8 Tips on How to Make Money as a Web Developer

So, I’m sitting here at my desk trying to come up with something to whrite about and I think to myself ‘How do you make money as a web developer?

How do you make money as a web developer?

You make money buy creating application’s that everyone needs. Do you really have to get stuck in just doing web development stuff? No, you can do a whole bunch of different things. There is people that for example do little applications for Facebook, there’s people that go in and create income calculators and much more.

It’s not only about developers and designers, you want to build stuff that the general public really use.

Even tho I mainly talk about about freelance in this article, there is much more you can do. Check out the video below for additional guidence:

Another way to make money as a web developer / web design / online: You do not have to have any education. Just sign up to Fiverr or Upwork.

What works really well if you can create websites or are good at design, are freelance jobs and online outsourcing service. Do this:

1. Go to Freelancer and click on “get paid for work”.

2. It is free to register as an employee here.

3. Then you can find many projects from people and companies who want help.

4. Find projects in web development / design / whatever.

5. Bid on these projects – write how much you should have paid to do the job.

6. Complete the project, and get paid for the job.

The advantage of using Freelancer is that you do not have a “double layer of employer”: In a business where you work with web development / web design, it is you who is employed and your employer has a customer who in a way, your employer’s employer.

In Freelancer, you are more like a self-employed person, and you earn more, as there are no employer fees and other expenses.

(You don’t have to use Fiverr by the way).

Learn more in the video below on what to do and what to expect:

Potential income as a web developer working as a freelancer

One of the first things that people wonder about when considering making the transition to becoming a freelancer is often how much they can earn by working for themselves instead of working for an employer.

Freelancers are typically seen in the industry as experienced experts, people who excel in the field and have the opportunity to offer their services directly to the public as a result.

Traditionally, freelancers are seen as experts who can be hired to work for a company on a special project specifically related to web development.

Employees, on the other hand, are historically considered to have been selected for several occupations. Although their position is web development, many employees are expected to have graphic design skills, internet marketing skills and web development experience and are asked to perform a variety of tasks.

With the traditional model, the work of freelancers was typically considered more valuable than the freelancers.

Can a web developer make more money as a freelancer than as a regular employee?

As experienced experts, they could charge a much higher fee than an employee would do by working a regular shift in an office.

The short-term nature of freelance work and the fact that freelancers do not cost employers the same amount of money for insurance, employer contributions and other costs also contributed to freelancers earning a higher salary.

Today, the world of cloud workers and competitive online freelance marketplaces has caused the traditional payment model to shift a bit.

Do freelancers pay more?

Freelancers still generally pay more than their employees’ counterparts, but the difference between the size of their salaries has decreased somewhat.

To make more money as a freelancer than you do as an employee, you will need to put in a lot of time and effort; however, it is possible.

How much you can expect to earn as a web developer / freelancer

There is no exact answer to the question “How much money can I make as a freelance web developer?”

Statistics compiled by the website salary.com estimate that the median salary for web developers who work as employers is $55,575 to $82,827 based on experience, which means that half of the workers in the area earn less than this amount and the other half earn more than this amount.

It is not so easy to find information on how much money freelancers make.

You can find some people who blog about web development on a freelance basis who claim to earn more than $108,983 annually by working as freelancers, but most people will earn less than that.

During the first years of the plan when you work to build a customer base, you should expect to earn an average of $23,964 to $49,012 per year.

How much does more experienced freelancers make?

More experienced freelancers can take home an average of $59,971 to $95,857 per year.

Your geographical location can also affect your salary, especially if you are looking for clients in your area rather than online.

Developers living in big cities and in counties where the cost of living is high will usually earn more per year.

Here’s a video to help you get an estimate on what you can expect:

Other compensation as a web developer

Salary is the type of compensation that most people think of only when considering how much money it is possible to earn as a freelance web developer.

There are still other forms of compensation that you can get that work in the industry.

One way that freelancers can be compensated in addition to salary is with free advertising. You can place an ad on the customer’s website or get them to market you in some way to lower your marketing costs. Another form of compensation is trade in services and goods.

Other ways web developers get compensation

Freelancers may be able to get big discounts on software, computers, peripherals and other necessities to complete projects in exchange for discounts on their services, or they may be able to trade their services for other professional services such as accounting or bookkeeping.

While these types of exchanges and benefits do not increase your total salary as a freelance web developer, they do reduce operating costs and allow you to keep more money in your pocket.

When negotiating with customers, remember to keep partners and discounts in mind as a way to increase your revenue potential through alternative compensation.

Added services as a web developer

In America, many companies want web developers to do more than just basic web development, even if they choose freelance assignments instead of hiring staff.

That is why many web developers today wear several hats and also work as graphic designers and content writers.

Even if you do not want to expand your services to do more web development than you do, it has its benefits. If a company does not need to hire multiple freelancers to complete a project, they will likely be willing to pay you more, giving you the chance to do more of each project you complete.

Of course, you need to spend more time on each project to complete all the steps to the best of your ability.

Advantages of being a well-rounded web developer

Another advantage of providing value-added services is competitiveness. If you are able to offer all the services required to get a website off the ground, you may be able to secure the business with new customers by standing out among your competitors.

This is especially important when you first come out and have to work harder to get new customers than a more experienced freelance web developer.

Important things to remember about freelancing as a web developer

Before you start making money as a freelance web developer, it is important to understand that the work is not always consistent or stable.

You can expect your hours, how much money you earn and payment terms to vary from project to project.

If you are someone who cannot handle insecurity, you may find that the job as a freelance web developer is not the best choice for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the variables that are always changing for freelance web developers:

1. Working hours

One of the biggest benefits of being a freelancer in most people’s eyes is the ability to set up your own schedule and work whenever you want.

While it is true that being your own boss should mean more flexibility, the reality is that in the end you will probably work more, not less, than you do today.

2. Payments as a freelance web developer

Another thing that can vary for a freelancer is how they are paid and when exactly they get paid for a product.

When you start as a freelancer, you will probably be in the hands of your clients and will be forced to follow the payment terms they want to ensure that you secure your business.

Often companies will not want to pay you until you have completed the work. This way, they are guaranteed that you will complete the project.

But this puts you at risk of not being able to pay you at all or on time.

If the company can agree to pay something in advance and then send in the rest when the work is submitted or pay you in small steps during the project is preferable.

3. Other considerations as a freelance web developer

Being a freelancer can be very rewarding, and many web developers who have gone from being employees to freelancers will say that they are happy that they made the decision and would do it again if they had the chance.

Still, freelance assignments can be very stressful.

Customers can be indecisive and request multiple versions before accepting your finished work. This means that you work more hours and often cut down on the amount of salary you earn per hour when everything is said and done.

Things to keep in mind as a web developer

In addition, family and friends can contribute to stress. They may not fully understand that you work from home and expect to be available to do things for them or just to talk on the phone while you work.

It is a good idea to set expectations with those around you before you start making money from home to ensure that there are boundaries in place and that everyone understands what you expect and need to succeed.

While the job as a freelancer eliminates the fact that you do not have to obey a boss, it does not eliminate stress.

Ways to increase your revenue as a web developer

There are a number of ways that web developers can bring in extra revenue and encourage recurring leads from customers.

Some ideas for making more money online as a freelance web developer include:

1. Think about seasonal adjustment when working as a web developer

Many companies want to update the look of their website at different times of the year, as this keeps their websites engaging and can also help with SEO.

You can take advantage of this desire by offering seasonal services, packages that include remodeling based on the current season or vacation.

If you offer packages that bundle several services, you can include advertising and marketing support in connection with the season as well.

Another add-on is custom e-card design. Offer customers a customized e-card that they can send to their e-mail distribution lists as a seasonal greeting.

The cards can easily send a greeting or provide a coupon or discount to encourage the business.

Try to offer a seasonal package service that includes redesign and value-added services for a certain number of trips per year and then bill customers monthly, quarterly or in a lump sum for the service, so that they will continue to use it.

2. Offer web hoisting as a web developer

Offering a web host can provide an extra stream of revenue for your business. Many web hosts offer sales plans so that you can create packages to offer customers.

You can charge different prices for disk space, how much bandwidth, add email accounts and more. Then you can invoice them for the service monthly, quarterly or annually.

This will not only have an impact on revenue but it will also eliminate the stress that can come with helping customers find third party web hosts and having to work with these services themselves.

3. Use no when negotiating as a freelance web developer

When negotiating with customers, sometimes the best word is to say “no”. If you sometimes show that you are willing to leave the table regarding a certain point in the discussion, it will encourage a prospective or returning customer to agree to your requirements.

You will be amazed at how many customers will suddenly be willing to pay your quoted price when you give a steady no during the call.

As a new freelancer, you need to be very careful about promising too much.

When you are eager to secure business, you can jump at the chance of a job and be prepared to agree to a crazy deadline or to take a deeply cut salary, but if you can not complete the work on time or if you have to take shortcuts to get it done because of the low price that the customer has paid, you will not make a good impression on the client.

Your reputation can be damaged and you will not benefit from having a good reference to give to potential customers.

4. When working as a web developer sell your service and work to others

As a web developer, there will often be times when your customers do not like something you have worked hard on and it works well.

You can leave a meeting where you have been told to start over, resulting in hours of wasted work on a site that will not be used.


Other ways to make money as a web developer

So the opportunities to make money as a freelance developer are very good. The market and the demand for freelance web developers are increasing and if you approach the market with the right strategy, there is good money to be made.

Web development is not the only thing that you can make money as a freelancer. Another very popular way to make money as a freelancer is as a virtual assistant. Here you can simply act as an online assistant, and it can also be a web developer.

Also, feeling unsure about how to get started as a freelance web developer? No worries, I got you covered, check out this video I found on Youtube. Hope it helps, good luck!







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