How Do You Start an Online Business With no Experience?

E-commerce is growing at a record pace, and now has a turnover of over 100 billion USD. Many small business owners can take advantage of the cake by starting e-commerce.

  • Point out the direction. Start at the right end and feel free to make a business plan, where you decide on your main strategy. What are the key competitive advantages of your new store? Is it price or level of service? Range of assortment? Or that you are very niche and knowledgeable in your field? When calculating the price, do not forget that shipping is added for customers and that it can vary depending on where in the country (or abroad) you and the customer are.
  • Review your options. There are ready-made design templates to use to create the feeling you want in the online store. Equally important is to keep the site fresh with new products that reflect your range.
  • Choose the right technical solution. Choosing the right technical platform is important. With your business plan in hand, you see what type of size of store you need. Maybe a smaller variant is good to start with. Either way, do not see technology as a problem.
  • Market yourself smart. Creating traffic to the site is what will cost the most money and take the most time. It is also the most common beginner trap – not to put gunpowder on how people should find the site. Make a marketing plan and invest in creative ways to be seen that do not cost that much, such as social media. Another way is through blogs. For example, if you sell a product aimed at running, a blogger with the same focus may be interested in writing about your products. Instagram is also a great way to get traffic.
  • Climb in Google. Many customers use search engines like Google to shop online. Therefore, it is important to end up high in the hit list if someone googles the type of product you sell. An easy way to search engine optimize your site is to mention words that you think your visitors are searching for in headlines and in the titles of your pages. Also try to get other sites to link to you, then you are considered “important” in the search engines and rank higher.
  • Do not underestimate the time. Technically, you can set up a store in a couple of days, but it takes time to put in all the products, get a clear agreement on card payment and speed up marketing. The online store requires as much love, resources and commitment as a regular store. If you are going to invest in e-commerce, it must be a central part of your business. The store must live all the time, so work with the range and focus on measuring and following up, just like in a physical store.
  • Keep the customer happy. Once the web shop is up and running, customer service is important. Visitors should feel confident in your company – then they dare to complete the purchase. This includes important things such as telephone numbers and other contact information, that you are reachable and fast in your customer service.



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