Start Flipping Items: Garage sale, Games, Website, & Ebay

Here I am, at my local flea market and start to wonder to myself. How do you start flipping items for a profit?

The number one way to earn money while flipping items is video games. Now you might think that video games dont sell at all because for example Gamestop wont even give you more than 50 cents for the brand new 2k.

But seriously the value is there. Games like Super Mario Sunshine can sell for up to 30 to 45 dollars just with the disc, no manual or anything.

Here’s how I used to run it up off of video games. I would go on Ebay and I would buy the so called lots, basically short for bundles, you buy bundles of these xbox 360 games.

For some reason ps3 games didn’t really move that fast for me so I would take a lot of about 20 and pay 25 to 40 bucks for it. Then list and sell all the games

How do you find items worth buying?

The first way is to look for expensive or unique items. One way to find expensive items is to pay attention to brand names because high-end brands will generally turn a higher profit.

However, unique items can also turn a decent profit if it’s something that is weird enough that a person will pay more for it – or it’s sought after because there wheren’t many made.

You might actually want to get into higher ticket items, but when you’re first starting out it’s best to pick items that cost less – that way you’re not risking too much money.

Try to keep the items you buy under $20 a piece to avoid getting attached. You always to keep your profit in mind. If you don’t think you can buy it at a certain price and make a profit, just walk away from it you’ll find something else later.

Where can you find items to sell?

Thrift store are one of your best options for finding items to flip because you can go to one location to find a wide variety. Plus, most are relatively cheap.

In addition, most thrift stores expect flippers to come in, so they wont bother you while you’re deciding which items to buy.

Try looking for thrift stores in more affluent areas as you’re more likely to find brand name items that are worth a lot more.

Can you find items to flip at garage sales?

While thrift stores are a great place to find items, garage and yard sale can be equally rewarding. Check your local paper and Facebook for garages sale in your area. When visiting the garage sales try planning a route so you’re not going back and fourth all over town.

One of the benefits of visiting garage sales is that you can sometimes haggle prices down. Don’t be afraid to ask for a cheaper price or a better price on two items.

The worst they can say is, “no,” but most people are motivated to get rid of items at garage sales, especially toward the end of the day.

Can you find items to flip at flea markets?

Another good place to look for great deals is at flea markets. Deals might be a bit harder to come by, but like garage sales, Flea Market vendors are more willing to move on price than a thrift shop. Plus, you might also be able to find some treasures buried in the back of a booth that have been there for years.

Can you find items to flip at auctions or estate sales?

And the last place to look for items to sell are at auctions and estate sales. While prices at these places can be more expensive, you can find great deals if you’re willing to search them out.

Try going early to estate sales, or at the very end of the day, to get the best deals. It’s also a good idea to show up before the beginning of any action to see what’s actually for sale.

Which websites should I use to sell my items?

Now you just need a website to sell those new items. A good one to begin with is Ebay. It’s user-friendly and you dont have to have a lot of know how to figure it out.

Plus, the listing prices aren’t too expensive and it has a wide range of items. Other websites you can try include Amazon or Etsy for vintage items, and even websites like Craigslist or Facebook – especially for larger items.

How do you list flipped items you want to sell?

Then you need to decide how you want to list the item. Some sites, like Ebay, have several options for listing items. You can list it as an auction where customers bid on it, or you can list it exclusively as a ‘Buy It Now’ item.

You can also do a combo of the two where you start the item out at an auction price, but you also have a Buy It Now option that is higher just in case there’s any serious buyers.

How do you not sell yourself short when selling flipped items?

Pro tip: If you do choose an auction, make sure that you don’t sell yourself short. If you start the bidding out too low, you could sell the item for much less than you’d like.

A good rule of thumb is to start of the item at least what you paid for it. If you want to sell the item fast, you need to have good pictures from every angle so, the customer can see everything.

Try to highlight any damage so you’re not deceiving, and aim for at least 5 photos per item. Another way to make sure your item moves is choosing a catchy title, and often, using a ‘catchy’ title means using popular keywords for your items as well as details.

Things to keep in mind when selling flipped items

Lastly, don’t forget to include your shipping costs, shipping and supplies can easily cut your profit in half if you don’t account for it when pricing items. You can either include the shipping in the price of the item, or you can add it on as a shipping costs.

There are pros and cons to both approches. For intance, ‘Free Shipping’ can motivate many people to buy. If the shipping cost is too high, it could be a deterrent.

However, offering a lower price before shipping can sometimes put you up higher in the listing depending on what website you’re selling on.

Having seperate shipping costs can benefit you and also make the item seem like it dosen’t cost as much overall.

5 tips to selling and flipping items

1. Sell things you do not want

This is a good exercise for you to understand what has a good resale value, you realize the importance of quality and you learn to take care of your stuff.

Remember to photograph your goods in a flattering way. Facebook is good if you are going to meet people and you can often find local groups to sell in.

If you do not have the strength to post a lot of ads, send goods and keep on. Calm down, use Sellpy. They send home a bag, you fill it with clothes, they sell the clothes for you and give you the money (for a certain commission of course).

2. Flip gadgets

Many are in a hurry. They want to sell things fast. They have not compared the value of what they are going to sell but would rather get rid of it quickly.

This is where you come in. Do you know anything about watches, antiques or fashion? Perfect, now you can go to flea markets and look for expensive items that are sold cheaply. You buy these and then sell them more expensively. Do you know nothing like that?

No danger, as I said, there are many who need money quickly and therefore sell phones and other things cheaply. You can buy these and then sell them in peace and quiet at the price they should go for.

3. When flipping items, buy bulk

There are several sites (eg Aliexpress) where you can buy large quantities of something at good prices. I suggest you first test a couple of different ones to find the best quality before you buy a larger batch.

Delivery time can take a couple of weeks. Promote your product. Set up a website or sell via instagram, Facebook or Tradera.

4. Flipping items: Dropshipping

Here you are responsible for marketing and sales. The wholesaler is the one who handles the delivery. You do not have to stock and you do not have to send the goods to the end customer. Droshi is a popular site for this.

5. Sell and flip something of your own

Maybe you are good at painting, making your own jewelry or you can print cool texts on sweaters and sell? The possibilities are endless.

Why you should flip items

Have you ever considered that you might be sitting on a gold mine? By cleaning out and selling gadgets, furniture and clothes you no longer use, you can turn your forgotten things into money.

In addition, it is good from an environmental point of view to recycle things. That you get cleaned at home and / or in a storage room is a bonus that comes with the purchase.

Clear out your home checklist when trying to flip items

  • Take one room at a time.
  • Go through the entire room, closets, cabinets and dressers.
  • Bring out four boxes and mark with throw, sell, save and donate.
  • Ask yourself the following questions, for each thing you hold. When was the last time I used this? If it was more than 2 years ago, you can certainly get rid of it.
  • Why do I have this?
  • If you have grown out of it, sell it and buy new when you have your well-being weight.
  • You are worth it.
  • Is this where it should be? In relation to where you are going to use it.
  • Store things where they will be used. It provides a flow in your home that saves you time.
  • Some things have other meanings than money. We want to save some stuff.
  • Sell ​​on the various platforms, preferably when you have gone through a category such as clothes. On Facebook, for example, you can put several clothes in the same ad with several pictures.
  • For example, clothes in size 40. It is then easier to get more likes and the ad stays higher up in the flow.
  • Throw away for recycling and collections, such as Emmaus.
  • Save, put away maybe because of the affection value.
  • Keep this group a little smaller.
  • Sideboard!
  • The city mission is happy to receive your old things.

When you have gone through the whole house according to our clean at home checklist and put everything where it is to be used, life becomes easier and easier.

Things that just lie around and take energy and the feeling of going through everything is fantastic.

What items can you not flip?

Broken things or things in worse condition. They are also difficult to sell mass-produced things of poor quality, and things that are out of season.

When flipping items, think seasonally

Think based on season. Sell the children’s outgrown winter overalls and your ski jacket in the winter. Wait with the summer dresses and garden stuff until it starts to be season for it.

Then you can sell more things than you think. Branded clothing in good condition, tablets, mobile phones, books, cuttings and camera equipment sell well.

And glass, porcelain and furnishings are hugely popular. But also tools, toys and collectibles that can be anything from coins and stamps to Barbie dolls, smurfs and vinyl records.


Is it easier to flip items now?

In conclusion, the internet has made flipping items a lot easier than it used to be, so don’t be afraid to take your first twenty dollars and getting started.

Also, check out this video I found where he explains what items sell for a good profit. Keep in mind that prices always fluctuates so this information might not be 100% accurate. Always do your own reserch before buying or selling anything:



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