How do Beginner Blogs Make Money?

Today there are endless possibilities for those who are creative, business-minded and who like to write. Personally, I think you should have a passion for what you write about.

Of course, you can make money on your blog by only building a website for purely commercial purposes, but first, it is a boring option.

Secondly, it is difficult to write about something that people in general find interesting to read about, as you only write to make a profit.


This article is aimed at those of you who are considering getting started with blogging and who also want to get a penny for the hassle. The more you work with your website the more you get back.

Whether you want to make a living as a blogger (so-called passive income earner) or just want to have fun and earn a little extra in addition to work or study, this article is for you!

To get started, you do not need much more than commitment and creativity. To succeed as an online writer, you must also have knowledge and preferably also interest in the area you are considering blogging about.

Below I go through what you should think about to start blogging and make money. Everything from how to start a blog to using the right “keywords”. That is, the keywords that are not extremely difficult to rank for in Google.

In this article, you can also read about different strategies for you to actually be able to earn, then go directly to the summary of this article.

What does Bloggers earn? How much can you get per month?

There are certainly those who are successful bloggers but who dosent care what they write about and who earn as much as possible.

But suppose you have a regular job or studies and you find it exciting to start writing and reach out to people with your articles.

Then you have in my opinion the most important ability or prerequisite for success: You like to write and want to reach readers with your articles, ideas, pictures, etc.

Do you also have a passion or interest that you share with many other people, for example: music, yoga, food, makeup or fashion.

Then you have nothing to lose and have great opportunities to get a refund for the time you spend. I think you should write about things that you are good at and also have knowledge of.

Your attitude should be that your blog aims to create added value for your readers. Then you should probably see that you can also make money on your website.

How much money does a blogger make? It depends, but today there are professional writers and influencers who are simply good at knowing what is trendy or who have knowledge of an area that many other people want to learn more about.

You can create a blog and earn a couple of hundred dollars extra per month, but as your site grows, your visitor traffic will also increase. Today, there are writers who earn tens of thousands of dollars a month.

There are several common strategies that I go through below. You can apply different strategies or just focus on one.

How to make money on your blog

To be able to call this guide complete, I have chosen to start from scratch. The first thing you need to do to be able to make money from home on a blog is to;

1. Start a Blog

To make money on your blog, you must also have a blog. Although this is obvious, there are many who do not know how to start a blog.

Whether you are technically savvy or not, it can feel a little tricky to get started.

The majority of the largest blogs use the blogging platform WordPress, which is also the world’s largest.

2. Fill your blog with high quality content

A blog without content is not a blog but just an empty website.

To start making money on your blog, you need to fill it with content but not just any content. You should focus on writing high quality content that captures visitors and that your readers find interesting.

How you do this depends not only on your niche but also on how you write and structure your blog posts.

If you write high quality content, you also get more readers, which leads us into;

3. To make money on your blog, you need to build a reader base

It is not more difficult than this:

The more visitors you have – the more money you make on your blog.

It is not enough to just publish good content on the blog, you also have to work with marketing it. By, for example, being active on social media and search engine optimizing your blog, you can get more traffic to it.

Depending on what you write about, it may be worth thinking about which strategy you want to focus on; social media or search engine optimization.

Ask yourself the question: Is this something I would google?

If the answer is yes; focus on search engine optimization – for example technical guides or factual content. If the answer is no; focus on social media – such as fashion or makeup.

It is important to distinguish between traffic and readers. What you ultimately want is readers, which you get through a combination of high-quality content and traffic.

4. Take care of and build a good relationship with your readers

Your readers are the most important thing you have and are the reason why you blog. Take care of your readers, listen to them, give them what they want and respond to comments. I personally dont allow comments because I have dealt with a lot of spam in the past. But to those who are starting out its great way of building a community.

This not only results in you keeping your readers but also in getting new ones. If your relationship with your readers is good, they will talk about your blog and recommend it.

A good relationship with your readers also makes it easier for you to make money on your blog.

5. Make money on the reader base you have built up

After you start a blog, fill it with content and build a readership that you have a good relationship with, it’s time to start making money.


Even if you followed the steps above to the letter, it takes time to start making money from home. So dont get discorouged.

To find what works for you and your content, you need to experiment and test different sources of income. There are many different ways to make money blogging which leads us to;

Sources of income for your blog

Now that you know all the preparatory work, we can go through the details of how to make money on your blog.

The most popular sources of income can be divided into five main categories:

1. Income from advertisements and advertising

Adsense is Google’s advertising system that automatically tailors ads to your visitors. You apply to Google and place a code on your page.

Google then launches ads that match the content of your page or the visitor’s interest. This means that very many of the visitors become interested in the ads and actually click on the ads.

You make money every time someone clicks on the ads. How much you earn varies depending on how much the advertiser pays for the moment.

It does not pay much per click with AdSense, but it can be really a lot of clicks every month and this means that you can earn a lot of money through AdSense.

Each niche looks a little different in terms of the click-through rate of ads on your visitors, but AdSense is the easiest way to get started when you want to make money blogging.

Many have started that way and then built affiliate sites where you may get fewer clicks, but earn a larger amount each time someone buys through your links.

2. Start a blog make money: Events and functions

Let’s say you write an exercise blog, for example. Then you can easily angle certain articles to be about a gathering, seminar or conference for the target group that your texts are about.

It can be anything from selling tickets to a Health Fair to smaller gatherings – bootcamps, meditation courses, dietary advice, etc.

Market your own company’s products or services It is common for many companies to integrate a blog into their website to promote their own services. Imagine that your company sells makeup and cosmetics.

By having a blog connected to your online store or website, you can convey added value to your products with images and texts.

3. Market your own products

An easy way to commercialize your site as it begins to grow in number of readers, pages and links is to integrate and start your own online store where your readers can, for example, order the products or services that you recommend in your articles and posts.

It may sound like a big step to go from writer to setting up your very own online store but the fact is that it can be done very easily today. Many of those who choose to go this route use dropshipping, for example.

This means that they do not take any responsibility for the actual logistics of the products or services they sell.

Through this set and strategy, they receive a direct commission from the supplier for the sale and the supplier takes over the responsibility for delivering what the customer has bought.

4. Start blogging to make money with partnership

This type of marketing is very large and common in, for example, the United States. With Amazon’s entry into the Swedish market, it is highly likely that marketing via Partnership will also grow in Sweden. However, there are already lots of collaborations via Partnership.

If your site is about, for example, training. Then it is not unlikely that you will write about different products you recommend or evaluate on your website.

Let’s say that you write about strength training and that you like to train with a certain type of equipment.

By signing an agreement with a supplier that you believe has good prices and quality for tools, you can add a traceable link for the product you recommend.

When your followers click on the link, they are sent to the supplier’s online store and you get a commission on what your followers buy.

Because Amazon sells thousands of retailers’ products and brands, partnership (also called affiliate marketing) is a smart system where you can give tips to your readers while making money.

Remember to be careful. You should only recommend things that you really think are worth buying. Also be honest with the disadvantages etc that you know about the products you write about.

If you want to be successful as an online writer, you need to gain the credibility and trust of your readers.

5. Income from Membership

This is also a growing type of source of income that I see appearing more and more often online. As I said before, the most important thing is that your texts create added value for your readers.

It can be anything from writing well, to your content arousing interest. Today, there are many writers who only allow paying premium users to access their information on the site.

It could be that you offer your members a course, coaching or just write about something that people are willing to pay for.

Usually your members pay a fee monthly or annually, but there is also a one-time membership.

There are, of course, a thousand other ways to make a living as an online entrepreneur.

Frequently asked questions about making money on a blog

Below I have compiled the answers to the most common questions about making money blogging.

How much money do you make from blogging?

It varies greatly and depends on how popular your blog is. Some earn hundreds of thousands of a month and others just a few hundred bucks. There is no guarantee of how much you can earn, but if you are driven, creative and write about something unique, you have a good chance of success.

How long does it take to start making money on your blog?

An important factor for success is to write high quality content and it takes time. In addition to this, you should set up your blog, market it and build your reader base, which is also time consuming.

If you hit right from the start and some of your content goes viral, it can go fast. Usually, however, you have to give it 6 months up to a year before you notice if your blog is successful and you can make money from home.

How do you start a blog for free?

Starting a blog does not have to be difficult. There are many free blogging platforms to choose from, such as WordPress, Bluehost and Nouw.

The most important thing is that you get started writing and start building your reader base. Then you can calmly think about which platform you want to use.

How to make money on a blog?

As this guide mentions, there are 5 popular sources of income to make money on a blog. Which one or ones work best for you depends, among other things, on your niche and expertise.


It all boils down to creating a really good blog. With a really good blog, visitors come and with many visitors, it automatically becomes much easier to make money blogging. I think you should create a high quality blog, where you give your visitors value for the time they spend on your blog.

Hope this has given you an answer to the question How to make money by blogging 🙂

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