Advantages and Disadvantages of Email Marketing

The advantages of email marketing

  • The advantages of email marketing is that it is very cheap and the return on investment is excellent, according to
  • It is the best direct-marketing channel and gives much better results than direct-marketing materials printed.
  • Email marketing is also cheaper than printed matter that requires postage to be sent.
  • Email marketing can be tracked.
  • Email marketing success can be judged on the number of clicks website receives.
  • Email marketing can focus on advertising campaigns or individual advertising.
  • You can send lots of newsletters or target specific users.
  • Email marketing is data-driven and helps build relationships and loyal readers, according to
  • You can include coupons, downloads, registrations and informative information about your business that generate interest and repeat customers.
  • More than half of Internet users access their email accounts to check or send emails on an average day, according to
  • The registration form can be placed on your website so that users can sign up for newsletters and other information that you can send out, according to
  • Email marketing leads to sales conversions and gives website owners that market on the Internet speed, according to

A little side note, a marketing email can be created in hours and reach millions of people in minutes, according to the

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The disadvantages of email marketing

  • And the disadvantages of email marketing is that email marketing must have a targeted message and the people who receive it must want to hear from you.
  • Email marketing should not be exaggerated.
  • Newsletters or emails must have important information or they will not arrive.
  • HTML emails open more than those that only offer a text version.
  • To create a good newsletter that has graphics, text and images, you need to be somewhat familiar with writing HTML.
  • People receive several marketing messages a day from many different companies.
  • And according to the Business Marketing Plan, it is possible that many customers will delete the email as insignificant before taking the time to read it.
  • Using a bulk email program means that your marketing email can get caught in the recipient’s spam folder and they can never see it.
  • Some people do not appreciate having their inbox filled with unsolicited marketing emails.

By using lots of email, customers may consider that your business is less than reputable.

1. Risks of email

Virtually everyone has an email today, and well many have more than one.

It is a very effective way to get hold of people, or at least to be able to send out a letter to them.

When it comes to marketing, you not only want the letter to arrive, it should also be read.

This is where the focal point lies, that the letter should go further than the inbox and the trash.

In order to achieve this, the letter must be formulated and designed in an attractive way.

Many people want to know directly who it comes from, because less honest letters are circulating online.

There are templates for email marketing where you can choose the type of mailing that is best for your target audiences.

Sometimes the best can be different arrangements, so that everyone gets one that is adapted to them as individual groups.

A lot is about what you want them to do.

Because it is not always a question of sales.

It can be information that they should read, campaigns for them to visit or something else that is part of your marketing.

And people are used to reading electronic messages.

It is one of the foremost ways to communicate.

Businesses and individuals are encouraged not to print things on paper, in order to save nature.

Everything must be electronic, which has given rise to a completely new culture.

More and more authorities are investing in digital mailings.

This is something that you can take advantage of, by making your mailings attractive and easy to read.

2. Measure your success

No one wants to waste what they have, and few can even afford to do that.

Most companies are small and struggling to move forward.

Every dollar must be used correctly so that it not only goes around but preferably in the right direction.

Therefore, you need to be able to measure what works and where to give up.

As I said, this is not always easy online.

You need to learn to analyze what the numbers actually mean.

Internetworld reports in an article that one of the advantages of digital marketing is that you can measure the impact.

You can see how many people have opened your newsletter and you can also measure how many people have bought something via that link.

All this makes it easier to have a clear picture of what happens after you send out your email.

At the same time, it is important to think ahead.

As the article points out, it sounds absolutely fantastic that 30 percent open what you send out.

But the disadvantage is that it can also be reversed, that a hole 70 percent do not open it, and how can this be improved?

3. Effective email marketing

It is still a very good way of marketing, especially if done right.

The word segmentation often comes up in the discussion and can be the key to your success.

This means that you divide your customers or addresses into different groups.

The more specific you can be in your mailings, the more likely they are to read them.

But above all that they react to what is written.

Some groups, for example, are most interested in getting cheap deals.

They like the products, but the price is crucial for them.

Everyone is different, and there are many factors to consider in your marketing.

The important thing is that you constantly control and measure the effect of what you do.

That you strengthen the parts that work and eliminate as soon as possible what is not as effective.

See the big picture and not just pure numbers, try to imagine what it means in practice.

Of course, you can hire someone to do all this.

A company that specializes in performing email marketing and also analyzing or measuring the effect of it.

The advantages and disadvantages of email marketing: How to succeed in 8 steps:

1. Collect email addresses

To work with email marketing, you need email addresses for people who are interested in your message.

Beware of getting these in the wrong way as it is not allowed under the GDPR to send emails to people who have not chosen to receive these.

Work with landing pages, forms on your own site or physical collection of emails in your store.

You can also have an opt-in function for customers for your e-commerce or similar.

2. Make a plan for your mailings

Think about how you should work over time, how many mailings you can create per week and how you can vary the message.

Make mailings at special holidays or when your competitors do not.

Plan ahead for a while so you can keep a good and steady pace which is important in email marketing.

3. Capture the reader’s attention

A large part of successful email marketing is about the subject line.

The short text that appears in the recipient’s e-mail program and summarizes the email.

This is where you have the chance to get the recipient to read your email.

Be careful with that text and try a few different ways to write it.

Sometimes it can work to be mysterious or funny, but otherwise it may be better to just be very clear about what kind of content you get if you click on the email.

4. Create interesting content

Do not think so much about what message you want to get out, but rather what you can say in an email that interests your target group.

Maybe it is not your price list you should send out, but rather offer knowledge in your area.

The goal is to make readers long for the next issue and not feel too assertive.

5. Keep it simple and neat

Design is important and most people are short on time. Choose a nice picture and a short text in an email rather than 10 different messages and a lot of bad pictures.

Divide what you want to say into several emails and why not try sending an email without design as a change to make it feel more personal.

6. Avoid spam

What is classified as spam is not always clear. But in short, junk mail is spam.

Even if someone has chosen to receive your emails, the message you have in the email may not match their expectations or that you send emails far too often.

It is also important to find a good balance between image and text and not use too many strange words or eg exclamation marks.

7. What should the reader do next?

Think about what you want the reader to do after each email read.

Should they go to your site? Buying a particular product? Visit your store?

Be clear with your prompts and guide the reader.

It is often appreciated and feels better than a general newsletter with a lot of links.

8. Evaluate your mailings and test yourself

Follow up on each mailing and see how it went. Were there unusually many people who unsubscribed?

Were there many who clicked on a particular link?

Did the subject line work unexpectedly well? Test yourself.

If you send emails relatively often, you can turn on messages and content and see how it affects your statistics.


All the time, new ways are emerging to spread information and advertise your company, it is a dynamic industry.

Some actions disappear fairly quickly while others remain.

Email marketing is one of the things that is still effective and should therefore be used to the maximum.

Instead of thinking about everything yourself, you can enlist the help of experts who know exactly what works best.

Marketing is all about balancing your expenses with what you get in return.

A big campaign with ads on all buses works really well, there is no doubt about it.

But most business owners can not afford it, and it is not worth the expense.

Something similar is the case with more normal, smaller ways of marketing your business.

You have to make sure that what you put into it all comes back in some way.

Choose the most effective way to market yourself within your framework.

Also, check out GetResponse, I definitely think its one of the best tools on the market right now.

They also provide 30-day free trial without a credit card so you can always just refund if you are not satisfied.

You wanna go more in-depth? Then check out this video I found on Youtube. Hope it helps!



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