How To Make Money As a 14 Year Old Teenager?

Can you make money as a 14 year old teenager? Yes, you certainly can. For example when I was 11 I would always mow my neighbours lawn.

I would go around and ask everyone in my community and after a while people would actually reach out to me. So it kinda became like a business where I definatly earned more money then the average teen.

Not everyone gets hundreds of dollar bills from their parents as a teenager, but that does not mean that you do not want what everyone else has.

Maybe you live with a single parent who struggles to make ends meet every month, then maybe you feel that you want to be able to help.

Or is it just fun to make your own money, maybe it’s time to start saving for your first million right now?

Whatever your reason for wanting to make money already as a teenager, here are 15 tips that can get your money rolling in early in life.

How do you make money as a teenager? Check out this video below:

1. Take a cleaning job

Some cleaning companies have cleaning jobs that you can take care of evenings and weekends.

Contact your local cleaning companies and tell them you are available. This way, you can get in a few extra hundred bucks every month.

2. Sell clothes and gadgets that are no longer used

The consumption of gadgets and clothes is enormous in the western world.

If you have clothes that are no longer used, you can sell them on advertising sites like Facebook. Set aside a Saturday to go through the closet and clean out what you do not use.

There is also the opportunity to make money on Facebook by buying things cheaply and then selling them more expensive.

Remember to never pay for anything in advance as there is a high risk to get scammed.

Remember, these are just tips, always consult with someone if you are unsure, and always proceed with cation.

3. Fill in surveys

This is something that rarely gives money in hand, but it can stand for things you already intend to buy, such as clothes or Spotify premium.

Become a member of a survey company and collect a certain number of points per survey and you have finally collected a gift card.

4. Make money blogging

Many young people make money from blogging about their interests, you can start a blog today.

In order for the blog to be large and have many followers, it is important that you are active and post new posts regularly.

However, make sure that the posts are interesting to the readers.

As a blogger, you make money by showing relevant ads to your visitors. You get paid when someone clicks on the ads or makes a purchase at the advertiser.

5. Baby-sitter

Depending on where you live in the country, there are different numbers of babysitting jobs.

Take care of children when parents work or simply want some time of their own. You can also make good money on this in the end.

If you have a summer holiday, you may be able to offer to babysit a neighbor or relative for a small penny than what they charge for preschool.

6. Lawn mowing / shoveling snow

When the grass starts to grow again, there is also a chance to work with this.

When you come home from work, you rarely feel like starting the lawn, so it may well be that they are happy to pay you a penny to do that job.

Make sure your neighbors know that they can pay you to mow the lawn for them.

If you live a little further north in the country, snow removal can be a profitable business during the winter months.

Market yourself by putting up posters with information on what you can offer. You can also use social media to reach out with your message.

7. Dog-sitter

Sometimes you can find those who are looking for a dog sitter who will pay a penny.

Not all dog owners want to drop off their furry friends at dog daycare but prefer to be in a home environment with someone who takes care of them.

You can also place an ad in your local grocery store, for example.

8. Start a Youtube channel

If you are good at playing computer games or an instrument, you can start your own Youtube channel and publish movie clips.

Over the years, many “Youtubers” have become really big and earn large sums on the ads in the videos.

When your clips reach 10,000 views, you will have the opportunity to link your Youtube channel to Google Adsense. You choose when and where the ads appear and you make money when viewers click on them.

Since Google now owns Youtube, you need a Google account to create a Youtube channel.

9. Organize a garage

Do you always keep your room tidy and organized?

Then maybe you can make this your profession. Many garages eventually become a mess, and there you have a chance to make a difference.

Start advertising that you could clean up the garage and make them tidy and organized.

It can be good to try at home first if you have the opportunity so you know more or less how long it can take and thus can set a reasonable price.

10. Wash cars

Especially during certain parts of the year, the cars are constantly dirty and it can be tiring to constantly wash them, and costly to drive it through the automatic washing all the time.

Instead, offer to wash your family and neighbors’ cars for a sum of money.

If you notice that something is going your way, you can also put up a note regarding this in your local grocery store.

Also check out the best side hustles for teens:

11. Fast food restaurants

The classic teenage job, fast food restaurants.

Here you have the opportunity to have a steady income. During school hours you can work evenings and weekends and during the holidays a little more.

Walk around to your local fast food restaurants and see if they may not need any extra.

You may have to be a bit older but I am sure most restaurants need a waiter or someone who just cleans the dishes.

12. Recycle cans and bottles

A classic way to make money as a teenager is to recycle cans.

You do not necessarily have to dig in trash for pawn bottles, instead check with loved ones if you can get their empty cans.

In connection with concerts, festivals or other events, there are usually lots of bottles and jars that people throw on the street.

Take the opportunity to stay ahead in these cases.

In addition to making money on the deposit, you also make a contribution to the environment.

13. Run errands

Busy families may need someone who can run errands for them for a penny.

Inform your neighbors that you are happy to go shopping for them or the like.

14. Business assistant

Some stores are happy to hire a teenager who can go and pick on the shelves and depending on where in your teens you are, you may even be able to sit at the checkout.

Ask at your local grocery stores if they need any extra.

15. Homework help

There are websites that deal with homework help.

Sign up for such a site and you can get customers to go home to help with homework.

16. Make money as a newspaper salesman

Despite the fact that all the news is available on the internet today, many people still read the magazine in paper form.

If you are over 13 years old, you can earn extra by selling newspapers on the weekends, a round takes just over an hour and provides an income of about 100 dollars a month.

Selling newspapers is a useful experience for the coming working life, in addition you get fresh air and good exercice.

Remember to be nice when you talk to people, then the chances are greater that they buy a magazine and also give you tips.

17. Crafts

Are you good at knitting, crocheting, sewing clothes or making jewelery?

Then you can open a small shop on the website Etsy and start selling your crafts.

18. Work at a Call Center

If you are a slightly older teenager, let’s say 16 and up, you may be able to get a job at a call center.

This means that you answer the phone for companies, usually as customer service.

Some even allow you to work from home. Most of the time, you are trained by the company before you start.

19. Work at the cinema

The local cinema salon may also need a little extra help as there is a lot that needs to be done at a cinema.

Sell popcorn, tear tickets at admission, clean and of course sell the tickets before it starts.

20. Sell photos

If you are good at taking photos, you can make money from your photos by selling them online.

On the page you can sell pictures taken with your mobile phone. Keep in mind that the better the quality of the images, the greater the chance that someone will buy them.

You do not earn large sums on just one image, so it is important to upload many images. Try to find interesting designs that you think can sell well.

In general, photos of people in different environments and nature pictures usually work best.

21. Weeding

Many people want a beautiful garden but few want to clear weeds, especially when they have grown older, it can feel extremely tiring to deal with this.

Therefore, even in this case, you can find out if you can earn a penny in return for performing this task.


Some other way you could withdraw some cash, albeit temporarily, could be to ask your parents if they have something they want you to fix for them.

You can also ask to sell stuff in the attic or things you no longer use yourself and so on.

Of course, some of these jobs that I have mentioned pay more than others and can be differently difficult to get depending on where in the country you live.

If you show yourself willing to work from an early age, it usually makes it easier for you to get a job later in life.

Some of these jobs may also be suitable as a student when you go to university.

When you have already worked with this as a younger person, you also get an easier job when you study and may need an extra income so that you do not have to borrow money with a payment remark.

I found this Youtube video about Jared West, who at age 16 managed the earn a lot of money through hard work and persistence. Check it out:



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