How to Make Money on Twitter in Nigeria

Want to get rich on something fun? Try to make money on Twitter! Those who created Twitter became very rich, but there are others who have made money on Twitter.

By building a profile on Twitter, you can also make money…with hard work of course!

So, how do you make money on Twitter in Nigeria?

The key to making money on Twitter in Nigeria is followers. To attract them, you need to use multiple accounts at the same time and be creative enough to write fun, useful and relevant tweets that your followers want to read. You have to be good at marketing things and always keep track of what trends and events apply.

If you only publish sponsored tweets and advertisements, you will quickly lose followers and so will your chance to monetize tweets. You always have to make sure you write things people want to read.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social network that was started in 2006. What distinguishes Twitter from most other social networks is that you only have 140 characters to use, which often requires a little creativity.

Today, Twitter has over 3 million users and many of them use Twitter for more than just personal updates. Celebrities use Twitter to gain even more popularity, journalists use Twitter to share new events and companies use Twitter to communicate with their customers.

This guide is a little different from the other ways to make money but it is definitely worth learning!

If you have something interesting to say or products to market, you should use Twitter to earn a little extra.

Top 6 tips on how to make money on Twitter in Nigera

Here I list 6 well-proven success factors – and 3 mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

1. Become a ninja on Twitter

No one with half-assed control of Twitter come to make money on Twitter. It’s a saying as old as… yes, like Twitter. If you are a beginner, spend at least 90% of your time honing your Twitter skills.

Try tweeting several times a day and use Twitter’s own tutorials and guides to learn the craft. You can also find good material on Youtube and Google.

What’s the matter with hashtags? If you’re still wondering “what is the hashtag thing” and what is “the difference between a tweet and a retweet” then you have a bit left on the road to ninja status.

But education and practice give skill. Here are two videos that can help you along the way:

2. Tweet to sell products

Twitter is a necessary place for you to market your products.

  • Do you have an Etsy store that sells handmade jewelry?
  • Do you have a blog that you make money on by selling homemade cards?
  • Or do you have lots of Christmas presents you can’t wait to sell on your eBay?

No matter what product you want to sell, Twitter is the place where you can draw people’s attention and get them to visit your online store.

Twitter can be an important place for marketing your products if you do the job properly.

You should do some research on similar products, to see which hashtags are used so you can use them in your tweets. You can also promote your products by adding so-called “social share buttons” to your tweets. This way, your readers can share your link from their personal profiles and spread the message further.

But of course you can not just make a daily tweet with the link to your page.

You also need to spice up your Twitter account with fun and interesting tweets so you get a lot of followers. It is also a great idea to market various discount codes that especially attract new customers.

3. Find Affiliate Companies That Fit Your Audience

Getting affiliate commissions is one of the most popular ways to make money with Twitter.

Here’s how it works:

  • You post a tweet with content about the product / service + affiliate link.
  • If one of your followers clicks on the link and converts (that is, buys the service or product), you will receive a commission on the purchase price.
  • Usually the commission is somewhere between 5-20% on the conversion.


  • Spend time finding companies and products that suit your followers.
  • Be frugal in publishing affiliate links.
  • Overuse sees Twitter as spam and then you risk having your account suspended.

Here you can read more about how it works to make money with affiliate marketing.

As I mentioned before, every time someone uses your link and goes in and buys the product, you get a small part of the profit. It sounds very easy but it still requires that:

  • You have a lot of followers
  • Your followers listen to your recommendations
  • Your followers are genuinely interested in buying and not just clicking and checking

Affiliate links most likely do not make you rich but if you were thinking of advertising a product anyway, why not make some money on it?

You should definitely read the article on how to make money from home on affiliate marketing if this is one of the ways you want to make money on Twitter.

Always remember that Twitter is public, so if you comment on something that concerns the company, then the company will always be able to go in and see it.

If you represent a company, always think about whether what you write can be misunderstood in a negative way by the company.

4. Tweet to promote your qualifications

Marketing yourself and your qualifications a bit can often have a beneficial effect when it comes to your sales.

  • For example, are you a professional web designer?
  • Do you have unique, creative skills? Or are you just trying to find a job?
  • Marketing yourself on Twitter is a great and free way to find jobs, sell your services and make money.

Many professionals use Twitter to keep in touch with others in the industry.

This form of digital network gives you the opportunity to make new acquaintances and create different types of partnerships as well as to sell yourself and your qualifications to new clients.

In addition, tweets about your recent and current job can bring you attention from people all over the world.

Twitter is a universal marketing platform so do not hesitate to take advantage of it. A little self-marketing can quickly lead to increased sales and maybe even a job.

However, be careful at the same time so that your Twitter account does not become a single long monologue with all your outstanding achievements.

People often get tired of reading about it. Mix your page with useful material, fun things, questions and quizzes.

Make sure to create interest in your profile, then people will also be interested in what you do every day.

5. Cash in with sponsored tweets, corporate sponsorship or join a network

Sponsored tweets mean that you get a fixed amount of money for your tweet.

Today, there are plenty of companies that are willing to pay to reach their target audience on Twitter. You can also contact companies on your own.

And agree on a compensation per tweet.

Such a business model assumes that you are good at ego marketing. One piece of advice is to prepare carefully. Produce relevant statistics: about your target group, about how many people get involved in your content, etc.

The more “statistical arguments” that show that your Twitter is relevant to the company, the more likely they are to cooperate with you.

Another way is to join an ad network.

An example of such a network is the IZEA, which can be found at But you can also Google on for example, “Sponsored Tweets Network” or “Sponsored Tweets Network”.

Keep this in mind if you are joining a network:

  • Always follow the network’s guidelines and the company’s instructions to the letter.
  • Otherwise, there is a risk that you will have problems with the payment.
  • Take the time to find companies and promotions that are relevant to your followers.
  • Choose a few well-paid tweets, rather than many poorly paid ones.
  • With the latter business model, you risk drowning your account with a lot of junk and ads.

(Tired of reading? Then take a break and look at this Youtube video I found that shows an intresting way to make money on Twitter. Don’t know if this works but give it a look if you’re intrested):

6. Sell ​​your products for a tweet price

The site Pay with a tweet gives people a chance to buy a product in exchange for tweeting about it.

Even if you do not make money directly through this arrangement, it means that you get a lot of marketing for your product, which will hopefully lead to increased sales.

Especially with new products, it is important to be heard so that potential buyers discover your product. There are also a lot of companies that are interested in spreading the word about their products.

If you think your followers are interested in a particular product, you can contact the company and try to work out a deal where you get a little paid per tweet.

Make sure you get the deal written down and make sure you have proof of the tweets you made for the company.

At the same time, be careful that your account does not only have tweets that concern companies as it quickly scares away your followers.

You need to embed the ad on your Twitter without it becoming too obvious. If you lose followers, you also lose the attractive effect you have on companies and you may also lose your deal.

3 things you should NOT do when making money on Twitter

1. Spam your account with advertising

The interest in your Twitter account will die if you fill it with advertising. Do not do it.

Because even if you make money on such tweets, do not stop publishing fun, interesting and engaging content. A prerequisite for you to be able to make money is that your followers want to get involved.

And they will hardly think it’s fun to scroll through a long flow of advertising. In addition, too much advertising can get your account suspended. Twitter sees overuse of advertising as Spam.

Therefore, as a guideline, never publish more than 1 post out of 10 for advertising purposes.

2. Violate Twitter’s guidelines

If you want to keep your Twitter account, it is always a bad idea to, for example, incite against ethnic groups, threaten and hate, and generally behave like a douche bag.

Every day, Twitter shuts down thousands of accounts that violate their policies.

3. Buying followers (the wrong way)

You have probably noticed that there are plenty of websites that offer Twitter followers for a fee. Does that sound tempting? To get 1000 followers at a time for a couple of dollars?

What you should know is that the majority of these followers are junk. Fake accounts or accounts with non-existent activity. Such followers will not help you make money.

On the contrary, it can get your account classified as “Spam” by Twitter, which can lead to you being suspended. If you are willing to pay for more followers, use Twitter’s own advertising network instead.

Then you can create your own sponsored Tweets with the aim of marketing your twitter account and gaining more followers.

Things that work on Twitter to be able to make money

If you want people to follow, share and favor your tweets, you need to check out what works on Twitter.

For example:

  • Once a month, or more often if possible, try to get the opportunity to hold a give-away. Encourage your followers to share and favor to participate in the contest. That way, your message spreads and more people discover your Twitter.
  • Use hashtags! Keep an eye on which ones are trendy and try to get them into your tweets.
  • Quote! Especially quotes that provide motivation or about things people can relate to.
  • Quotes are great for getting people to share and favor your tweets.
  • Jokes, funny pictures or cute animals are always obvious winners.
  • If you do not mind working a little extra for it, try to get some discount codes for your followers. Everyone loves that little extra!


You will not get rich overnight on Twitter, but if you take the time to build a stable number of followers, one day your Twitter account can become a money machine that leads you forward on the road to getting rich.

Also, check out this video on how to become “Twitter famous”



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