How to Make Money Online With Paid Surveys

So I’m sitting here at my desk and I think to myself, ‘how do you make money online with paid surveys?’

So, how do you make money online with paid surveys?

You make money with paid surveys online by simple participating in paid surveys, yeah I know, crazy right? But hear me out. Many companies pay well for online customer surveys. Getting paid to participate in online surveys hardly sounds like a job. But the truth is that many companies need ordinary people to help, to gather information about their potential customers.

In this way, you can both be of help to companies, while earning your own money online! You can quickly get started making money from surveys.

The first thing you need to do is register on one of the sites that offer paid to fill out surveys and surveys.

In this article, I recommend the pages I think are best. To get started and start making money, follow these steps:

  • 1. You click on the link to one of the pages and register.
  • 2. Check if you have received a confirmation email in your email.
  • 3. Confirm your application.
  • 4. You need to fill in the information requested.
  • 5. For example, personal information, how old you are, and so on.
  • 6. Now you are ready to start doing research.
  • 7. Keep an eye on your email for new assignments.
  • 8. The most important and best step: Start earning money from the research you have done!

How much can you earn on well-paid surveys online?

A regular (if you can say so) paid survey takes about 5-45 minutes to answer and gives about 3-50 dollars. If you did 12 surveys that take 5 minutes each and give $ 5 each, it would give $ 60 per hour!

The payment depends on several different factors such as the length of the survey, the company that ordered the survey and the quality of the brokerage company that handles the survey.

In some cases, these three factors may be good enough to result in surveys that pay you more than $ 50.

The most important thing is to use a good mediation company. It is then up to you to be diligent – how much hourly wage you want and how much do you want to earn per month? You decide.

Remember these are VERY good estimates, usually surveys pays a lot less, so keep that in mind.

Which companies should you do surveys online with?

There are many companies that have similar services, where one can do paid surveys. It is not easy to know who is reliable, or who pays best.

Some companies can be rogue and difficult to make some money from.

Be careful if you get offers that feel unserious. I only recommend serious companies that I have tried myself, where it is actually possible to make money.

It should always be free to participate and do research.

Remember that you are performing a service for the companies when you participate in surveys! Companies need to gather valuable information from you, and other potential customers, in order to develop their business concept.

Which companies I personally recommend

I have tested, and made money by doing surveys at several different companies. The ones I liked the most had a few things in common.

They were:

  • Easy to use
  • Offered many surveys
  • Paid well
  • I have compiled a list of the best reputable survey companies.
  • I recommend three companies for those who want to try paid surveys.
  • They offer slightly different types of surveys and provide different pay.
  • But what they all have in common is that they are reliable and pay well for your efforts (most of the time).

The companies I recommend are:

  • i-Say
  • Toluna
  • YouGov

1. i-Say

It’s very easy to get started with paid surveys at i-Say. Usually you get around 10 offers each month to participate in. I like i-Say because the site is well-functioning and easy to use.

It is easy to get in touch with support if needed. The surveys usually take around 15 minutes to do and can give up to about $2 each.

Payments are easily made to Paypal or Skrill. It is also possible to get paid in gift cards and the like.

2. Toluna

Toluna is an excellent platform for those who want to make money on paid surveys.

The page is easy to understand and it is quick to get started. Toluna’s website also has the opportunity to interact with other users.

It can make the whole experience more fun, and you can get tips and advice when you need it.

The examinations at Toluna usually take about 15-30 minutes to perform and can give up to about $7. You can get paid either in cash to your Paypal account, or in the form of gift cards.

3. YouGov

YouGov is a well-established site that, among other things, deals with data collection and market research. It is well known and very easy to use.

At YouGov, you make money by collecting points.

The points are exchanged for money and paid out to Paypal, Skrill or the bank account. The surveys are usually quite short, about 5-10 minutes and give anything from a few cents, up to $5 or more.

Good to know tips when trying to make money on surveys online

Before you start making money on online surveys, there are some things that are good to know.

Good advice for paid surveys:

1. Create an email address entirely for paid surveys

By creating an email address completely dedicated to paid surveys, you get a good overview of the surveys. At the same time, you avoid flooding your private email.

You can create a Gmail account or a Live Mail account for free and they are both great options.

2. Check both the email and the survey platform

Some survey companies do not only send surveys by e-mail. On many of the companies’ websites, you can find extra paid surveys that can provide a little extra money to express your opinion.

I recommend that you look for paid surveys at least once a week.

3. Join as many of the recommended portals as possible

The more recommended survey portals you join, the more paid surveys you will get.

This will allow you to make more money by expressing your opinion. Therefore, I recommend that you agree to all the recommended survey pages, as you can then make the most money from expressing your opinion.

This is just a recommendation tho, if that sounds like a lot then just stick to the survey companies I have recommended.

For pages I do not recommend, watch out for the following:

1. Avoid having too much money in your account with the survey company

The various portals often have a minimum amount to pay out the money you have earned on the surveys. Make sure to withdraw money as soon as you have reached the minimum amount!

It would be boring to make money on surveys only to lose them later.

2. Stay away from offers that sound too good to be true

Where there is money, there are almost always fraudsters.

There are lots of completely legitimate research companies, but there are also many scammers. If you are told that you can earn more than $ 30 for a survey, or that you can win a car, for example, the probability that it is a scam is high.

If you want to make money from online surveys, I recommend that you stick to the survey companies

3. Keep track of completed surveys

To ensure that you actually receive compensation for all paid surveys where you give your opinion, I recommend that you keep notes of completed surveys.

When you make money on surveys, it can be difficult to have an overview of all the surveys you have conducted.

Take a screenshot of the completed paid survey, write down the name of the survey and write down how much you will earn from it.

4. Complain if you feel cheated

Unfortunately, some survey sites have a tendency to cheat a little with the numbers. When you make money on surveys, you will sometimes come across companies that try not to pay you. If you feel cheated – do not just let it go.

Start by contacting the research company.

If you do not get an answer that you are happy with, you can turn to social media such as Facebook and Twitter and tell us about your experience.

It has often proved to be the solution to problems such as insufficient payment, or none at all.

5. Never pay to participate in surveys

You may be asked to pay money to sign up for paid surveys and stay away from this!

All legitimate survey companies send out surveys for free.

It would also be very strange if you had to pay to express your opinion and make money on surveys.

Pro Tip: When making money online with paid surveys

Some surveys demand that you are 16 years of age to participate but you have to be 18 years old to sign up for PayPal, which means you can only get paid in gift cards.

But now that I think about you could just lie, right? No, you should NOT lie to PayPal and say that you are 18 years old even if you’re 16 years of age…*blink *blink 😉


As I have mentioned before, I have tried making money with paid surveys online but if I am gonna be honest with you, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s very, and I mean very, time consuming for minimal pay.

But if you are gonna try it, then I recomend aiming for making 5 bucks a day. 5 x 30 = 150. If you just do that you could earn a nice 150 bucks a month without going absolutely insane from doing surveys all day.

Hope I have been helpful, also check out this video I found on Youtube on what it’s like to do surveys:



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