How Hard Is It To Get Traffic To a Blog? – 9 Tips

Not hard at all. The absolute best way that I can recommend to any upcoming blogger is to just put out more content.

I learned this method from Income School on Youtube.

There method goes like this: publish as much content as you can as quickly as you can. This will increase your chances of ranking on Google exponatialy.

An example: lets say you have written 500 “good” articles, every article gets about 500 pageviews a month. That is 250 000 pageviews combined!

With that many pageviews you can easily earn up to 5000 USD / month.

But keep in mind, if you put out content slowly then you wont rank as quickly and you probably wont get that push that will get you to 250 000 pageviews / month.

Also it takes an article approx 8 months until it hits full ranking potential and shows up in everyones searchbar.

Anyway, launching a website and then rolling your thumbs while waiting for someone to find it is not recommended – then you may have to wait a long time.

Getting many visitors to the website does not happen automatically. Instead, take the help of our tips below to actively attract more visitors.

1. Search engine optimize your website

Optimize your website for search engines such as Google by, for example, weaving relevant keywords and phrases into the text content and optimizing image sizes so that the page loads faster.

This increases the chance that your website is ranked high among the search results, which can get more visitors to find your website.

2. Publish new content regularly

Regularly publishing new content on your website gives previous visitors a reason to revisit your page.

Plenty of content also increases the chance of a better placement in search engines as other site owners are given the opportunity to link to your content from their own pages.

A tip for being able to publish content regularly is to plan carefully. You do this by, for example, setting up an editorial calendar of which topics and themes you should write about and when they should be published.

3. Advertise on Google and other search engines

“Regular” organic search engine optimization mentioned is important but can take weeks, months or even years before showing any results in visitor numbers.

In the meantime, you can test paid search engine advertising on the words and phrases that are relevant to your business.

Then your ads appear when someone searches for, for example, the products or services you offer, which drives traffic to your website.

4. Work with PR

Try to get news pages and the like to publish information about you and your company (preferably with a link to your website).

Either by providing them with pre-written articles and blog posts, or by contacting them before product launches, events, or the like and asking if they want to write something about it.

It can increase the interest of your company in more internet users and hopefully increase the number of visits to your website.

5. Guest blog with others

Publishing valuable content on someone else’s site is an effective way to drive traffic to your own website.

Remember that the page you choose to guest blog at shares your target group and that you link back to your website from the blog post.

Also add a presentation about yourself as a writer at the bottom of the post.

It may make the reader want to visit your website to find out more about you, your company and what you offer.

6. Invest in E-mail Marketing

Send newsletters and campaign emails via email to inform, interest and keep in touch with your customers and get them to visit your website for further information.

If you wanna learn more about email marketing check out one of my articles.

7. Run social media campaigns

Find out which social media your target audience uses the most. Then try advertising in these channels to get more visitors to your website.

Go out with promotional offers, news or valuable blog posts that may be of interest to your potential visitors and customers.

8. Repeat your successes

Test yourself and see what works for you and your company. If you find something that gives more visits to the website, you can repeat it.

In the case of textual content, however, it may need to be angled differently or reformulated so as not to be counted as duplicate content. It is not appreciated by Google!


If you dont feel like using social media and seo tactics or spending money on ads that has the risk of not working, then I have another tip for you that I probably use the most right now.

And that is just to wright more content, and I mean a lot more content. If you feel like you dont always have time to wright preferably one article a day.

Then I suggest you should invest in workers who wright it for you. The more articles you create the more money you can potentially make.

With more money the more workers you can higher and the more wordpress blogs you can create.

I learnt this tactic from Income School who are great and who know pretty much anything about blogging. I higly reccomend them. You can find them on youtube or

Tip! Use Google Analytics to keep track of visitors

To see what your current number of visitors looks like, I recommend Google Analytics.

There you can, among other things, see the number of visitors, the number of pages visited and which external pages link to your website.

It helps you identify which strategies, platforms and content attract visitors to your website.

Having a wordpress blog without google analytics is like a bird without wings.



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