid (and well paid) by a blog portal or magazine, you should have pretty good traffic, or be in a particular niche (AND still probably have a lot of readers). So for most people, this will never be an option.

6. Focus on creating great content for your blog.

While you can not just write a single blog post and hope that your blog will earn millions of dollars, try not to write 5 posts a day if the quality is poor.

A better way to make money on your blog is to write fewer articles that are really high quality, compared to more but poorly written and edited.

7. Blog collaborations / sponsored posts

What is perhaps most obvious to the reader, when a collaborative post is published and the blogger recommends, tests or praises and even markets a specific company and their product or service.

There are also various reasons why companies want to collaborate. Sometimes it’s about brand building, maybe presenting a news item or driving sales, but it can also be about them just wanting a link as part of their SEO work.

Making successful blog collaborations is not very easy for either bloggers or companies tho.

8. Continue to improve your blogging knowledge

To learn how to make money on your blog, you must always study and learn how to write better, rank better in search engines, improve your products and more.

There is no limit to how much you can learn, but there is also no limit to how much you can earn on your blog!

9. Build a business around the blog

Examples of things you can make money from, using your blog as your starting point (and marketing channel):

  • Sell items and pictures on.
  • There are many incredible creators among the blogs and it may be possible to sell their texts or pictures on to other magazines / companies.
  • Create a community or let your readers / followers pay for the content, e.g. via Patreon.
  • Build on your expertise, you may be asked to write a book, participate in TV, etc.
  • Which in turn can result in, for example, paying assignments on the topic.
  • Courses and e-books.
  • Online courses are booming right now for obvious reasons, but it has long been a way for bloggers to generate revenue.
  • Products and your own shop.
  • Either something you create yourself or are a reseller of, for example something that is common among photographers is to sell their images as prints / posters.
  • Sell services, lecture, etc. What are you an expert on? And who might want to bring in your expertise?

10. Think about your vision for the blog

Finally, always remember why you started the blog as you move forward in the process of how to monetize your blog. Do not let anyone change your chosen topic, your strategy or what you do if you really believe in what you do!

Your readers come and buy from you when they know, like, and trust you. And the only way to get them to do that is to be genuine.



It’s not a hoax on how to make money on a blog, nor is it a trade secret. But it’s not easy.

It’s not just contacting companies for collaborations, throwing in affiliate links in posts or creating a course and selling it.

No it’s often years or at least hundreds if not thousands of hours behind a blog that draws in money!

There is a lot to learn, and producing good content takes time.

Also, check out this video to get a better perspective if you are going to start blogging.



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