How to Make Money Creating Apps for Android

So here I am (again) sitting at my desk and I think to myself how do you make money creating apps for Android?

So, how do you make money creating apps for Android?

To make money creating apps on Android it all boils down to popularity of your app and how much you decide to charge for it, it is difficult to calculate your salary as an app owner. As long as you are not convinced that you are the next Mark Zuckerberg, you probably do not really want to resign from your job yet.

The website GigaOM Pro conducted a study which shows that more than half of their 352 respondents earned less than $400 per month.

Not enough to live on but definitely a nice little pile of extra money. Or you can strive to come up with new Angry Birds and earn well over $600,000 – a month ..! There is definitely potential to become a millionaire here!

Concept development for making money on Android apps

The first step on the road to your first revenue-generating app is a good idea. Start by thinking about what you would need. There is a good chance that many other people need the exact same app.

For example, you can consider the area you live in. If you live in a city with a lot of tourists, the possibilities are limitless. You can also consider your personal interests.

Maybe you’re a coffee enthusiast and have discovered a handful of great places around the world. If so, why not turn your knowledge into a guide app to help other coffee enthusiasts out there?

Many apps are not centered around a specific area but they always top the lists. You know say to many of them: Temple Run, Draw Something, Minecraft… Gaming apps tend to bring in more money than other apps as people tend to be more willing to pay for games.

Especially games that become popular in certain circles and spread like wildfire. Many apps only spread from mouth to mouth.

Do not get discouraged

Do not give up if you find something in the app store that is similar to your idea. This is where you need to think outside the box.

What does your app have that other apps lack?

Maybe you collect personal feedback from café owners, offer information about what is special about the specific café or about which coffee people just have to try at the specific café.

Try to come up with an idea that does not already have too many competitors. However, if you are completely out of ideas, you can check out some of the popular apps and see if you can do something better.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you develop your concept:

  • Will your app need daily handling?
  • Is your app based on an existing company or does it stand alone?
  • What do you plan to charge for your app?
  • Do you want your app to result in a full-time job or would you rather have it as a side project?
  • On which websites should your app be available on?
  • Do you have plans to develop the app on your own or do you have the resources required to hire a team to help you?
  • Which target group is the app aimed at?

App types for Android

There are many different types of apps.

Here are most of the most popular examples:

  • News (BBC, DR)
  • Music (Spotify, Tidal)
  • Photos (Instagram)
  • Video (TikTok)
  • Tools (Google Translate, Flash Light)
  • Games (Words With Friends, Draw Something)
  • Travel (TripAdvisor)
  • Social networks (Facebook, Twitter)

Development of the Android app

Now that you have decided on an idea, you just have to develop it… I assume that you, like most others, have very little experience with programming.

You may have learned some skills through freelance work, but do not worry if that is not the case!

There are many ways to get started. There is the expensive, but also very facilitating, method of hiring a professional to develop your app.


On websites like AppBooker, you can fill in your country, whether your app is for a company or a freelance project and your budget.

Then AppBooker will come up with several different suggestions for developers that suit your needs.

The App Developers

When you click through the list of developers, you can see their clients and what types of apps they specialize in. Another good site to know is The App Developers.

Here you can choose whether you develop an app as an individual, company or as an agency.

They create apps for phones, tablets and computers. For pricing information, you need to fill in a detailed description of the app you want to create.

After that, they will contact you with a price proposal. As we will get into a bit briefly, the price for creating your app depends very much on how complex the app’s design is.

Here are some good questions to look for when selecting a developer:

  • Will you have full ownership of the app when it is ready?
  • Do they have the knowledge to understand your ideas?
  • Do they develop for Andriod etc.?
  • How much do they charge?
  • Who have they worked for?
  • Are their apps popular?

Price of the Android app

You have to spend money to make money. Or so it is said in any case… This is not always the case in the app world but more about the latter.

At the moment, we assume that you have decided to hire someone to develop your app.

How much does it cost to make an app?

Depending on the app you want to develop, the price is between $800 and $200,000. Obviously it sounds like a lot of money, but keep in mind that the right app will earn back your money spent very quickly.

However, gaming apps that cost the most to develop are always on the top lists.

Watch out for bad offers when making Android apps

Sure, you will come across developers who offer an all-inclusive contract for only $1600, but watch out for such offers! You tend to get what you pay for.

I therefore believe that it is better to pay a little extra for a product of quality that you can be proud of.

Why waste $1600 on an app that no one wants to buy?

If you have the ability to create any part of the app on your own (such as layout and graphics), you can cut back on the otherwise high cost.

How to reduce the cost when making Android apps

Another way to reduce expenses is to offer the developer a share of the app’s profits.

However, developers rarely accept such a deal as long as they are not very sold on your idea. You also need to be aware of the implications for your future finances.

If you want a specific supplement such as GPS or the ability to share on social media, this usually costs $800 more.

Selling your app through Google Play Store costs you around $80 per year. This is well spent money as the Play Store has loads of users which guarantees you a certain revenue.

Top tips on how to make money creating apps on Android

To get the most out of your app, use the following tips:

  • Ask family and friends if they can rate and comment on your app
  • Consider making an iPad version of your app
  • If your app is based on your existing business, make sure you publish the app on your website and / or on your social network
  • When you sell on the App Store, Apple takes 30% of your profits while the rest is transferred directly to your bank account every month.
  • Be sure to consult a wide audience instead of a small niche
  • Start small and work your way up from there
  • Keep track of which apps top the lists
  • Right now, it’s easier to make money on iOS apps than Android

You can also consider creating a free app where you get the profit from advertising instead or where users have the opportunity to pay for extra stuff in the game.

This can be a great way to get your app up and running.

You can use social media to reach more people with your app, and in this way it also becomes a way to, for example, make money on Instagram.

Can you make apps on Android for free?

You can not find any free apps for creating apps, but you can use forums. The problem with forums and free articles around the web, is that the information is aimed at professional developers, or tips are outdated and rarely particularly practical if your goal is to make money on apps.

There is no comprehensive free guide on making iPhone apps, at least not in a way that makes it possible to make money.

And as I mentioned before, ‘you have to spend money to earn money’ so while it could definitily be possible, I wouldn’t reccomend it.

How to create your own app for Android?

But what if you simply do not have the money to hire a professional developer? No problem, there are several ways for you to do the job yourself.

Maybe you just want to explore your idea before hiring a professional? In this video I found on Youtbe below I hope it can help on your journey to making money creating apps if you don’t know how to program:


Making apps is not easy but you don’t have to do it alone. If you want to make money on apps, you do not need your own programming skills. You can use websites like Freelancer or just watch some Youtube videos on how to do it.

Hope I have been helpful, good luck!



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