Digital Marketing: Beginners,What,Why,Who? & Influencers

In this beginner’s guide to digital marketing, you will get tips on tools you can use, what to think about.

What digital marketing means more precisely can, however, vary depending on which platforms and channels you use for your company.

In this text I will also go through what digital marketing is and who benefits from digital marketing and why.

I will also describe what SEO and SEM are and how it works.

What is digital marketing about?

Digital marketing is, in short, about when your company shares content, or offers, via digital channels (newsletters, Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram and more). Which allows you to reach a specific target group in the right place and time. Both via organic and paid distribution.

The goal of digital marketing can, for example, be to get more people to shop, make people aware of the company’s existence or be used as part of the company’s customer service.

How does this work with digital marketing?

The starting point is that you have a content, or an offer, that you want to share.

If you use Internet marketing, you are probably familiar with or have heard of terms such as web ads, search engine optimization and positioning, affiliate websites and email marketing.

Of course, you can also look at your e-marketing as a complement to your more traditional advertising campaigns, as your digital marketing operates in fields other than the traditional marketing channels, such as newspapers, TV and the public space.

Example is how Nike here uses large billboards as part of their marketing.

Using digital marketing channels to reach your customers thus enables you to reach more and / or other types of target groups than those who would otherwise have come into contact with your more traditional campaigns.

Digital Marketing: Keyword optimization (SEO): so that your potential customers can find you

SEO is an abbreviation of English Search Engine Optimization which means search engine optimization. It is a collective name for the strategy you use to ensure that your website ranks high among the thousands of search results that appear in the search engines.

Search engines work by ranking web pages using various algorithms, where the results that are supposed to be most relevant come at the top in descending order.

By search engine optimization of the content on your website, in line with the algorithms that exist, you can thus influence what ranking your website gets in search engines.

There are different ways you can apply search engine optimization, and it can be done both on your own page but also through other pages.

This is called On Page methods and Off Page methods, respectively.

Digital Marketing: On Page methods

On Page aims, among other things, to create content on your pages that is relevant and that makes it easy for people who searched for an exact phrase to find your page.

It can also be about using keywords and placing them in well-chosen places in your texts, for example early in your text, in headings or early in a sentence.

If you use images on the page, it is advantageous that you always write a relevant caption to it so that people can search for your page in words, even if they only remember what the image showed.

It can also be good to link to other parts of your website internally in your texts to enable several keywords in your text to match those that your potential customers are looking for in the search engines.

Digital Marketing: Off Page methods

Off Page is about having your website linked from similar pages, where the person who finds the website may think that both websites contain relevant information.

You can do this both through links in text, direct links but also by including a link to your website in the signature on, for example, various forums.

In some cases, you can also link your page via other platforms to increase your page’s indexing.

Digital Marketing: What is SEM?

Unlike SEO, which is about optimizing its presence in the search engines’ organic hit list, search marketing (SEM) is instead about paid ads to appear on certain keywords:

The biggest advantage of this type of marketing is that you get instant results. Your ad will immediately start appearing to the people searching for the words you have chosen to target.

On the other hand, it’s like a tap – as soon as you stop throwing in money, your ads stop appearing.

Digital Marketing: Social media: for more people to discover your business.

When using social media for your digital marketing, some of the most common networks to use are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and blogs.

The biggest advantage for you to use social channels for your digital marketing is that you can reach out to your potential customers and also create a relationship with them.

This has its explanation in the nature of social media – that they are interactive platforms.

The interactive contact that you create with your potential customers gives them an experience of closeness, as you can communicate with them in a very fast and efficient way.

You can also give individuals the opportunity to closely follow all the news regarding your business by sharing it in all your social platforms.

Digital Marketing: Newsletter: for your visitors or followers to become loyal customers

Newsletters are a good channel for creating a relationship with potential and current customers. Compared to social media, this type of communication becomes more personal. Because the communication takes place directly in their inbox.

With the help of a few simple tricks, you package all that information and create stylish newsletters. How to use!

  • Start from a design and stick to it – The recipient must immediately recognize that the mailing is coming from you.
  • By using a design that reflects your graphic design through your colors and fonts, it will be easy for the customer to connect the content to you.
  • Relevant content that reflects you – Think through what the recipient wants to know, what does it need?
  • By sharing relevant content or tips that can make everyday life easier, the recipient will want to take part in the content. And you!
  • Remember not to tell everything in a mailing. Keep the newsletter as short and airy as possible, rather continue on the topic at a later stage if it gets too long.
  • The most important thing should come first – The most important thing in your newsletter should come absolutely first in the mailing. In this way, the recipient becomes curious to read on. Whether it is a picture or a text, it must arouse curiosity!
  • Mobile adapted – Many of us read the email directly in our mobile. Therefore, make sure that your newsletter is easy to read on your mobile phone as well!
  • It should be easy to click on to your website or act on the content in another way.
  • Do not forget the subject line! – The subject line of the newsletter is probably much more important than you think.
  • This is the first thing many of us read when we scroll through our email and can therefore be decisive for whether the recipient opens your mailing or not.

Unsure? Then look at this video instead:

Digital marketing with influencers

In recent years, you also have the opportunity to use influencers to market your goods and services. An influencer is a person who is active on social media and who has the opportunity to reach out to.

And above all influence – a number of other people who follow this influencer in various digital channels.

As influencers have often built a network around their channels, their name can also be seen as a brand in itself.

If you and your company want to work with an influencer who is followed by many people who could be potential customers for you, it means that together you create a specific idea about your products and services.

When this performance is then communicated by the influencer, it is perceived as credible and genuine, by those who follow and have a close relationship with the influencer in question.

This will be a way to put your products or services in a context that your potential customers can then see in, and hopefully want, in their own lives.

Who benefits from digital marketing and why?

In some cases, you may need to differentiate between traditional marketing, also called outbound marketing, and digital marketing, also called inbound marketing.

This is important as both the platforms and strategies you will use in the two options differ.

Simply described, you use traditional marketing to actively disseminate information through advertising and advertisements via, for example, regular to your potential customers.

There is no special selection for those who are defined as potential customers, but it includes virtually everyone.

Traditional marketing can lead to you gaining new customers, and thus increased sales.

However, it is important that you pay attention not to make anyone annoyed with you and your brand as you can also send offers to people who are not interested in your business.

Let me summarize: when you use digital marketing, it’s not about getting as many people as possible to find your channels – on the contrary, it’s about finding the right people there.

By the right people I mean the people who are actively looking for and looking for what your company offers.

It is then these people you can build a relationship with and eventually sell your goods or services to.

Digital Marketing: Talk about the benefits – not the features

To get the most out of your digital marketing, you need to describe the benefits of the product or service. And not the properties.

Your customer wants to know how your service or goods can help them. Not what properties it has.

Take a robot vacuum cleaner as an example. As a customer, I do not want to know how it is structured. But in what way it can help me with my cleaning.

Can it cross thresholds and carpets? Can I time it? So that it cleans while I’m at work.

To know what benefit your goods or services give your customers, it is therefore a good idea, before creating a blog post, social media post or newsletter, to answer the questions:

  • To speak the same language / benefits as your customers, it is good to talk to your current customers. And ask them what your product or service helps them with.
  • What problem is the person trying to solve?
  • What step does the person avoid when he has the product / service?
  • What is the difference between being with or without the product / service?

In this way, you find out what benefit the product or service has for your customers.

You can then use it in your digital marketing and get more people to open their eyes to your business.

Digital Marketing: Other things to think about

If your company plans to invest money in digital marketing, it is also important to set up a clear plan. Here are some questions that may also be good to think about.

  • Should we hire a digital agency?
  • How are we doing this?
  • Where should we market ourselves?
  • How do we know if we have succeeded in our marketing?
  • How do we measure the efforts?
  • How big a budget do we have?
  • What do we want to achieve with marketing?
  • Shall we do it ourselves?


To sum it all up, it is important to think twice when marketing yourself digitally.

It’s not as simple as buying a newspaper ad and getting immediate effect. There is a jungle of marketing channels out there and you can easily disappear into the crowd if you do not stand out.

Digital Marketing: How to stand out?

Check out this video on how to stand out in this digital marketing jungle:


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