How Does a Gamer Make Money? 12 Unique Ways

Gaming is getting bigger and there is a huge amount of money involved. Fortunately, there are also many different opportunities for you to make money from it, regardless of whether you yourself are a gamer, prefer betting or if you may have completely different interests.

This is the great quick guide to making money on video games. You can get income from something you like to train anyway!

It should be possible for most people to make $ 10,000 a month in the tips below, or probably a lot more if you really go in to make money on computer games.

This article gives you tips on:

  • Making Money on SWTOR (Star Wars)
  • Get paid as a game tester
  • Earn money game reviews on YouTube
  • Win money on the internet
  • Making money on the battlefield, MW3 and similar games
  • To make money as a professional player
  • Make money in World of Warcraft
  • To make money on Halo
  • CS:GO Skins
  • Building and selling
  • E-sport betting

How to make money on video games?

Here I review different ways to make money on games:

  • Make money on skins: If you play CSGO, then there are good opportunities to make money from it. In the game you can get hold of skins, graphics that make your weapon look different. These can actually be worth a lot and there are even skins that go for several thousand.
  • Become a game tester: Make money testing the game, get paid per mission. Can often be done online over the internet as geographical distances are not significant. Game outsourcing (hard): We also mention how to make money from outsourcing in the gaming industry, for example by letting others build gaming accounts for you, that you sell it. Or by allowing others to buy and sell gaming accounts on your behalf.
  • Hardcore gaming: (pro gaming) Many players dream of making a live video game, and it’s actually possible. Not just make a living from it, but get rich playing. Read below on how you can become a pro, travel around the world playing team competitions and make good money while having fun.
  • Produce gameplay videos: Record videos of while playing, and publish to YouTube or other social networks. The video must contain something that is of interest to a large number of viewers, such as a strategic review or entertaining moments in the game.
  • Play and earn money: on games like World of Warcraft, Halo, SWTOR, Battlefield, Modern Warefare and other games. You can make money on all platforms, including PCs, Macs, Playstation 3, Wii, desktops and laptops.
  • Gambling and gambling: are also a form of gambling, and if it is not exactly computer games, then there is really a lot of money to be won here if you are lucky or just a good gambler.
  • Write game reviews: Make money as the game shows. This is a great opportunity to make money hobby, and It is safe to be independent reviewer games with examples. YouTube or other channels.

1. Make Money on Skins

If you play CSGO skins, there are good opportunities to make money from it. In the game you can get hold of skins, graphics that make your weapon look different.

These can actually be worth a lot and there are even skins that go for several thousand.

To get these you have to win them, win loot boxes with these in or swap them with other players. If you then get hold of these, you can sell them to other players.

There are several ways to do this but Skinwallet is one of the better methods. You can then withdraw the money easily and can very easily start selling your skins that you have collected.

2. Make money on World of Warcraft

There are great opportunities to make money in World of Warcraft. There is a good market in for the sale of Warcraft accounts, and the price for a good WOW account can sometimes be as much as 40,000 dollars, sometimes even higher.

The secret to making a lot of money in World of Warcraft is figuring out how to get lots of gold very quickly. There is no cheating, but there are strategies that are so good that they work almost as well as a cheat code in practice.

Use Wow Crusher to learn how to earn virtual gold in WoW as soon as possible. This gold can in turn be converted into real money. With the Wow Crusher guide, it’s easy to fill your wallet with a little extra “chiefs”.

3. E-sports

If you are very good at certain games, you can actually win money on them. E-sports are often characterized by huge tournaments where several million are awarded to the winners.

This is true, but you can also participate in smaller tournaments. This is why esports csgo betting tips are always handy when you need them.

These are usually held directly online and you do not have to worry about whether you are a big and famous player or not.

There are plenty of competitions for beginners and lesser known players.

By participating in these, you can also win money and other things. It’s rarely about huge sums, but it can be worth it for those who appreciate the games and want to try out their skills.

Do you want to live on esport? In that case, you should either start by streaming the games you like, this can be games that are big or games that you think will be big and famous such as Overwatch 2 or old classics like CS: GO or Dota 2.

We take CS: GO as an example you stream and maybe have a Youtube that you make some money on.

Once you have started making money, you tend to grow quite a lot. The problem is that there are several thousand who stream through Twitch and what makes people watch you, maybe you are especially funny or really good at a game.

4. Betting on E-sports

If you are not a gamer yourself, you can instead bet money on various tournaments.

There are plenty of tournaments held all year round and there is a lot of money to be made here if you know a lot about e-sports.

What you should familiarize yourself with are which players and teams to keep an eye on, which games are relevant and the like.

The most common is that you bet on a specific game or two, preferably one that you yourself find interesting and that you know a lot about.

This also makes it easier to watch the matches while you bet your money.

5. Streaming

As I talked about before, if you do not want to play in competitions and do not want to bet money on them, you can instead become a streamer.

This is basically someone who broadcasts live while playing something. Of course, it is also possible to record in advance, as many on YouTube do.

But through streaming platforms, you can also broadcast live while playing something and there is then no compulsion that you have to be an expert on the game.

Many have managed to become known for their humor, or even how bad they are at the games that are run.

This is perfect if you like talking to others. It does not hurt to have a good sense of humor, not least when you have to be a little funny to succeed in entertaining hundreds or thousands of different viewers.

However, this is something you can learn over time and streamers are rarely popular in the beginning when they are still getting used to it.

6. Earn Money by Building Gaming Computers

Computers are a part of everyday life for most people, and many games among their products for the computer, increase the demand for gaming computers.

Gaming computers provide the necessary power to run advanced games that require a variety of high-performance hardware.

Computers, mobile phones and other technology, are getting old fast, so there will always be a demand for the newest and best gaming computer, make sure you will make money if you can find buyers.


1 Buy the necessary hardware. Gaming computers thrive on power, so make sure you buy hardware to run powerful graphics, a wealth of sounds and lots of information that the best of the best games require.

Such as a multi-core processor, a 500 GB or larger hard drive, a graphics card with a GPU can make shadows and manage stress in advanced graphics and a motherboard designed to handle hardware.

2. Tell your friends and family about your business venture. While your family members may shy away from gaming computers, they can pass on the information about your services to other people in their network of friends.

3. Sell your gaming computer on eBay. eBay is competitive in its computer-related auctions, but you will reach a large number of people and have valuable eBay tools, such as automatic payment tracking and delivery tags.

Make sure your auction includes information that tells the buyer why the computer is ideal for gaming, what hardware is in and the quality the buyer can expect when playing games.

4. Open your own online store. While opening brick and mortar stores can cost you thousands of dollars, opening your own e-commerce store will drive you as little as $ 6 a month for web hosting.

Hire the services of a professional web designer unless you are familiar with building a website.

You sell high-end computers, so your website needs to leave the impression that you are computer savvy.

7. Make money as a hardcore gamer

Making money playing games is a reality for many players around the world. Most people who play do it just because they think it’s fun to play.

Get places in hard training and decide to become a “pro gamer”.

It is not impossible to succeed as a “pro gamer”, you do not have to be a multi-tasker, but just be very good in a game in which there is also prize money.

It held gaming competitions in most popular games, so there should be no problems.

8. Make money on Call of Duty, Battlefield ++

A typical player would never believe me if I claimed that it was possible for people to make good money on games like Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3 and similar games (besides making money on the obvious, like selling the games or contributing to the development page).

Below you will find a strategy that you can possibly earn some money. So if you want you can always try it for yourself to see how much money you can squeeze out of this method. Requires the gray to work a little, but not too much.

Method to make money selling Battlefield accounts and other gaming accounts:

Where you can make money here is selling your account. For example, in Battlefield 3 and Modern Warefare series, you have a multiplayer page, and here are the new weapons and features available as you play.

Of course, should you make money on Battlefield, it is important to have a good strategy for how to play effectively. In this way, this quick guide to Battlefield strategies is recommended.

This works best with the new games (as some older games have lost players and “lock” has been opened to everyone). If the game is much more than a few years old there will generally be some money to be made.

A Battlefield 3 account with many “unlocks” is worth gold to a new player. After 100 hours of multiplayer play, most still do not even have half the number of Unlock.

Despite many hours of play, it can not get paid as much as a player account, perhaps a maximum of one billion, which resulted in an hourly wage of 10 dollars, it is not an effective way to make money.

I researched a bit, and checked if it was possible to make money in other ways on Battlefield 3 accounts, and guess what: I found that there were already people selling their player accounts online.

However, it was almost exclusively about players who were tired of gambling and selling their accounts relatively cheaply.

For my part, I believe that there are better and more fun ways to make money, so here is a free suggestion on how to try to make money online and are guaranteed to work.

To find player accounts for sale and to publish them for sale, you can use a virtual assistant, which in practice means buying cheap labor, as you pay the poor in Asia a few dollars to do boring jobs, find game accounts for sale, and sell them according to your instructions.

For example, Freelancer to find cheap virtual assistants, brilliant if you need someone to do the job for you.

9. Make money on Star Wars and SWTOR

There are also good opportunities to make big money on SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic).

For those unfamiliar with the game: This is an MMORPG game developed by BioWare, and has a large player base.

The SWTOR Savior can make money playing the game, and then sell your account once you have done a certain number of levels.

The secret to making this an attractive source of income is to find the absolute fastest way to get up and forward in the game.

Visit the SWTOR Money making guide for more information on how you can get fast results in the game and thus make this game something you can make money from.

10. Make money on Halo

It is still possible to make money on the very first Halo game, and of course the latest versions of this popular series.

Halo is the ultimate game for those who want to make money as a professional player. In the gaming community, there are many games that are very difficult to compete, but Halo is a real opportunity for ordinary mortals to succeed.

Here is a Halo guide that shows very well how to make money on Halo and other video games by developing your skills as a player, and simply becoming a professional player.

As a professional player, you have the opportunity to turn your hobby into a livelihood, computer game and develop your gaming skills.

You can play contests prizes usually over 1 million, and once you have claimed the elite, it is big money to be made, especially in the Halo series.

This is probably not the easiest way but its just a recomendation to give you more options. The link is a affiliate link, so I will get a small commission if you use it. Just so you know.

11. Make money by testing games

European gaming companies definitely have no tradition of giving money to players.

Many players queue to do this voluntarily anyway. But a different mindset for many gaming companies out there in the big world.

The United States has long been common to pay players, even for multiplayer players to test the game online.

Also the video below explains that, as with anything, its hard work, but if you have a passion for games then maybe its something for you.

If you want to learn more about this, I recommend that you read up on this page: Become a game tester.

12. Games + Youtube

Another way to make money on video games is to make video reviews of games, or to shoot while you play.

You use a video recording feature to make a video while playing. Then add the video to YouTube. So you can just sit back and hope that the video will become popular.

In order to successfully make money on this, it is of course necessary to create interesting movies.

An interesting video in this context could be, for example: recording a new game, a strategic review of a “level”, or if you are good at playing or finding something fun or bizarre things you can do in the game, this is also what often creates large numbers.

Choosing the right keyword in the title is also important for you to get enough impressions on the video you publish. “Gameplay” is an important keyword, as many searches on YouTube.

In addition, you should provide both the abbreviation and the full name of the game in question (for example, both “WOW” and “World of Warcraft”).

There are many ways to make money on YouTube and video games, here is a guide that shows how to make money on YouTube.


Salary for Game Developers

Game developers work for companies that develop computer games.

The most common is to work in one of the three areas; game design, graphics or programming.

In smaller companies, the same game developer can work with all three parts.


Game designers and level designers create games based on ideas, they work to construct how the game should be played and how it will be experienced.

Graphics take care of the visuals of the game. All 3D models, textures or environments are the graphic artist’s craft.

The programmer’s work has a theoretical starting point and does not differ much from other programmers’ jobs.

The tasks mostly consist of writing code that “gives the game life”, by creating functions and logical connections.

Working hours:

When you are in the final phase of a project, it happens that you need to work evenings and weekends.

How Much Money Does a Game Developer Make?

The average salary for men and women: 4981 USD

The average salary for women: 4617 USD

The average salary for men: 5028 USD


Hope you found this article helpful, if you wanna learn more check out this video I found on Youtube:

The video is about how you can earn money by testing app games and so on. I havent tried this method myself but I am just showing this video as a recomendation, hope I have been helpful, good luck, my friend.



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