How to Make Your Website Visible on Google

Why is my website not visible on Google?

If you do not find your pages on Google, you can check if the search engine even perceived that they exist. Google is not based on “the whole” internet.

The search engine derives its results from a kind of directory that it constantly fills through continuous indexing. Indexing is a kind of mapping of the internet, which is done with the help of automated computer programs. The programs are called crawlers.

To find out if Google is aware that your website exists there are a lot of free seo tools on google that you can use.

If you do not see any results at all for your site, then you are not in Google’s directory. Do not forget to double check that you have entered the correct web address.

My website dosent even show up on Google at all!

this can depend on a few factors:

  • Your website is not indexed yet. If you have a brand new website that is not visible at all on Google, it may be because it has not yet been discovered by the search engine. It may take a couple of weeks in some cases. It can take just as long for new pages that you publish on an older site.
  • Your website has a structure that is difficult for the search engine to read. The crawlers map websites by following links, including internal links between different pages on your website. If your website is structured in a cumbersome way, which is difficult for the crawlers to follow, it can lead to some pages not being visible as well on Google. The structure is a basic factor in making your website visible on Google. Improving it may involve a major renovation of the site, which may require a slightly larger investment. But it’s worth it, because an easy-to-navigate website is appreciated by both visitors and search engines.
  • Problems with technology blocking Google. Poor visibility can be due to technical issues on which your site is based. For example, code snippets may have gone wrong. An example is noindex. Noindex is a technical solution that should be used to mark pages not to be indexed by Google. But sometimes it goes wrong. Then pages that you would like to appear in Google may be blocked. Fortunately, a web developer can solve the problem without much difficulty.
  • You use the same content or copy others work. Unique content is crucial to how well your website will appear on Google. What you publish on your website should not be found elsewhere. So if, for example, you copy your product texts directly from the supplier, that may be why your website is not so well visible on Google. In some cases, it is reasonable to have similar content on several pages on the same website. Therefore, there are technical solutions that help the search engine understand why you have done as you have done.
  • You have not optimized with the right keywords. Sometimes Google needs help to understand what your content is about. An important part of this is to use the same words in your texts that your target audience enters in the search box on the search engine. In any case, almost. Today, the search engine often understands synonyms and inflections of words. It is not about using as many keywords as possible on a single page. Instead, it is important to create good content that revolves around well-chosen keywords. You should choose keywords based on how many people use them, and based on what is relevant to your business.
  • Make more content! Are many of your pages almost empty of content? As far as the search engine understands, no content means that the page is empty and less valuable than a page with more text, images and so on. So if you want to be visible on Google, review how much content your website’s pages have.
  • You need to optimize your linking. To be visible on Google, you need to be better than your competitors. In some industries the bar is set higher than in others. And if the competition is high, the battle is often decided by which website has the best link power. But what is it then? Link power is a kind of measure of how good your website is in terms of links. This is mainly about links from other websites to yours. The search engine thinks that websites that others link to are more valuable and credible. One answer to how you can be more visible on Google is to start working actively to get more links.

I recomend that you activily work on your search optimization. As I said before there are tottaly free seo tools that you can find with just a click of a button.



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