How to Make Money on Pinterest With Affiliate Links

On Pinterest, you can make money. Yes, you heard right, if you get enough followers then you can start making money on Pinterest. Sure sounds cool?

Most people use Pinterest to get new ideas and inspiration from others. The platform is growing all the time and is currently one of the larger social platforms.

In this article, I go through how you can make money with affiliate links on Pinterest, and in general.

1. Make money with affiliate links on Pinterest

Pinterest’s Terms of Use also provide the ability to embed affiliate marketing links.

What is it about? In practice, the Sponsored Links are introduced within your own dioceses (as Pinterest posts are called) and a small percentage of revenue is perceived if a user visits the link in question and buys a product or service.

One of the most popular affiliate marketing services is the one offered to Amazon which is dedicated to anyone who has a website or blog.

To use them, just go to this page, press the Register Now for Free button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your affiliate program registration.

When you’re done, you can link to products on Pinterest that you think might be of interest to your followers, and if they click on them and buy them within 24 hours, you’ll get a small share of the sales generated.

Many companies have affiliate programs today and you can join them.

Affiliate links are good in situations when you yourself find a good product at a company.

The product suits your target group on Pinterest and then you can also post it with a subsequent link to the product.

You can also use affiliate links when tagging products in the shop style pin.

2. What Do You Need To Begin To Make Money On Pinterest?

Just like on many social media, you need people who follow you to start making money on Pinterest.

To get these followers, there is a lot you can do.

One thing that is very simple but that people are careless with is that they stick too rarely.

They are simply not active enough on Pinterest.

How many followers do you need to make money on Pinterest?

It’s hard to put a particular number on how many followers you need because it’s all about what you do with your followers.

3. Increase your audience on Pinterest

The basic premise for success in making money with Pinterest is to have a pretty important follow-up.

In this way, it will be much easier to collaborate with companies that are interested in reaching a very specific audience, and possibly sell or market their products and / or services and get more affiliate commissions.

Don’t have many followers right now? Do not worry.

By implementing some “tips” that I will give you shortly, you will be able to do so over time increase your audience on Pinterest and try to make money with this social network.

As it is a platform that attaches great importance to the content visually – photos, images and videos – the basic premise to start gaining greater visibility and thus potentially greater gains is to achieve attractive content that is interesting.

By doing this, other users will be impressed with what you post and are more likely to decide to follow you and “attach” your ideas to their forums, which further increases your area of ​​influence.

Regarding the actual content, it was found that they marked with a well-thought-out description they are more successful than publications that do not.

In order for the description to serve its purpose, make sure that it contains some relevant keywords, which makes it possible for Pinterest users to find your content more easily (with SEO ie content search engine optimization).

Remember to also include a prompt in the description, that is, a phrase that encourages the user to interact with the published content and explain what he or she expects to do.

For example, if you want me to visit your site to find out the characteristics of a particular product you want to market, use a phrase like: «Want to know more about product X? So do not just stand there! Visit my website [URL] so as not to miss the chance to discover the benefits that Product X can offer you! «.

You see, following these simple description tricks will make a difference! When it comes to the photos you choose to share on Pinterest, make sure they come from good quality.

Being a social network that consists almost exclusively of visual content, it would be a serious mistake to publish photos and / or videos that are grainy or with other obvious defects.

Instead, try to share content that is interesting and, above all, relevant to the topics.

If you want to market your product or service, send photos or videos where you see your product and not what has been done by others (for example, by publishing images downloaded from the Internet).

4. Collaborate with companies on Pinterest

As you become popular on Pinterest over time, you can start thinking about collaborating with different companies and brands.

How can you propose a commercial collaboration to a company?

The advice I give you is to go to the Pinterest page or the contact page on the official website of the brand you are interested in collaborating with and send an e-mail to the e-mail address dedicated to commercial collaborations.

In the message, express your desire to promote your product and / or service that you find interesting on Pinterest.

Of course, if you eventually get a fairly high visibility on Pinterest, you no longer need to look for companies that are willing to work with you.

They will look for you and you can decide which of them will start commercial collaborations.

In the meantime, you should be the one proposing, trying to identify products and services that allow you to make some money, but at the same time it is really useful for your followers and in line with the content you regularly publish.

5. Build Your Brand

Use Pinterest and other social media to build you and your brand.

Most influencers today are on almost all social media.

This is because they can then reach out to new people on the various platforms and because it builds a brand.

If you have followers on several different platforms, you can also run large campaigns with companies.

The campaigns can involve you posting on a lot of different platforms.

In this way, the company can reach a huge number and they therefore usually pay very well for these collaborations.

6. Advertise your products and services on Pinterest

Are you a lover of handmade objects?

Do you like DIY?

So why not use your passions to try to make money on Pinterest through them?

You may want to try Advertising your products and services in the well known social platform.

To do this, all you need to do is share photos or videos that clearly and completely illustrate the benefits of using a particular product or service.

Before advertising any activity, make sure you are in line with the Pinterest Terms of Use, otherwise you risk canceling your account or worse, actual legal action may be taken against you.

7. Collaborate With Brands To Develop New Content For Their Pinterest

If a company does not have a team of people who know social media and especially Pinterest, they will need help.

Who are better then those who have many followers on Pinterest and can inspire people?

So you work together with the company to produce good pins that they can then post to their account.

The Pins is therefore for their account, but you as an “expert” are the ones who make them and get paid.

This variant is not quite as common as you risk not getting the same spread as if you post it on the Pinterest influencer’s account.

It is more common for you, in collaboration with a company, to produce a campaign that you run on both accounts.

This way, the company can access your audience through you while posting content to their own account.

You usually run a campaign for a few weeks where you post quite a few pins on both the company’s and the celebrity’s account.

Being part of a campaign is often very fun as you work with the company’s marketing team and brainstorm ideas with them.

It is in the interest of both of them that the campaign should go well and be inspiring.

The company wants to sell its product and you do not want to lose followers during the campaign but rather increase in followers.

This is a great way for companies to reach out with their products.

The third way to collaborate with a company is by creating a shared bulletin board.

There you mix your and the company’s pins.

A shared bulletin board appears on your and your company profile.

Companies usually pay a fixed fee for people with followers on Pinterest to make a shared bulletin board.


Hope you found it helpful!

If you wanna go more in-depth on how to earn money with affiliate links on Pinterest, then check out this video I found on Youtube:



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