How to make money on Instagram with 4 easy steps

So how do you make money on Instagram? The answer is that as soon as you have established a niche and started creating content, it is possible to do this in a number of different ways.

  1. Affiliate marketing. By investing in affiliate marketing, you have good opportunities to make money with Instagram. The term means that you market products or services for a company or a store on your Instagram account. You get a commission on part of the traffic that the advertising draws to the website of the company. It is often a matter of getting paid per click and the purchases made thanks to the marketing in your account. Once you have created a relatively large following, you can usually be represented by a company that helps you with this type of collaboration.
  2. Join an influencer network. By joining this type of network, you can get the chance to make sponsored posts, also this for different companies and products. You will then be paid for posting this to your account and thus showing the product that a company wants out. Remember to have a clear picture of who you are and what you want your account to stand for before you reach out to this type of network. They will assess the totality of what you can offer.
  3. Market your service or your product. For those who already are an entrepreneur or want to become one then use Instagram to market your own products or a service that you offer. This is something that most entrepreneurs today realize the importance of reaching out with their brand and it is perhaps especially true as a start-up and when you are in need of really telling customers that you exist. If you are wondering if you can make money on Instagram as a self-employed person, the answer is yes.
  4. Collaborate with your own brands. Once you have created a certain following, you can also work yourself to find brands to market and work with. It’s really only you who sets the limits for what is possible when it comes to Instagram.



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