How to Invest $10,000

How to invest $10,000

The absolute best course of action is to invest your $10,000 in either funds or equities. In the long run, good companies increase in value and If you buy regularly, spread your risks and think long-term, you have a good basis for successful savings.

Top 7 ways on how to best invest $10,000

Think about what risk you are willing to take before you start investing. It is about investing money correctly, ie getting as good a risk-adjusted return as possible.

Risk and return on your investments go hand in hand. This is what the approximate return can look like for the different forms of savings:

1. Savings account

Many savings accounts today offer a higher savings rate than ordinary bank accounts with the major banks.

Savings account is suitable for you who want safe savings and at the same time keep the value of your money.

Savings accounts give a return of 0.10-6.5% interest per year and where you end up in the range depends on whether the savings account is covered by a deposit guarantee or not.


For you who want a high growth of your money, shares are excellent. Today, it is cheap to trade shares online and stock brokers take historically low commissions.

Shares do not have to be risky. If you trade shares in quality companies at a reasonable price, you can get a high and secure return over ten years or longer.

3. Fixed interest account

In a fixed-rate account, you lock in the money for 1-3 years and in the meantime get a high savings rate of up to 10%.

Fixed interest rate investments suit you who know that you do not need the money for a certain period.

4. Gold

Gold is an investment that preserves value. Often people move their assets from currencies to gold in turbulent economic times when cash loses value quickly.

You can also sell and buy gold to speculate in price developments. You can buy gold in physical form, as securities and as shares in mining companies that mine gold.

5. Funds

Funds are a good choice for you who want to save monthly with a large spread of risk and do not have an interest in individual shares.

A fund is a composition of a large number of shares managed by a fund manager. It is important to know that every year a management fee of about 1-2% is deducted from your money in your fund.

6. Bonds

The minimum volume for buying bonds is often $50,000-100,000. As a small saver, you can instead choose to buy bond funds from an online broker for the best risk spread and return.

It is then common for the fund to trade in either government bonds or corporate bonds.

7. Real estate

Investors who receive money from shares or companies often invest the money in rental properties to get leverage and risk diversification.

Banks are happy to lend to real estate as they provide stable cash flows over time while protecting against inflation.

There are also several tax benefits to real estate.

Investments that are best for you

Do you have money to invest and are wondering how to get the best savings rate on them? The purpose of this website is to give you information and tips on how to best invest money so that you get a good return.

For a start, you need an insight into what savings options are available on the market.

Then you need to gather knowledge about the asset; whether it is stocks, mutual funds, real estate, gold, bonds or savings accounts.

This is where my articles come in handy. With the help of my information, you should be able to compare investments and make decisions on how to invest your money.

Where is the safest place to invest money in?

If you want to be able to sleep well at night and can not afford to lose your money, you should deposit it in a savings account or short-term fixed income fund.

Maybe it is the case that you are in a phase in life where you may soon need the money to buy an apartment?

Or do you need to put money in a savings account with a high interest rate while you wait for the stock market to crash?

Whatever your reason, you can read about savings accounts here and find the best savings rate for your money.

A traditional bank account is a perfect choice for you who do not care about a high return on your capital but instead value that you have access to them around the clock.

Find the best savings rate with a deposit guarantee

If you want to save money on savings accounts, I recommend that you choose a savings account with a deposit guarantee.

Should the bank go bankrupt, the deposit guarantee protects your money up to $95,000 per bank (this is different from country to country). A tip is to compare savings rates and terms before opening an account.

With today’s low policy rate, unfortunately, savings rates are very low. But for you who need the money within 1-2 years, savings accounts are the best option.

Learn to invest money smartly

If you do not feel ready to borrow money to invest in an asset class yet, you can read more about how to invest so as not to lose money.

Knowledge and experience are two very important factors if you are to succeed in preserving your capital while at the same time making your money grow over time, especially if you are going to use indebtedness as leverage.

To become a better investor, you can often get knowledge from books where you can find good tips and tricks on personal finance.

The best way to invest is to invest in educating yourself first.

Best investment account

The best account for investments has been the Roth IRA investment savings account created by the government to stimulate increased savings in funds and shares for ordinary people.

The account has simplified savings as you no longer need to declare your sales of securities. You also do not pay any profit tax on your sales.

Instead, you pay a standard tax of about 1% each year. The new tax system pays off for those who have a return of over about 2% per year.

Those who save in funds or shares usually receive an average of 7-10% in return per year over time.

If you choose to save in shares or funds in an IRA in the children’s name, they can take over the management at 18 years.

If the amount in the account grows large and is over approximately $38,000, you need to submit a report to a guardian at the municipality every year.

This is to protect the children and control how the parents handle the administration.

Why should you invest your money?

An important part of a well-run personal finances is that you have space to save and invest money. In your budget, there should be room to transfer money to savings every month.

We all have different conditions for saving. But it is important to prioritize saving over other less important items in your budget.

By investing the money you have set aside for savings, you can make it grow. They will then be more valuable in the future than they are now.

It is important to dare to take the step from a savings account to investing in shares or funds. In the long run, it will make a big difference in your finances.

You must invest money for your future security and freedom. By having good savings, you do not have to worry so much about what your pension will look like.

You also have the freedom to control your life more according to your own desires. You can pursue interests you find fun and interesting. You can also put your own golden edge on your life.

Is it risk free?

To get a return on your capital, you must dare to take risks. You take the least risk by putting your money in a savings account with a government deposit guarantee. But then you will get very little return.

One of the best ways to get a return is to invest in stocks. This means a greater risk. By understanding the risks involved in investing in the stock market, you can minimize them.

You then have a good opportunity for a return with limited risk.

It is important to be long-term when investing in the stock market. From time to time, major stock market falls occur.

Historically, the stock market has always recovered from those declines.

By investing regularly, you will sometimes buy cheap and sometimes a little more expensive. In the long run, it will be a good investment for you.

It is also important that you spread the risks when investing in the stock market. If you buy shares in a company, things can go badly.

Then you lose money. If you buy shares in several different companies in different industries and in different markets, most will surely develop well over time.

You do not notice that a company does a little worse if the rest goes well. You need to invest in companies that are basically good.

A good start can be to invest in a few different investment companies.

This is how you can invest $10,000 in funds

A good alternative to investing in equities is mutual funds. It is a convenient way to invest. Your money is managed by a professional manager.

It is also easy to spread their risks by investing in mutual funds.

1. Choose an online broker and open a Roth IRA

To invest in mutual funds, you must be a customer of a bank or online broker. Do not worry about the wide range of funds brokers usually have smart tools to help you choose the right fund for your savings.

Open an IRA at the online broker you choose. Investing through an IRA is advantageous and easy. You do not have to declare any individual transactions.

Your tax is based on the value of your IRA. It is calculated and pre-printed on your declaration form. It is fiscally advantageous to save via a Roth IRA.

2. Set up an automatic monthly saving

There are many benefits to saving in mutual funds. It’s easy, you get professional management of your money and good risk diversification.

A good way to make your savings in funds even better is to set up an automatic monthly savings.

On the one hand, it is a good way to spread your risks. By buying regularly, you will sometimes buy expensive and sometimes cheaper.

In the long run, it will in all probability be a good investment for you.

Setting up an automatic monthly savings is also a good way to make sure that your savings really get off. If the money is deducted when you receive your salary, you will not notice that it disappears for savings.

If you have an automatic savings in funds, you can use your free time for your family and interests.

3. Think long-term

It is important to be long-term, regardless of whether you invest in funds or equities. In the long run, good companies increase in value.

If you buy regularly, spread your risks and think long-term, you have a good basis for successful savings.

This is how you can invest $10,000 in shares

$10,000 is a good basis to start investing from. If you have the opportunity to add a monthly savings, it will give you both freedom and security in the future.

1. Choose an online broker and open a Roth IRA

You invest in shares through a bank or online broker. They both have a good offer of savings products at low costs.

When you start saving, you must also choose an account form. Roth IRA is the most flexible and best. You do not have to declare individual transactions.

The account is taxed at a flat rate. You pay a tax based on the value of your account. It is calculated and pre-printed on your declaration.

When you open your account with whatever brokerage of your choosing, it is also important that you choose the right brokerage class.

Think about how much you will buy and sell for and choose a level that suits you.

2. Choose 8-15 stocks in different industries to spread the risk

When investing in stocks, it is important to spread the risk. Feel free to invest in 8-15 different companies in different industries.

A good basis for all portfolios is investment companies. These are companies that are partners in other companies.

Then you get extra good risk diversification. There are investment companies that invest in new exciting companies and industries.

Other investment companies invest in traditional industries such as banking, industry and forestry.

If you are a beginner on the stock market, a few different investment companies are a good start to invest in.

3. Buy shares on an ongoing basis to spread the risk

A good way to reduce the risk is to spread the purchases of shares. If you need to invest $10,000, it can be smart to buy on different occasions.

In the long run, the stock market will certainly go up, but it is in the short-term boring to buy at a peak.

Should you continue to save monthly after your first investment, you will spread out your purchases and reduce the risk through it.

Monthly savings are a good way to reduce the risk in your savings.

4. Be long-term

To succeed with your investments on the stock market, you must be long-term. In the long run, good companies grow and they make money.

Then their value increases. But in the short term, there is a lot that affects the stock market.

Political unrest, central banks’ interest rate policy and the economy are some factors that can trigger large movements in the stock market.

Historically, the stock market has always recovered from major declines and continued to rise.

To be part of that journey, you must be long-term, save regularly and spread your risks between different companies in different industries.


Buy on several occasions

The psychological part is often the most difficult to deal with when we invest in a larger pot. A decrease of 10 percent for those who have just invested $100,000 means that the value decreases by $10,000.

A loss that for the vast majority of us is psychologically more difficult to handle, than the $1000 that the same percentage decline means for those who have just invested $10,000.

The solution will be to divide the amount into several parts and shell it out in the equity fund over and over again.

It gives a calmer saving and usually also a better return.



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