How to Become Smarter: IQ, 10 Tips, Life, & Intelligence?

I thought for a long time that I was completely stupid in my head, stupid simply because there were some things that I had such a hard time with.

Things that seemed so easy to others were very difficult for me. I had a hard time with math and some social things and the ability to make good choices for myself was lacking. The math thing probably bothered me the most because I took it as the ultimate IQ test. Bad with math = stupid.

Now I know that this is not the case at all, and that even a thing like counting math is something that everyone can learn.

The secret was as “simple” as acquiring the ability to focus, really intensely and for long periods in a row. Then you can learn just about anything.

How do you become smarter? Top 10 Tips!

1. Become smarter by searching for new experiences

It is no coincidence that geniuses like Albert Einsten were good at lots of different things. By constantly seeking the new, and multiplying to get better at it, you develop your fluid intelligence.

But you have to change often: as soon as you learn something, the effect on your intelligence diminishes. Then you will only get better at the specific task.

2. Challenge yourself to become smarter

This step is related to the former, and is about constantly having to find things that challenge your brain. Variety, ever more difficult tasks and real focus are required for you to become smarter.

So it is not enough to solve a little sluggishly about the same Sudoku that you have already solved hundreds of times.

3. Become smarter by sleeping more effectivily

It is possible to solve advanced thoughts in sleep if you sleep well enough, a German study shows. The theory is that the brain continues to process problems and solve them if we are allowed to sleep long enough.

This is how the study went: 106 people had to take a quick look at a number of number combinations with a hidden code before going to bed.

Some were allowed to sleep for eight hours, the others fewer hours. The next day, those who slept for eight hours were able to crack the code twice as often, compared with those who slept less.

4. Write a diary to become smarter

Write down your problems! It can affect memory, concentration and problem-solving ability.

According to an American study, the point is to just write off stress and negative thoughts, not just note what happened during the day.

The survey shows that students who wrote about negative emotions performed better, compared to those who only recorded what happened during the day. Among other things, they had a better memory.

5. Become smarter by thinking more creatively

Thinking creatively is not the same as doing something creative. So it’s not about painting a painting or starting with ballet, but trying to tackle problems in new ways.

It is simply the classic “thinking outside the box” that challenges your brain and your fluid intelligence.

6. Spend time with nice people to increase intelligence

How you are treated by others affects your intelligence. If you are rejected, your IQ can drop significantly. It shows a study where a number of subjects were exposed to being rejected.

After this, they did an IQ test which showed that the intelligence ratio dropped by 25 percent, the analytical ability by 30 percent, shortly after this unpleasant experience.

7. You become smarter by making things difficult for you

Becoming smart is not for Latoxes and the fact that it is difficult is absolutely necessary.

The brain is in a way like a muscle, and if you do not use it, it loses ability. An example is to always use your GPS, which means that you never have to keep track of where you are.

Constantly relying on technology makes you lose your sense of place. In order to increase your brain’s abilities, you should do things in as complicated a way as possible.

8. Become smarter by moving your body

Studies show that a 45-minute walk three days a week increases the ability to perform many tasks.

Among other things, the ability to make decisions is affected. The explanation is believed to be that blood flow to the brain increases.

It doesn’t matter what you do – just move. The most important thing is that you get your heart rate up and let your heart work – regularly.

Better blood circulation also increases the brain’s ability to process and utilize new knowledge.

9. Network and you will become smarter

I touched upon this a bit on step 6 but this is probably the most important factor and it’s not studying by yourself in a dark room or eating fish or carrots. It’s networking, not just for your intelligence bur for your overall health.

Humans are social, and interactions are needed to really sharpen our intelligence. The good thing is that if you do point one to four, you will probably meet a lot of people already.

The more people you meet, the more new experiences and thoughts you will also encounter.

And it is precisely in the challenging encounter with the new that you raise your fluid intelligence.

10. Become smarter by relaxing

And finally, just relax bro. Dont be so hard on yourself all the time. Everything is gonna work out, I promise. Life is like a game, dont take yourself too seriously and just be in the moment.

Relaxation, such as yoga, can increase learning ability. A study at Stanford University showed that regular relaxation for 30 minutes increases the ability to solve puzzles by 25 percent.

What is IQ? Are higher IQ-people smarter overall?

Many people have heard of IQ or so-called intelligence quota. It simply measures a person’s logical thinking during problem solving. In this way, one can determine how intelligent a human being is.

The higher the IQ you have, the smarter you are. Most of today’s population is on average around 100 on the scale. Mensa is an organization for people with high IQ and to become a member there you must have an IQ of at least 131.

This is determined through a test with various questions and exercises. Mensa organizes meetings and conferences where like-minded people can meet for discussions and to further stimulate and develop their brain capacity.

But, while it’s true that people with a higher IQ are “smarter” per say, we cant just give the argument that higher IQ people are smarter and thats that. No, intelligence is not just math and logic it has an even broder spectrum than that.

Check out this intresting video on just that. That intelligence comes in many forms, not just problem solving:

What is intelligence?

Intelligence is really not just problem solving and logic. Far from! Intelligence is also energy, focus, willpower and the ability to control and manage one’s emotions.

Intelligence is also charisma, empathy and social ability as well as the ability to learn things, remember things and possess great knowledge.

My favorite definition of intelligence is the ability to make big changes in one’s own life.

Simply the ability to steer yourself where you want, in any area.

Screw math!

Can you really get smarter?

Yes, because one’s level of intelligence fluctuates during the course of life and it is possible to make radical changes for the better.

It matters a lot how you live to use your entire capacity. Try to perform after you have been awake for 3 days or when you have a cold. Does not go so well right?

Become smarter: Give yourself the conditions to maximize your mental ability

  • Prioritize sleep – go to bed on time, sleep your hours and take care of your sleep hygiene.
  • Fix everything that drags you down like bad relationships, depression, anxiety, worry, etc. because it drains the mental capacity like nothing else.
  • Exercise regularly – anything but strength and fitness. Coordination gives plus points!
  • Meditate regularly – how you want only you do it.
  • Do not eat shit – aim for ketosis

How to meditate made easy

Become smarter: Reflect on your life situation and your goals

Always look at the outcome. What happens during your day?

What raises and lowers productivity, mood and focus?

  • You do not come back into the flow after conversations in the morning? Make no calls in the morning!
  • You totally crashed after lunch? Do not eat lunch!
  • You quarreled with your partner late at night and could not sleep? Do not quarrel in the evening!

Make continuous improvements and track the outcome regularly and set new goals.

This is applied intelligence and is something that will make you much smarter over time.

That and focus!


When you think of how to become smarter you probably think of IQ and how can I increase my IQ and so on. But my recommendation to you is to focus on, not IQ, but increasing your emotional intelligence.

Becasue I know for a fact that by inqreasing your EQ it will work as a much better aid in life. You will be better suited at facing lifes many challanges. Do not believe me?

Then check out this video I found on emotional intelligence:



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