How Do You Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube Fast?

For many people, success on YouTube is a dream that can now be closer than ever. Movies are getting easier to produce with each passing day. You can even record HD movies with your smartphone, instead of needing large and expensive equipment as in the past.

You can edit with your phone or computer, using free software instead of professional software with expensive licenses. You can produce content that a few years ago was considered banal and unattractive, and achieve great success.

The problem is that you compete with billions of others to be at the center of YouTube. There is a lot of competition in almost every genre. If you want to succeed, you need to stand out from the crowd, which means you have to do much more than just basic production and optimization.

This is where this post comes into the picture: a checklist and guide to help you figure out what to do. Some tips are one-time actions while others are lengthy processes, and none of the tips are superfluous. If you succeed in doing everything on the list, you’re well on your way to your YouTube success.

Below I have gathered a number of different tips and methods to get more subscribers to YouTube, so I hope you can use some of them to increase how many people follow your channel.

I have no tips on how to cheat yourself into higher numbers by tricking people into subscribing or something like that, but rather just good advice and tips on how to build a channel or even a career on YouTube. This requires hard work, but with our tips it will at least be a few notches easier.

1. Make your videos as good as you can!

The first way to increase the number of subscribers is by increasing the quality of your videos. It is very likely that many people will watch at least a couple of videos without choosing to click on the “Subscribe” button, so while watching your video, you have to show off your best side to try to show them that your channel is worth subscribing to.

It is therefore very important to spend time making your videos in proper quality. A little extra work when recording and editing the video can lead to many additional subscribers if the video first hits somewhere. If, on the other hand, it oozes low quality, there is little chance that anyone will subscribe at all.

2. Make videos that will be watched

It is quite a good idea to follow trends and push for them quickly. If you manage to catch up on a popular trend before everyone starts doing it, you may be lucky and get huge amounts of visits from YouTube searches, so it may be worth its weight in gold.

Now, I’m not saying you should throw yourself over every trend, but if something that’s right for you first starts to become popular on YouTube, you should try to be out with it early rather than delaying it for too long. Before you know it, the chance to rake in viewers and subscribers is gone!

3. Find out what your viewers like

As you have a number of subscribers and viewers, you can begin to analyze the type of content that captures your viewers.

Some types will probably hit search results better than others, some will lead to many new subscribers, while others will be very good at getting your subscribers to see.

So here you need to see what type of content works best for you and the goal you have with your YouTube channel.

It makes sense to look for content that consistently does poorly. If no one is watching a certain type of content, it might be just as well to drop it at first, so you don’t have to take up a lot of space on your YouTube profile when potential new subscribers visit it to check out the content.

4. Stick to a steady routine

When uploading videos to give your subscribers regular access to new content, you should nail down a fixed publishing schedule and stick to it. For many, it lasts once a week, but try to keep it to the same day of the week and at about the same time.

It is also possible to publish videos more often than weekly, but make sure that it does not come at the expense of the quality of what you publish.

Again, you should try to ensure a regular routine no matter how often you publish, so if you are going to have three days a week, you should focus on having three regular days a week, and never publish anything other than this.

5. Use great titles to get hits on YouTube search

It’s well worth spending some time creating great and descriptive titles on YouTube! YouTube search is one of the world’s most used search engines, and it is possible to get hundreds of thousands or even millions of views from searches per se.

So instead of taking the first thing you think of, you should think carefully about what people are really searching for, and create the title in a way that suits the search.

Of course, this works poorly on many types of videos, such as if you post shopping videos or vlogs often, but if you talk about specific topics or something like that, it can work very well.

6. Share your channel on all of social media

You can really get a good effect from sharing channels and videos on social media, and here I’m not just thinking of Facebook and Instagram.

There are many other types of social media like Reddit, Imgur, Tumblr and other places where one can share clips and still images from the video with link to it.

If you have a little luck and a good video, it can go viral and get thousands of viewers in a short time.

There are certain types of videos that work well to spread on social media, and it is often apparent luck that determines what goes viral or not.

It is therefore not something you should have as the main strategy to get viewers and subscribers, but rather something you should try from time to time to see if you can get a little extra boost from it.

7. Collaborate with other YouTubers

Having collaborations, or collabs as it is often called in the YouTube world, is a clever way to get more subscribers. You can have both physical meetings where you record several videos together, or find a creative solution for a collaboration without actually being physically together.

Such collaborations can be ingenious if you have roughly the same type of content. Here you can reach all the subscribers of the person you are making a collaboration video with, and they can do the same with your subscribers.

If they like what they see, there is a good chance that you will get a new follower, because these are already interested in this type of content.

It can be a little difficult to get started with such collaborations, but remember that there is one thing that is positive for both of you who collaborate.

So get in touch with other YouTubers who have smaller or as large channels as yourself and ask if they would like to try to create a collaboration.

Typically, two videos are made where you publish one on each of your channels, and link and encourage viewers to check out the other video on the channel of the one you are collaborating with.

8. Be active on other media

Just being active on other social media can get you both viewers and followers on YouTube.

Make sure your YT channel is easy to find when someone visits your profile on other social media, and be active on them.

If you can get followers on these social media, there is a good chance that some of them will also drop onto YouTube and subscribe to your channel there.

9. Make videos that fit into YouTube’s algorithm

YouTube has developed a rather complicated algorithm, and you can work on it a lot without fully understanding it, but it is still a good idea to spend some time reading up on how it works.

By creating video clips that fit well into the YouTube algorithm, you increase your chances of appearing as suggestions for other videos users can watch after watching a completely different YouTube video.

If you have good positions on such listings, you can attract huge amounts of viewers and subscribers in a short time, which = to really good!

10. Should you buy subscribers?

There are many websites that sell subscribers to YouTube, but there is no point in spending money on this. These are not real accounts, so all you get is a higher number next to your profile. In other words, completely wasted money!

Then it is much better to spend the money on producing content that can be used to make your channel better than it already is. Maybe it’s time to upgrade some equipment or buy something else you need for your videos?


In the end, it’s all about having fun making your videos. If you have fun, your viewers will also have fun.

Hopefully I have answered how to get more subscribers on Youtube.

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