Listen to Music and Earn Money in India

Here I am , sitting at my desk and I think to myself, ‘how do you make money listening to music in India?’

So, how do you make money listening to music in India?

You can earn money by going to the site who offers payment for reviewing new music. The way it works is that as soon as you create a profile, you get access to all kinds of new music that is just waiting for your personal opinion. It is worth repeating that you still need to perform a lot of serious music listening to make decent money.

How Slicethepie works

Once you have created a profile, you will be asked to listen to a piece of music for at least 90 seconds and rate the track from 1 to 10 and write a review.

Once you have submitted your review, Slicethepie will review the review and determine your payment. Good reviews give you more money and allow you to advance higher in Slicethepie’s rankings.

I will return to the definition of “good reviews” shortly. In addition, the site has a blockchain that ensures that you do not review too many pieces too closely.

If the energy runs out, you will be forced to take a short break before you are allowed to listen to the next piece of music.

Making money from home on Slicethepie is super easy. However, making a lot of money is a lot harder.

How Much Money Can You Make On Slicethepie in India?

It is difficult to say exactly what a user earns as it partly depends on how many pieces of music you review and the quality of your reviews.

Finding an exact overview of how much you can earn per review is difficult which is the most negative with the site. When I tested the site, I earned either $ 0.05 or $ 0.06 per review, which results in an hourly wage of around $0.5.

Users are ranked in the gold, silver or bronze levels and you will probably make more money as a gold user.

Obviously, most users try to work their way up to gold where you earn up to $0.2 per review. Unfortunately, the information on how to advance in rank is quite unclear.

The best thing I managed to find was “to submit long reviews in well-written English”.

As a user, it can be very frustrating not to know what it takes to reach the gold standard, which is also one of the site’s major shortcomings.

Found this Youtube video, don’t know if it’s legit but I hope you get some value from it:

How to get the most out of Slicethepie to make money in India

Share your opinion about new music and make money When you earn such small amounts per review, there are ways to optimize your revenue.

Many users try to keep Slicethepie as a form of side project while actually doing other things. Then they simply sit there, listening to music and scribbling down a short review at the end of each song.

There is a way to do it but if you want to optimize your revenue you need to be 100% committed to the task.

  • Do not do other things while reviewing.
  • To earn as much as possible, you need to review as many songs as possible, which you can only do if you are focused on the task.
  • Start writing your review as soon as the music starts playing. In that case, you are ready to submit your review as soon as the 90 seconds are over.
  • Write quick reviews by sticking to a certain layout.
  • Write a sentence about the rhythm, a sentence about the instrumentation, a sentence about the song and finally a sentence about the lyrics of the song.
  • When you are done with this layout, write a few lines about your personal opinion and perhaps thoughts about where this piece of music could work: as background music, in marketing, etc.
  • Do not allow the track to continue for more than 90 seconds. As soon as the 90 seconds are over, move on to the next paragraph.

By using this method, you have the opportunity to review 30-35 pieces per hour (as long as you do not run out of energy now), which with the gold rank gives you around $4.

Another way to optimize your revenue is by inviting friends to the site.

For each friend you recruit, you get 15% of their income in the first month and 10% after the first month.

Is Slicethepie worth your time when trying to earn money in India?

You can not call Slicethepie a top site if you want to make lots of money. Even if you are in the gold rank, you will probably not earn more than a few cents per hour.

Nevertheless, if you enjoy discovering new music, analyzing it and writing reviews then why not make some money at the same time?


This method won’t get you rich but it can be a great way to earn something on the side if you like listening to music anyway.

Also, take a look at this Youtube video I found, again, I don’t know if this works but I hope you gain some sort of value from it, good luck!



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