How Do You Gain Respect at Work? – 13 Helpful Tips

Do you really get the respect you deserve at work? If not, it may be time to change it.

According to Gartner’s latest “Global Talent Monitor Report”, lack of respect is one of the most common reasons people change jobs.

Talents and those with niche skills simply rot because managers and companies do not have the understanding or wisdom to show their appreciation.

However, I believe that you have to see your own part in building respect.

– Getting respect requires a conscious sequence of actions and is the result of hard work and constant preparation. Self-confidence is not self-evident, it is something you learn.

Respect at work is not just about how we treat each other, or about getting respect from others. It is largely about mutual communication and cooperation, but also about responsibility. Responsibility towards yourself, your colleagues and managers.

For how fun is it on a scale to do a half-baked job, be careless or ignore doing what you are supposed to? How does it affect your self-esteem and how others respect you?

Doesn’t it feel better to go home from work and feel satisfied with your efforts? That you have done a good job. You have done your very best, for yourself and for your colleagues and managers.

If you gain respect in the workplace, your odds of moving up the career ladder also improve. – Respect from the environment is basically about your own self-respect and that you can stand for who you are.

One’s values ​​and actions then also become genuine in the eyes of others. In terms of career, a well-respected person also has a greater chance of advancing in their work.

But respect is not something that can be demanded of one’s surroundings but is something that must be earned. And by being principled and consistent, it is possible to influence how others see you. – One of the priorities you should make is to be straightforward in your communication.

You have to remember that colleagues do not always see what you are doing. For example, if you take long lunches – tell them you meet customers. If you arrive late in the morning – tell us that you had an evening meeting until 9pm the night before. But dont lie, always try to be truthul, then people will trust you more.

If you actually took extra long lunches because you dont wanna work or show up late becase you dont wanna go to work and you lie about it. Then you dont respect yourself or your fellow colluges, which in turn leads to no respect.

Remember that respect is not a one-way communication. If you want respect, you must also treat others with respect. Therefore, make sure to really see everyone you meet at your workplace.

– If you do not treat the cleaners or the receptionist with respect, for example, you will not be respected by them either. Not being respected by everyone also affects the overall image of you as a person.

Do you want more respect? Here are my top 13 tricks to help you get started.

1. Take hold of the situation at once

It is incredibly important to kill negativity early. Whether it’s bullying, crappy culture or ostracism – the longer it lasts, the harder it will be to correct.

So how to act? Well, by making it clear what you want. And raise the issue of what is not respectful. According to research, it has been shown that those who directly confront negative treatment, signal strength and gain respect.

2. Project a “power image”

Even before you have time to open your mouth, the surroundings have created a first image. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the body language is clear.

Someone who has a good attitude and smiles, is perceived as open and authentic. Seeing the person you are talking to in the eyes is also an important part of being perceived as strong.

3. Prepare for “next time”

If it is the case that you are not he with point number one, that is, that you did not have time to tackle the problem at once. Then be sure to write down what was said and how it was acted.

Then think about what you want to say next time the event is repeated. Be proactive and prepared – so that you can act resolutely and confidently.

4. Become difficult to replace

Making yourself and your skills unique or highly valued – is a really good way to build respect. And when you become something necessary, you are treated with respect and the environment becomes dependent. Take advantage of this and develop new opportunities and skills.

5. Be careful about your brand

Respect is not something that can be turned on and off as you wish. Being the workplace’s funny courier or clown might be fun at the Christmas party or in the coffee room.

But it can be a real stumbling block for those who in between want to throw in a constructive idea, or who want a serious career development.

Think of your “brand” – this is the image that is taken into account when tasks, promotions and other things are handed out.

6. Does not work with the heart

During my working life, I have seen so many who completely lack respect for themselves and for others. Do as little as possible, only care about making money and do not work with the heart.

Yes, it can of course be about it being a temporary job, a job where you do not really want to be and then do not care as much.

But then there is even more reason to do a good job and get good references for your future work. Plus to feel proud and happy with your work effort.

7. Take responsibility

I myself have been disrespectful for a period in the beginning of my working life, when I often came too late and blamed myself. I showed no respect for my colleagues or for myself.

Did not take responsibility. This of course led to conflicts and a bad mood. No one was well and it created anxiety and stress.

Lack of respect can also be to let something go on without doing or saying anything, both as a manager and as a colleague.

It creates a culture of silence where everyone paws at each other’s toes, is polite but really thinks differently.

8. Zero job satisfaction

When someone mismanages their job, it affects both themselves and others. In temwork, it is important to think one step further. Not only do I care about what I need to do myself but also think about my team.

If I do not do something or leave something so that my colleague finds it extra difficult, I do not show respect or take responsibility.

And how can I then get a good treatment or get respect? There will be a bad mood equal to zero job satisfaction. Of course, there may be acceptable explanations, but then it must be communicated. Do not just ignore.

9. Dare to ask

There may also be other reasons why someone does not do their job or behave disrespectfully; then we need to find out. Dare to ask how the person is doing, and if there is something they may need support or help with to cope with the tasks.

10 Do your job!

Make clear to yourself what is expected of you – and do it! The best way to lose respect is not to do what you have to do. Keep in mind that colleagues do not see everything you do. If you take long lunches, also tell them that you will meet customers then.

11. Do NOT talk about people

Do not talk crap about anyone in the workplace. However, stand for your opinion. The difference between talking badly and standing up for one’s opinion is talking to the person it’s about – not behind the back. The best way to be respected is to show respect for others yourself.

12. Help others

Do not skimp on your skills but help your colleagues. Helpful and generous people often win appreciation among others. If you are helpful, the chances also increase that colleagues will show up extra for you when you need it at some point in the future.

13. Become an expert

Learn extra in a specific area that your workplace works with the goal of becoming an expert in that particular area. Being a specialist in an area provides a beneficial advantage. Therefore, make sure that you always know a little more than most and do not be afraid to share.


Researcher Christer Eldh. He has written a dissertation on how poor communication can harm both the individual and the organization, and vice versa. His key words are respect.

“Respect is not just about running around and being polite, it is about taking each other seriously.”

Hope I have been helpful, if you wanna delve even further then check out this video:

Image by John Hain from Pixabay



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