How to Sell on Amazon: Successfully, Top 8, Begginer, & FBA

Do you also want to start selling on Amazon? Do you lack knowledge of how to do it and want to understand what it takes to become a successful seller on Amazon? Then you have come to the right place!

I have come up with my top 8 tips on how you can start selling on Amazon:

So, how do you sell on Amazon successfully?

If you want to succeed in reaching Amazon’s 300 million customers, you must be obsessed with customer satisfaction and understand that good-looking deliveries are more than half the thing for the customer to be satisfied when she shops online. This is true even when the platform is called Alibaba or is your very own domain online.

What is Amazon, really?

Amazon is a marketplace and a search engine that has succeeded better than anyone else in breaking down the gateway to selling things online.

Of Amazon’s $ 258 billion in sales in 2018, third-party sellers accounted for over 50% of sales.

These are independent retailers who sell their own products through Amazon’s ecosystem.

Different ways to sell on Amazon

There are three main ways to sell on Amazon:

  • FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon)
  • FBM (Fulfilled By Merchant)
  • Amazon Vendor

FBA is the most common and recommended way, so I will explain that one.

What is Amazon FBA?

FBA stands for Fulfilled by Amazon and means that Amazon takes care of all warehousing and order handling.

It’s the easiest way to get started selling on Amazon.

How FBA works:

  • I send my products directly to Amazon USA from a factory in China.
  • The products are unloaded in California and shipped directly to Amazon’s warehouse.
  • People search for my type of product on and decide to place an order.
  • Amazon delivers the product to the buyer within 2 days. They handle customer service, delivery and returns.
  • I get paid every other week for the products I sold, minus Amazon’s fees.

Here are 8 tips for you who want to make Amazon’s superpower your own

1. Learn how Amazon works

Amazon is like a Google for product search – albeit bigger and stricter. If you neglect your listing, it quickly has consequences. Keywords are important.

Therefore, you need to understand how easily accessible Amazon is to its customers and how they search when they are looking for a product like yours.

Nor does anyone know exactly how Amazon’s algorithms work.

But everyone knows that having a product page that draws traffic is not enough. People need to buy your goods.

Conversion rate is very important. And then they have to experience that you deliver the product nicely. The purchase is NOT ready when they have printed through the order. Which brings us to point 2.

2. Reviews are life or death

Email all customers (who you think will give you high marks) and ask what they think about the product and delivery.

Encourage them to write reviews and give product ratings. However, you may never advertise your other products in the email.

And you, even if your product is fantastic, the rating is lowered if it comes in a broken package or the delivery is shitty. Note that today it has become more difficult to email.

Customers can click that they do not want to be contacted.

3. Product range: Quality before quantity

If a product itself receives poor Reviews, you should withdraw it immediately.

It is better to have fewer products with high product ratings than a huge range with varying ratings / quality.

Do your delivery service get bad grades – apologize a thousand times and review the logistics – from checkout, to delivery and beyond. Analyze where it went wrong and why.

4. Consider fullfilment by Amazon

My recommendation is to use Amazon’s logistics services (FBA) from the beginning.

This means that they ship directly from their production in China to Amazon’s warehouse in the USA.

Then Amazon takes care of everything: payments, pick and pack, deliveries and returns and all support around the entire transport administration.

For the cost of FBA has been affordable, as they are primarily sold in the US and other markets where Amazon has been around for a relatively long time and therefore has a high quality transport administration and logistics service.

But it’s not for everyone.

5. Don’t just be on Amazon

You should not “only” be on Amazon for the following main reasons:

At Amazon, it is Amazon that “owns” the customer, not you. To build a strong brand, you must have your own platform to work from.

No matter how big Amazon becomes, is and remains a strong brand the backbone of your success even on Amazon.

With your own platform, you can drive external traffic to your product page on Amazon. External traffic flows like Amazon’s algorithms. Very.

6. If you choose not to have fullfilment by Amazon

Make sure the product is in stock, make sure to offer delivery options that you can live up to.

The most important thing is that you keep what you promise, but at the same time Amazon likes you more if you can offer really fast or flexible delivery options, such as one-hour deliveries.

Always think about logistics and transport administration. The Track and Trace questions must be part of your DNA: The customer must always be able to follow their order all the way home.

  • Make sure that the customer can choose how he or she wants the product delivered,
  • Make sure you have barcodes on all products and the stock system is well thought out.
  • Have a system for dealing with what happens when an item is missing in stock.

When you do not have FBA, it becomes even more important that you have one or more in your company who work dedicatedly with the Amazon part and the heart of what makes your e-commerce competitive: good deliveries.

And that they have good digital tools for that.

7. Buy advertising

Especially if you are going in with a new product and want to get started. It also gives you a lookup of relevant keywords that you can evaluate results of after a few weeks.

8. You must always take responsibility

Even if it is Amazon itself that has made a crappy delivery, you must always take responsibility towards the customer. Admittedly, Amazon can remove the effects of a bad Review due to something they have done.

But it is very important that you treat the customer generously and kindly. Often a bad response is worse than the complaint itself.


Amazon can give you the freedom to work from home and on your own terms, but it can also give you the chill that comes with being responsible for running your own business.

Finally, one more piece of advice before I end this: If you do not have disposable income, do not buy any courses that teach you how to sell on Amazon FBA.

I am not saying that there are no good courses out there, all I am saying is – if you have the time and you are willing to make the effort, you can learn to sell for free on Amazon.

My guide is more than enough to get you started, and there are many more guides, articles, youtube videos, podcasts, e-books and free courses to get you where you want and need to be.

Good luck and happy sales!

Also, check out this vid if you wanna learn more about how to become successful and what you can expect when selling on Amazon:



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