How To Make Money On Instagram With 500 Followers

There are many who are thinking about how to make money on Instagram and maybe you have also done it at some point?

It’s easy to open an Instagram account and you can actually make a good profit from it.

So, can you make money on Instagram with just 500 followers?

The answer is no, if we look at a few examples: how many followers are needed to earn 2000 USD a month?

I know a person who earns around that amount every month with about 30,000 followers.

I know another person who earns just under 1000 USD a month with 10,000 followers.

Unless you have a 500 following of super supporters that do everything you ask, then I just cant see you making money with just 500 followers, even 1000 is a bit too low.

And many ask the question does it take a long time?

Yes, it is not some get rich quick scheme. If you work hard every day, it can go pretty fast, but otherwise it will take time.

See it as a company, it requires time and hard work in the beginning but gets easier with time.

How do you make money on Instagram? You make money with paid collaborations.

To succeed in getting paid collaborations, thousands of followers are usually required.

You can get paid for either individual posts or a fixed fee for making monthly posts or even weekly or daily.

If you have an account with 10,000-20,000 followers, you can earn from USD 1-1500 a month if you manage to get a good collaboration with a company that suits your niche.

You can make money on Instagram in several ways.

The most common way is through paid advertising collaborations or by using affiliate links in your profile or on stories.

As long as you have enough followers, you can make money on your Instagram account.

How much money do you make on Instagram?

How much you can earn from your Instagram account depends on several reasons. Briefly explained, it can be said that it has to do with the following things:

  • How many followers do you have
  • What niche you are in
  • How hard you work
  • How open you are to try new things

How many followers do you have

I went through this before, but if you want to make money on Instagram, your first goal should be to get many followers.

But it is important that they are real followers of good quality.

If you become impatient and start searching around how to get more followers, you will quickly find methods that can give you thousands of Instagram followers in one day.

However, they are not real followers and will not make you any money.

So, be patient, set up a plan and work persistently and you will achieve your goals.

You can e.g. aim to get 5 new followers a day in the beginning, after a while you will have hundreds!

Also check out this video on Youtube for inspiration. I love this video because it is very helpful and you also get a very real look on how to go about this:

What niche you are in

Different niches pay differently, it’s that simple.

Travel, finances and subscriptions pay well, while books and T-shirts pay less.

This means that you will earn less per follower in one of the niches that pays less.

But that does not mean that it is not possible to make money there. However, you need to compensate by having more followers.

This is often a bit confusing, but you can keep that in mind when choosing a niche.

However, I highly recommend driving on one you have an interest in so you dont loose the motivation to keep going.

How hard you work

This may go without saying, but the harder you work, the more followers you will get and the more money you will make.

There are no shortcuts here but you have to work hard in the beginning to succeed.

Over time, you will notice that it goes easier and after a while you will gain followers without doing anything.

This is because people prefer to follow people with many followers and good content.

Both your content will get better and your followers will grow over time.

How open you are to try new things

This is a mistake I made in the beginning.

I was afraid to try new things and use advertising.

Naturally, I could not make any money on my account. As soon as I dared to try different affiliate partnerships, the money gradually started to roll in.

So do not be afraid to try new things, it is the only way to find the gold nuggets.

How to start making money on Instagram

If you want to start making money online, Instagram is one of several options you can start with.

It’s free and easy to get started with and maybe you already have an account today?

Open an Instagram account

If you do not have an instagram account like that you open one here.

All you need to create an account is an email address and then you’re ready to go!

To make it even easier, download their app on the Appstore or in Google play and do it from your mobile.

All you have to do is search on Instagram and you will find the app.

Find a niche that you can make money on

Once you have opened your account, you have to niche it a little bit.

Writing about everything is not a good way to build a loyal following.

Think about how you yourself use Instagram, we usually follow people we have an interest in.

It can be skiing, travel, makeup or food. It can also be even more niche areas such as vintage cars or a specific city.

The important thing is that you do not spread too wide, then it can easily become uninteresting for your followers.

Another reason to niche yourself is because it is easier to make money on your Instagram account.

A travel company would much rather work with someone who has an account that is only about travel than someone who puts up everything possible.

Here´s a video for inspiration:

Fill your account with good content and images

Once you have found your niche and opened your Instagram account, it is important to fill it with good content.

Here it becomes even clearer that it is easiest to have an account in something you are interested in or are interested in learning or doing.

If you e.g. living in Spain you will naturally have a lot of pictures from there that people will be interested in seeing.

You will also have many interesting things to tell about and fill your stories with.

Top 7 ways on how to make money on Instagram

As I mentioned at the beginning of the blog post, there are two common ways to make money on Instagram. it is through paid affiliates and affiliate links.

1. Write your email in the bio

First things first, write your email clearly in your bio.

Absolutely no references to being able to write in DM – many companies check profiles via the internet and thus can not write on insta message.

This makes it much easier for companies to reach out to you.

2. Sign up for influencer platforms

There are lots of different companies that handle the contact between influencers and companies.

They handle campaign proposals and invoice management and usually pay the compensation via PayPal or as a salary.

When you are in their register, these companies work actively to find suitable collaborations for their profiles. Examples of these are:

3. Decide a price

You must actively know your price yourself so that you can be the first to come up with price proposals if a collaboration comes up.

Simply put, you usually take (approximately) USD 0.1 / like per picture.

So, you get an average of about 500 likes, so you can take USD 50 per picture.

Others go by the number of followers – per 10,000 followers you get about USD 100.

Of course, it is free to set your very own prices.

I recommend starting a little lower and then raising the price a little for each new collaboration.

But do no one else’s job for free! This brings us to the next point…

4. Learn to negotiate

Stick to your price – you will never make money if you choose to do all the collaborations via barter.

Never forget that if you give companies free exposure on their channels, then this is worth so much more than almost any free product.

In almost all cases (99%), it basically costs nothing to give away products, whether it is things or experiences.

Companies put a large margin on their sales prices, so do not be fooled when they write “you get products worth ..” – the company has certainly only paid a fraction of the price of the purchase.

If you receive an email with a collaboration proposal – be clear right from the start that you want to get paid.

5. Send your information to PR agencies

If you do not tell about yourself, no one will find you, right?

So summarize yourself and your statistics in a media kit (you can do one easily and for free at and send out to all relevant PR agencies in your city.

Introduce yourself, write which areas you are interested in and with what kind of customers (is it food, fashion or training) you can offer to collaborate with.

Have a good dialogue with your PR agencies, these you can turn to for support and ideas on how to develop your Instagram.

6. Get paid right

If you have the opportunity to start a sole proprietorship, do it – then you can easily send out invoices and get help from the tax authorities to estimate your payments correctly.

Otherwise, there are more different pages; such as freelance finance or coolcompany that invoices your customers when you do not have your own company.

However, my experience of them is that they charge quite large percentages for their services. Never agree to get paid black – it does not benefit you in the long run.

7. Actively look for collaborations

Do not just sit and wait for emails to come in, take a look at your feed, which products / experiences do you take naturally?

Who would YOU be able to contact and create a genuine collaboration with?

Do you take a lot of training?

contact a protein powder company, write to a gym / hotel and ask if you can come and take photos / review their facility.

Do you take a lot of food?

Contact the companies that are on the food / products you usually buy / take photos of! Write to restaurants etc.

Do not forget to mark your collaborations well!

And as I mentioned before, to succeed in getting paid collaborations, thousands of followers are usually required.

You can get paid for either individual posts or a fixed fee for making monthly posts or even weekly or daily.

If you have an account with 10,000-20,000 followers, you can earn from USD 1-1500 a month if you manage to get a good collaboration with a company that suits your niche.

8. Make Money From Affiliate Links

The other way to make money on your Instagram is through affiliate links or advertising links.

This will most likely be the first way you make money on your instagram.

There are several different affiliate networks and it is easy and free to join them.

The important thing when using affiliate links is that they suit your target audience and preferably that they provide added value to your followers.

Affiliate networks to use on Instagram

  • Awin
  • Adservice
  • Tradedoubler
  • Adrecord
  • Adtraction

9. Use recruiting links that provide compensation

Another way to make money is to use different recruiting links. It can be for e.g. cashback or mobile subscription.

10. Send followers to your website and make money

In addition to using paid advertising collaborations and affiliate links directly on Instagram, you can redirect your visitors to your website.

Once they are there, you have more opportunities for income from the blog or website.

Either you send them to a page with your own product or webshop.

You can also link to a page with your own book or e-course.

In addition to being able to sell something, you can get a new regular visitor to your website or blog and make money on Google Adsense.

How to get followers on Instagram?

Ok, you have now opened an account, found your niche and started filling it with content.

Unfortunately, it will probably not be enough for you to get some followers, so I thought I would give some tips on how you can get it.

Tag your photos

The first thing you should make sure when you post your photos on Instagram is to tag your photos.

It simply means that you allow people to find your photos in Instagram’s search box.

If you e.g. tags the image with #California so your image can appear in the search flow when someone searches for California.

Like and comment on other people’s photos

By liking other people’s photos, you make your own account visible to others.

The person whose picture you liked will see that you did it and maybe go in and check your pictures.

If you are lucky, you will get a new follower.

Commenting on other photos is even better because everyone who reads the comments will see your account.

So there is a chance that they will click on to your account and follow you if they like the content.

Getting comments and likes is also usually appreciated and you then have a greater chance of getting new followers.

A tip is to start with accounts with fewer followers because they are more likely to follow you than accounts that already have 100s or 1000s of followers.

Shoutout for shoutout (SFS)

Within Instagram, there is something called shoutout for shoutout or (shs).

It is simply that you share each other’s accounts on your wall or in stories.

The goal of it all is to get more followers, which in turn makes it easier to make money on the account.

It takes time to build followers, but if you only work hard enough, you will eventually build up your number of followers.

I myself have an Instagram account with 5000 followers but it did not go over a day.

Send DM (instant message) and build relationships

Once you start gaining some followers, you can start building relationships on Instagram.

You will not be alone in wanting to make money on Instagram and the easiest way to succeed is by helping each other.

Therefore, be open if someone asks about collaborations or sharing each other’s photos. It will give you more distribution, followers and ultimately more money.


FAQ: Do you have to pay tax on money from Instagram? Yes if you earn over a certain amount. If you want to know exactly what applies, you can call the tax office and ask.

Like any business, it takes time. And if you are truly serious about how to make money on Instagram, then I asure you that you will succeed.

Also, check out this video below to further help you on your way:



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