Do Bloggers Make Money? 7 Ways to Earn Via Your Blog

If your blog is starting to get visitors (or already has), you can monetize it.

And making money online through your blog does not necessarily mean a lot of advertising. No, there are actually other ways you can make money on your blog.

I therefore want in this post to show you 7 ways you can make money online through your blog. In addition, I would like to make my recommendation regarding which methods are most advantageous to use and when they are advantageous to use.

But let’s start with number 1.

1. Make money by referring people through affiliate links

Affiliate marketing is without a doubt the source of income that I have made the most money on. If you do not know what affiliate marketing is, then it is very simple.

It works as if you link to a specific product via your blog (if you have a fashion blog, it can for example be a dress). If a person then buys the dress via your link, you will receive a certain percentage of sales (often between 5 and 10 percent). That’s smart, right?

How to get started:

  • Create a user with ex. Partner ads, Adrecord, Tradedoubler or Webgains.
  • Apply for approval at a relevant online store and wait for the approval.
  • Post an affiliate link on your blog and receive commissions, when someone buys something through the link.
  • You will then receive your commission once a month.

2. Make money with a sponsored post

For sponsored posts, a company pays you to write a post about their product. And if you have a blog with many visitors, you can earn a lot from this.

If you yourself follow big blogs, you have probably already seen other blogs use this method. But as I said, it requires that you already have a lot of visitors to your blog before you can use this method, because otherwise the companies are not interested.

How to get started:

  • Contact relevant online stores and find out if they are interested in sponsoring a post.
  • Write a sponsored post for the online store and get your money’s worth.
  • Be careful not to do this too often, as otherwise it could damage your blog’s credibility.

3. Get ads with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the second largest source of revenue I have earned. Google AdSense is, in short, ads that you monetize when someone clicks on them.

But the smart thing about Google AdSense is that it itself shows ads based on what the visitor has previously searched for on Google. This significantly increases the likelihood of the user clicking on the ad and it saves you a lot of time.

How to get started:

  • Create a Google AdSense user
  • Post a code on your blog, where you want your ad to appear
  • Make money every time someone clicks on one of the ads
  • You receive your income on the last day of each month.

Ezio is also a great adnetwork in the begining, and when you get more traffic ypu can start using adthrive and so on who pay more per click.

4. Sell products through your blog

Another way to make money online is by selling products through your blog. It can be a good idea if you already have a popular blog, as you can then promote your products through it.

It can be products you have created yourself or other people’s products. And it can be a digital product or a physical product. The easiest to get started with are without a doubt digital products (such as an e-book), as it requires less work than physical products (such as jewelry).

How to get started:

  • Find a product that you want to sell on your blog
  • Post it for sale via your blog
  • Promote it via your blog and other channels (Facebook etc.)

This requires more work than other methods, so think carefully before you try the method.

5. Write product reviews

This tip is a bit like writing a sponsored post. But instead of just writing about the product, here you write a review about the current product.

Normally you do not get paid, but instead you get the product you are reviewing. Most online stores do not give away their products in exchange for a bad review. So often it is that you are willing to write a good review even if you do not like the product.

How to get started:

  • If you already have a lot of visitors to your blog, move on to point 2. If not, spend some time getting more traffic before moving on to point 2.
  • Contact relevant online stores and find out if they are interested in sending you some products, which you can then review on your blog.
  • Write the review for the product and then keep the product.

6. Sell your talent through your blog

This tip is a bit like the previous one in that it is about selling products on your blog. Here you only sell one talent instead of a certain product.

If there is something you are really good at (which is relevant considering your blog), then why not take advantage of it and make money from it. It can e.g. be that you are good at creating great-looking blogs, helping with homework, etc. So create a page on your blog, where you write about your talent.

How to get started:

  • Come up with a talent that you have and that is relevant to your blog
  • Create a page on your blog, where you write about your talent, awards, etc.
  • Make people aware of your talent (eg via Facebook, your newsletter, etc.)

7. Sell your blog

It might be a little strange to talk about selling your blog in a post about making money on your blog. But if you have a blog that you do not use very much, you can make money selling it.

Normally, you can sell a blog for 10-14 months income. Ie. If your blog has earned 200 USD every month for the past 12-24 months, you can often sell it for 2000-2800 USD.

How to get started:

  • If you have a blog that you either do not use or have time for, then consider selling it.
  • Put it up for sale via e.g.
  • Sell it to the highest bidder
  • Consider this carefully, as you will usually make more money in the long run if you keep it.


If you would like to make more money online through your blog, my recommendation is that you get started with affiliate marketing and AdSense. These two methods are incredibly easy to get started with.

But if you already have experience with this, (1) sponsored posts, (2) writing reviews, (3) selling products and (4) talent through your blog are great alternative ways to make money on your blog. If you are also in need of quick money, you may want to consider selling the blogs that you do not have time for or no longer use.

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