How Much Can I Earn From Print on Demand?

So here I am at my desk looking up best side hustles 2021 and come across selling t-shirt designs and I start to wonder how much can I earn from print on demand?

According to the Youtuber “Ryan Hogue Passive Income”, you can make anywhere from $10 to $10 000 a month. The key factor to get to let’s say earning $1000 dollars a month is to not give up. This business model can take up to 12 months before you see any results at all.

So, what is print on demand?

Print-on-demand is a printing technique / method that is based on your product only being printed when an order arrives.

So your product is printed one by one. This means that you do not need to have any stock, which in turn means that you do not have to take a big risk when you want to test your business idea.

This approach is made possible thanks to the development of digital printing. A printing technique that makes it possible to print smaller editions and also personify them to a greater extent.

Of course, there are pros and cons to this technology, and that’s exactly what I’ll be going through.

What can you do with print on demand?

Print on demand is a way to sell apparel and custom printed items that allows you to automatically send your orders to a company that will print, package and ship the orders for you.

This allows you to sell your items online without buying upfront inventory without printing the t-shirts or apparel yourself and without shipping the items yourself.

It’s all done for you. Even better, most print on demand companies will work with you completely free. There’s no cost to use them other than what you pay for the items and shipping as you make sales.

What can you sell with print on demand?

You can sell almost anything with print-on-demand from t-shirts to mugs to skateboards to curtains, blankets, phone cases, I could go on and on, and there’s literally hundreds of items that you can sell with print-on-demand.

How do I find these print on demand companies?

It’s actually a lot easier than you think. I recommend a tool called Shopify, Shopify is an e-commerce platform where you can easily build and host your entire e-commerce business.

Inside Shopify there’s a tool called the Shopify app store, a place called the Shopify app store. It’s very similar to the app store on your phone, you can go into the android Google play store or the Apple app store and find different apps to install under your phone to do different things.

The Shopify app store is very similar for your e-commerce business and you can go into that app store and search and find hundreds of print-on-demand companies that you can install with just one click into your store and start working with them.

So in a matter of a few minutes you can have a print on demand partner, you can upload your products and start making sales with print on demand, again, completely free you just pay for the orders as you make them.

How does print on demand work?

What happens when you get a sale with print on demand?

What happens when you get a sale? The very first thing that happens when you get a sale on your online store is that the customer gives you money. They pay you money on your website. That money is going to travel to your payment processor.

Now in this case that would be Shopify if you’re using a Shopify store, if you’re using something else, that might be Stripe or Paypal, in this case we are just going to assume it’s going to be Shopify.

So that money is going to go to Shopify, after it goes to Shopify, it’s going to take two days for Shopify to pay that money out to your bank account.

How do you actually get paid on print on demand?

So as soon as you get an order, if I come to your store right now and give you 25 dollars for a t-shirt that money is going to go to your payment processor.

And then after about two days it’s going to be deposited into your bank account.

How do the orders get processed on print on demand?

But something else is going to happen right when that customer gives you money. There’s going to be a new order that travels to the print on demand company.

If whatever print on demand company you’re using, as soon as you get an order on your website, the Shopify in this case, or your e-commerce platform is going to send that order over to your print on demand provider.

The print on demand provider is going to print and ship that order over to your customer. So your customer is going to receive that order.

The other thing that they are going to do is that they are instantly going to charge you money to you’re bank account.

So what happens here is that normally you have to pay the print on demand provider instantly when you get an order so that means you have to front, let’s say 13 dollars for the order, if the order is 25 dollars and then after two days you’re going to collect that 25 dollars.

Which is going to reimburse you for what you paid to the print on demand company.

How do you make profit of print on demand?

So let’s review this one more time: The customer comes to your store and makes a purchase, two things happen at that point, that money is sent over and holding to your payment processor, in this case, Shopify and an order is sent over to your print on demand provider telling them that they need to print the order, package it up and ship it to your customer.

Right when that order is sent over to the print on demand provider then the print on demand rovider is going to charge you the cost for the items that you sold.

Like a t-shirt or a hoodie, whatever you sold they’re gonna charge you like the wholesale cost of that right away. Then after two days Shopify is going to pay you out for that order.

Essentially reimbursing you for the money thay you spent on the wholesale item from the print on demand company and giving you that whatever profit that is left on top of that.

Advantages of print-on-demand:

  • You can change parts of your product without making a loss in already purchased stock
  • Your product will be available everywhere
  • It is more environmentally friendly
  • Ideal for start-ups that do not have an existing customer group
  • You do not need to keep track of any stock

Disadvantages of print-on-demand:

  • A lower margin on sales


As you can see print on demand is an incredible opportunity to start an online business and to make money online in general.

If you want to learn a lot more about of what to expect when doing print on demand then check out this Youtube video I found:



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