Is Online Shopping The Future?

Online shopping is not the future because if we take a look at the data I gathered from a Swedish company called Klarna.

Then we can see that nine out of ten (90%) of the respondents state that they value visits to physical stores.

They continue with, It is clear that the physical presence and the human treatment are important as about three quarters (73%) state that they appreciate the unique experience it means to be treated by the staff in the store.

At the same time, six out of ten (61%) think that it is faster to decide what to buy if they have the opportunity to feel the clothes.

A clear challenge for the physical stores is to be able to compete with the personalized range customers have the opportunity to experience online.

About half (49%) of the respondents state that they lack offers and offers that are personalized in a physical store.

The figure is even higher among young people, with the corresponding 69% of respondents in the age group 16-24 and 61% in the age group 25-34.

Almost half (46%) of the respondents believe that online shopping today provides a more comfortable and overall better customer experience compared to shopping in physical stores.

But with physical stores keep trying to invent things to further improve customer satisfaction then I know shopping in real life will stay for quite some time.

I saw this ad about this invention where you just walk into a store, pick what you need and walk out.

And the transaction happens in your phone.

So as long as physical stores keep improving and innovating then I just cant see it going away anytime soon.

How will online shopping progress? TouchID takes online shopping to new levels

Webshopping used to involve a lot of work, even though everything was done online.

You needed to find products, find a legitimate store, you needed to have the Visa card ready (for who remembers their card details?).

Even though you did not have to go anywhere to shop, you needed to have done a lot beforehand before you could even start online shopping.

Yes, web shopping is much smoother than physical shopping, but physical shopping used to be done when you where just “driving by” a certain store.

Then they would run in really fast, grab the product, buy it and go home again.

This did not take more than a few minutes and you where going to drive past the store anyway to go home.

Therefore, a physical presence was important for the stores.

Today it takes several days before you receive the product.

If it does not fit then you need to send it back, wait a few days to get the money back in the account, and then you need to buy a new product which took a few more days.

So buying a fork went from a few minutes only to several days.

It is a given that you do not have to do anything on those days, but the waiting time is still longer than shopping physically.

TouchID, which is a technology developed by Apple, wants to streamline transactions when it comes to web shopping.

You may not be able to care if a website is legitimate or not.

You may not be able to be careful with your card details, just like in stores.

You just want things to work, which is perfectly normal.

Apple therefore chose to develop TouchID for both phones and Macs.

With TouchID you have your card details stored in your computer or mobile phone, then you use your fingerprint, or FaceID to use your facial imprint, identify yourself so that only you can use your details, and then the mobile fills in your card details.

This means you do not have to carry around cards anymore.

If your wallet is stolen, you do not need to lose your card and thus the money in the account, but your personal security is improved.

This does not make web shopping much more efficient, but it is obviously progress, and the potential is very great for future development.

Amazon dropshipping

Amazon has also developed dropshipping with drones.

This means faster delivery times and ensures that you do not have to wait for UPS, or Schenker/Fedex to deliver your package, or even drop off your package.

Instead, you place your order with Amazon, for example, they give your package to a drone directly, this drone is automatic and then flies to the destination via GPS, leaves your package outside the door and then flies back to Amazon.

All this is done in just a few minutes, so it means that if you ordered something that does not weigh too much, you can have your package delivered in just a few hours, which is really convenient!

It also works for returns as well. You order a drone, place the package and it flies back to the department store.

This service is available in the US right now and has been a success.

Hopefully we will see it in Europe in the near future as well.

Web shopping with cryptocurrency?

Something that has become more and more popular in recent times is the cryptocurrencies that have become more and more numerous and have become increasingly popular vertically.

Today, almost everyone is familiar with cryptocurrencies and these are applied at a fast but secure pace from industry to industry.

Not many people have any doubt that they would be used in online shopping.

However, there are still some major obstacles that put the brakes on this and make the development a little slower than usual.

The reason why it is not yet possible to shop with cryptocurrencies in all stores is due to the complication of trading cryptocurrencies.

First of all, you have to decide on a cryptocurrency to use — whether it is Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ripple.

Then you need to convert your money into one of these currencies.

Finally, you need to familiarize yourself with the payment process (which is a little different from the traditional payment methods) and also find a store that supports the currency you have.

In addition, one must also be aware of the various laws and tax rules that apply when trading cryptocurrencies.

All these elements are today handled by third parties and there are still no large, reliable third parties who handle it for the cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, it is not as common to see people trading cryptocurrencies today — however, it is likely that you will see this more and more in the future.

To be on the cutting edge and know how to declare cryptocurrencies, etc., visit Paxful which guides you through the whole process and guides you so you are on the right track from the beginning.

Therefore, just choose a favorite currency and find stores that support shopping with these.

There is no doubt that the development of web shopping is interesting and a lot of different technologies exist today that make shopping easier than ever before.

As well as technologies that are a little more complicated today but when applied will make globalized shopping easier than ever before.

For anyone interested in this development, the industry has never been more interesting than it is today.

And what is to come is still an interesting mystery that will most likely continue to shock consumers and make the industry even better, even smoother and even easier for anyone who loves to shop things online!


Hope I have been helpful! If you wanna learn more then check out this video I found on Youtube (Youtube is probably the number 1 tool I use to find my information).

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