Flipping Websites: Flippa, Pageviews, Value, & Red Flags

Have you ever considered making money by selling websites? Many people think that you need to create websites from scratch on the internet.

But if you are smart, you can buy a website and easily turn it into a profitable money making maschine.

How do you make money flipping websites

You can make money by buying a website to generate advertising revenue. In this case, you may not change the site other than by working to increase traffic and improve the performance of the ads on the site. If you can show that the site has high advertising revenue every month, then you can if you want to sell it for hopefully quite a lot more than you bought it.

So if your site earns let’s say $1000 every month it then goes to a multiplier usually 30x. Which means you can sell it for $30 000.

Here’s a video on what you could expect when doing this kind of business model. Not to discourage you but to give you a better understanding:

Flipping websites: How do you value a website?

I recommend Empire Flippers who in my opinion is a good reputable broker for websites. The way they value a website, it’s the same way I value a website, is that they look back at the previous several months. Empire Flippers look at 12 months of net income from the site which equals to profit from the site.

they’re gonna take the average of those twelve months and multiply it by a multiplier depending upon if the site is growing or shrinking and so on. That multiplier is usually somewhere between about 24x and 38x.

And to reiderate, it jus depends on how good it actually is, I mean if the site is just rock-solid, you have for example people on a recurring payment, a memebership site or something then those sites will usually go for a higher multiple.

But if the amount of page-views you get each month just goes up and down all the time then people are going to be less likely to buy your site.

If you have a good site than usally around 30x is pretty normal. For example if a site is earning $1000 a month it’s gonna sell for about $30,000.

How do you find websites to buy?

This is the real difficult part of this. If you’re just starting out then go to Empire Flippers, I mean yes, you could use Flippa but there is just so much spam on there. Empire Flippers is much more vetted, not to say that you can’t get scammed on Empire Flippers but I generally feel more safe buying from there.

The company has a solid background and they to their best for due dilligance but sometimes a bad one slips through of course, so it is by no means guranteed but I trust the company and they do a good job.

But always be careful when it comes to buying a website.

How the graph should look when buying a website to flip

So, you can just go to their marketplace of websites that are being sold. For example: the things you wanna look for is the graph, right? Is it a steady flatline like the picture below then it is a good buy.

But if it is like this picture below, growing really fast, which a lot of people would see as a good thing, honestly to me it is not a good sign. I don’t wanna see growth and I don’t wanna see a downturn.

You want a steady flatline as in the first picture and when it’s flatline it’s consistent, that means you can pretty much rely on the site. Are you patient enough you will get your money back.

(Sry for the low quality pictures took them with my phone).

Why should the growth be flatlined

Well you dont know if that high growth spurt in the second picture has been tampered with. You don’t know if they did something to cause a spike that is going to probably go away next month or is it just becasue a website is so new that their channel just hit that growth curve.

How old should a website be?

I wan’t to see a site that is at least 2 years old before i’m gonna buy it so that most of the content on the website has some age for them to rank on Google.

To reiderate, the reason I wanna see that is becasue things change during the first year, you just don’t know what is happening with the pageviews until your site and articles are at least 2 years old and has had time to rank.

You dont wanna pay for somebodys spike in traffic that is going to go away the next month, flatline = money back guranteed.

Are their other ways to finding websites to flip than just Empire Flippers and Flippa?

Empire Flippers is a solid way to go but another place to look is just looking for old blogs. What can happen is that you just stumble upon an old blog that display on their homepage ‘This Is For Sale’ or something.

And by doing this, you could stumble upon a goldmine becasue a lot of the time, old blogs are often poorly mantained and or optimised.

So an example of this: Ricky from Income School bought DirtBikePlanet.com which had 30 000 pageviews a month and was earning $3000…a year, which is not ideal to say the least.

But Ricky bought the site and just cleaned the site up and moved the ads around a bit and it started making $1000 not in a year but every month this time.

Moral of the story is that if you find an old blog that has not been updated in the las few years and you think ‘This is something I would be really intrested in’ just go look up the owner on WhoIs.com and buy it.

How do you bring an old flipped website back to life?

But remember, often to spark life back up in an old site, it takes some work too publish some new fresh content on there.

Pro Tip: Do not email! Usually people just think you are a spammer so what you can do instead is to try to contact them on Facebook, but be polite and make it super clear that you are a real human, you don’t wanna come across as a crazy robat stalker.

How to know how much traffic a website gets?

If you just want an approximation of how much traffic they have you can go to SimilarWeb. It’s just an approximation so for example if it says 200 000 pageviews it can be anywhere from 100 000 to 300 000 pageviews.

Use this knowledge to just get an idea if the website is even worth buying.

Pro tip when looking for a website to buy and flip

You should look for low-hanging fruit, which means, sites that has high traffic and low income is just beautiful becasue you can just flip switches for monetization.

Maybe they haven’t incorporated ads on the website or for example Ricky’s DirtBikePlanet.com didn’t have a singel link to Amazon.

Another example from Income School is that they bought a website that had 200 oprhaned pages, which means that they where written on the site but there was a mess up with the wordpress theme that made it impossible to access does pages of content.

What are the red flags to look for when buying websites?

The red flags to look for are link scarriness, if there has been any kind of pbn to build up the domain then theyve obviously done some backlinking for the website.

Check out this video on how to properly value a safe website:

You want a website that is gonna be up for years to come. Not some website that you buy that Google immediatly is gonna deactivate all of a sudden.

Why would you buy a website?

Buying a website is a little more obvious, you want a consistent income now and you’ve got some cash just laying around waiting to spend or you want to build up a portfolio.

Especially if you see some low-hanging fruit as I mentioned before or just a site that has a lot of potential to flip then absolutely, build up your network of niche websites and I can go on and on, lot’s of good reason to buy a website. But the main one is it’s going to be long-term passive income for years to come.

Why would you sell a website?

There are also reasons to sell, both Ricky and I tought it was just dumb to sell a website if it has consistent income. But you know opportunnities can come up that it can make sense. For example, Ricky sold and I quote ‘Rock-Solid site’ with consistent monthly income for years but he just stopped being intrested in the topic of the site.

So, to reiderate, there can be a lot of reasons to sell. Maybe you lost intrest in the topic, maybe it’s off season and you don’t get as much pageviews as you’d like, or you just don’t got time and you wanna pursue other things and niches.

But it would make more sense to sell a website if you have a portfolio of websites, if you just have 1 website it would only make sense to sell if you know it’s really going down bad.


Of course, your profit will vary depending on how developed the purchased website is.

But the principle is always the same, the money you pay always shows up in the traffic you get to the site, and this in turn affects how much money you make from selling websites.

So buying and selling sites to make money is something I can recommend to most people, but it will require you to do your homework before buying.

Check out Income School’s video on this. I love Income School and what they do and what they stand for, I trust them and they deserve all the credit they can get. They also made this article possible.

It’s pretty much a sum up of what I have written so you can get a btter understanding on how to flip websites:








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