23 Things That Appreciate In Value

What are some things that appreciate in value?

Cars, handbags, sneakers and old toys are items that can be worth spending money on. Depending on the brand and model, the exclusive gadgets can provide a good return.

Another good investment that seems to be growing stronger is watches. Classic watches are not just a stylish accessory, if you choose the right model and take care of your wristwatch, it can turn out to be a gem worth a lot of money.

Then not everyone can afford to invest in a Rolex, but such models can be sold for millions in the secondary market.

Rare whiskey can also have a good price development. It can be anything from Game of Thrones whiskey to Macallan’s limited editions with different concepts.

23 Examples of some things that appreciate in value

1. Sneakers

This may come as a surprise, but the sneaker market is booming right now (think Air Jordans, Stan Smiths, etc.) and sneaker collections have become a fast-growing side market.

They may not sell for millions, but if you come across a pair of sneakers that are a special edition, make sure you hide them.

You may be pleasantly surprised as the value of sneakers can increase from 25 to 55 percent almost immediately.

A rare example of a pair of sneakers that gave their owner a high return is Kanye West’s sneakers, Yeezy Boost 350 V2, which offered its owner a quick return of 501%!

There is also an online index that shows how much different sneakers are worth, much like in traditional stock markets.

So who knows, your sneakers might be worth a fortune without you even knowing it!

2. Veteran mopeds

A used Puchmoped can be sold for $6000 on Tradera.

Maybe it’s time to sell off that old compact that stands and dusts in the garage. Above all, it is Puch and Zundapp mopeds that usually lead to bidding war on Tradera.

3. Tech

For example, an iPad Pro was sold for $1140 on Tradera.
With the rapid development of technology in recent years, a large secondary market has emerged.

Therefore, today you can get a fair amount of the money you spent back if you want to change phone, computer or tablet and they are in good condition.

4. Lego

A Spaceship from 2006, Lego Star Wars, was sold on Tradera for $400 quite recently.

Above all, it is Lego Star Wars and old Lego from (again) the 1970s that are sold for the highest prices. Star Wars is a hot topic in addition to Lego.

When it comes to other toys like action guys, it’s Star Wars from the 70’s and 80’s that are sold at the highest prices

5. Collectibles

An unusual collector’s picture of a young Muhammad Ali, then Casius Clay, was published in a swedish newspaper after the 1960 Olympics.

The picture was paired with three other collector’s pictures of Wilma Rudolph, John Ljunggren and Harald Nielsen.

The copy in the picture was sold for $172 on Tradera. But in good condition, it can be sold for as much as $1000.

Hockey cards from the 1990s have not reached the greatest value, so far. In recent years, Pokémon cards have risen in value instead.

A complete Master shadowless base Pokémon Charizard holo on 103 cards was out on Tradera. The leading bid was $1400.

6. Tin trucks, porcelain dolls and dollhouse furniture

Really old sheet metal cars and porcelain dolls from the early or mid-20th century as well as dollhouse furniture from the 50s to 70s can also provide some cosiness.

It can often be crucial if you keep the original box. Vintage Barbie dolls are also in demand. A set of seven vintage Barbie dolls from the 1960s and 70s was sold on Tradera for $640.

But most sought after are smurf figures that have a great collector’s value. In May, a small single smurf, albeit of an unusual variety, was sold for $550 on Tradera.

7. The resale value increased by 190%

Unlike many second-hand products, a brand-designed handbag can cost more than twice as much used as when it was bought new.

The American media company Refinery29 has listed the hottest handbags and if you are considering investing in a bag, there are two that stand out.

Dior Saddle Bag

Dior’s iconic Saddle Bag has seen its resale value increase by 190,8%.

The saddlebag has gained momentum and increased in value with the last year’s fashion of carrying belly bags obliquely across the body.

Fendis Baguette

The other bag where the value has stuck in the height is Fendis Baguette. For the spring of 2019, Fendi relaunched its classic 90s bag that was frequently seen in Sex and the City.

The bag was one of the main character Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite accessories and over the past year, the price has increased by an average of 179,2%.

8. From around $10,000 to $250,000

Cars are not directly known for increasing in value. Rather, it is often said that a new car loses value as soon as it leaves the car dealer.

But there are exceptions and Hagerty, the world’s leading insurance company for collector cars, has listed the cars that are best to buy in if you want to see a real increase in value on your vehicle.

For those of you who have money in the bank and are tired of not getting any interest on the money, these two cars can be something to invest in.

9. Grandpas old drink cart

Your grandfather had a super nice drink cart. It ended up in a second-hand shop when you cleaned out his old house.

And now you’re going crazy because you can not find one for your home – no one as handsome as you can afford anyway.

Today, the lavish drink cart is a coveted detail in the art-decó-inspired homes. But 20 years ago, it felt perhaps the most old-fashioned and had to go to the dump.

Therefore, to say the least, it feels a little sad to have to search with lights and lanterns to get your hands on a new serving trolley.

10. Macramé from the 70’s

You or your mother definitely made macramé in the 70’s. By tying and braiding the strings, you can do everything from exciting patterns to hang on the wall to pot holders.

And it is above all the macrame that you can put pots in and hang up like a candle, which is what we regret that we do not have left from before, now that the bohemian trend is hanging over us.

Absolutely, you can tie an exciting lamp yourself, or buy a little here and there today, but it’s so much more fun if you could say that it’s vintage!

11. Real carpets

Maybe we were tired of the pattern or thought they looked worn.

But in retrospect, it’s easy to pull at the hair of frustration that that real hand-knotted rug that could have stood in the basement for a few years was thrown away instead.

At least when you have realized three important things:

  • Carpets are quite expensive.
  • Real carpets are even more expensive.
  • A genuine hand-knotted rug is nicer than any other and would sell for a very hefty sum.

12. Your old toys

We were quick to switch to modern Playstations and X-box when they were new and exciting. But to be able to play Mariocart on Nintendo today feels so much more attractive.

Too bad it went in the electronics recycling when you moved away from home. Things we have played with through the ages are not just dear memories.

They are also fun today! Nintendo, Lego, Barbie, Star Wars characters and exclusive stuffed animals are examples of toys that would actually be fun to keep.

And they can also be worth a few bucks.

This year, a Barbie doll went under the hammer for $10,000. Also: Think how good it is for the environment if we stop buying new!

13. Grandma and mom’s nice bags

How wonderful has it not been to get a compliment over your stylish bag and be able to say that it is vintage?

Imagine being able to also tell about how the outer compartment always used to be full of Werthers colors – when your grandmother had it.

Now you regret that you sold it at a flea market when you were scraping together money for a charter trip with your friends in high school.

As we know, the quality from the past was usually so much better.

If it’s money you want to fret over, it was mainly older bags from the classic brands, Hermés, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry and Chanel that you can expect to sell expensively.

14. Old comic books

After more than 30 years, the value of old comic books can skyrocket. According to Tradera, we would not get rid of the comic book “Nakke” – in Finnish.

A collection from 1983, which contains numbers 1 to 52, is valued by the seller at $500. Maybe not something so many of us have ever owned Nakke in Finnish.

On the other hand, Donald Duck comics. A Donald comic book from October 1948 was sold a couple of years ago for as much as $12,500.

15. Old furniture

Of course, you can not save on all the old furniture that is inherited or donated to you. But there are probably some who in retrospect would have been fun to keep.

Or that today would be worth a few bucks. Like Bruno Mathsson’s wicker armchairs, which are not directly cheap today either.

When we were younger, we may not have known, or understood, how much furniture can be worth – or what is neat and durable.

16. Stamps

Stamps are at the top of the collector’s list. They maintain an average price change of 251% over 10 years, which is a much better return than many other investments!

In fact, stamps are the most valuable that currently exist within the same weight and size. A British Guyana Magenta stamp worth one cent was sold for just over 7,8 million dollars.

The key to a good investment is, of course, to be able to discern if the object has potential for added value, so focus on limited stamps that celebrate memories of special events or anniversaries, such as these Swiss memorials.

17. Coins

Coins have always been a classic collector’s item thanks to their scope, variety and, of course, beauty. If you compare coins with the same index as before, its value increases on average 220% over ten years.

So if you find a coin at the right time and stick to it, it may one day be worth a hefty penny! Since it is a fairly established market, it is about choosing carefully.

The coins worth collecting are those that are no longer in circulation, or commemorative coins such as the 50 pence coins from Kew Gardens that were printed in 210,000 copies to honor the Royal Botanic Gardens’ 250th anniversary.

Defective coins are especially valuable to collectors, such as a certain 2 euro coin designed from just one metal instead of two.

18. Model cars

Much like comic books, there was a time in our lives when toy cars, dolls, stuffed animals and similar toys accompanied us wherever we went, either hard in the hand or tightly tucked in a backpack.

Many of these, now classic, toys have increased in value over the years. A particular favorite is Dinky Toys. These custom-made model cars have been sold for impressive sums.

An early red and green delivery van that could once be bought for just a few cents, was sold in 1994 for almost 27,000 dollars.

Their biggest competitors, Corgi Toys, are now also quite valuable. In 2008 a Corgi No. was sold. 204 Rover 90 Saloon for about $477.

Look for models in perfect condition, in 1/18 scale and preferably in original packaging, so maybe you can win the big prize.

19. David Bowie’s 1974 Diamond Dogs album

For David Bowie’s 1974 Diamond Dogs album on vinyl, its value lies in the very strange history of album art.

The original image contained an illustration of Bowie with the bottom half replaced by a dog’s genitals and all.

This made the record company RCA nervous, so the picture changed before the record hit the shelves. As you’d expect, some copies of the original were released worldwide, and in 2003 one sold for $ 3,550.

Who knows how many copies of taboo album art made it come from the printer before it was censored?

20. Fashion

If you have old designer clothes in the wardrobe you want to get rid of, they often have a high resale value.

Brands like Acne, Ganni, Rodebjer, Filippa K and Gant can go for hundreds.

This spring, for example, a leather jacket from Ganni was sold for $315 on Tradera, a dress from Rodebjer for $490 and a bag from Acne for $910.

But for those who do not wear so much designer clothes in the wardrobe, there are more gold nuggets.

21. Porcelain

There are many fine porcelain series that go for high prices. Right now, it is objects from the 70s that are rising the most in price.

Just a couple of years ago, you could buy 1970s porcelain for dirt cheap. But in recent years, classic 70s porcelain has risen the most in price on Tradera, over 29,87 percent.

The most popular mugs are Moomin mugs by Arabia’s Fazer series from 2004, which was only made in 400 copies.

The most expensive so far was sold on Tradera for $8490 in 2018. Many models go for thousands and the Moomin role daydream model goes for around $2000.

22. Glass

A set of Festivo candlesticks can be sold for $780 on Tradera. Once again, it is the 70s that are coveted. The classic Ultima Thule glasses from Iittala can today be obtained over a hundred dollars for six glasses.

In the 70s, the candlesticks “Festivo” were in almost all Swedish homes. Today you can get between 120 and 150 dollars each for them.

23. Vinyl records

A record by Hep Stars from 1964 in new condition was sold for $907 on Tradera.

Absolutely perfect for those who have saved their old vinyl records but replaced the old turntable with something more modern.

Then you can take the opportunity to increase the holiday fund instead.

Punk records go for hundreds.

There are especially limited editions and punk records that go for hundreds. The most classic example is a misprint from the album The Yellow Goat by Bathory, which was only printed in a thousand copies.

One of these was sold for $1500. But even old vinyl records by the Beatles and Elvis, you can get a few hundred pieces each if they are in good condition.

Why things appreciate in value

The reason why people pay more at auction than in stores is due to the international buyers. They simply do not know the store price or know that they can order from the store’s website.

There is currently also a great deal of interest in stainless steel cutlery. If you want to make yourself a pick and have stainless steel cutlery lying around, you should look for models designed by Sigurd Persson, Kaj Franck, Sigvard Bernadotte, Mikael Björnstjerna or Tias Eckhoff.

Swedish ceramics are also going like the train right now, Mats Bergstrand suggests. The Swedish design is usually very stylish, which attracts the new generation in the auction market.

50 years ago, it was classic antiques that mattered, today it is modern Scandinavian design from the 20th century that is in demand.

The younger audience is not as nostalgic and impressed by objects that come from the 18th century, they would rather have a stylish design piece of furniture from Hans J Wegner.

Inspect your findings thoroughly before buying

What tends to increase the most in value is art.

But it is also the hardest way to go if your ambition is to make money. – Say that you are building a collection of 50 paintings or artists from different galleries that you spend a total of $100,000.

It is probably still only one of the 50 paintings that goes up in price over time. It is so difficult to trade in art.

For those of you who skip art and would rather look for bargains at flea markets, it is important to be careful and inspect the item well before buying.


As an example, their was this program that was based on two competing couples receiving $500 each to shop for at auction.

When the money ran out, the host valued the items and the team that had bought things with the highest resale value won the competition.

The couple were cocky at first, but afterwards they realized which traps you could easily fall into.

They had not examined carefully enough that the nose of the figurine was repaired or that there was a crack in the leg of the Danish design armchair.

Then things dropped in value. Seeing the items when you go to the flea market or auction is extremely important. It’s all about the condition.

Be realistic

If something is surprisingly cheap, it is often too good to be true.

Nothing that is good or of high value slips through. Today, people are aware of the value of things, which makes it much harder to find.

Investing a little more in an expensive gadget of quality, than buying many cheap things. What costs a little more today often costs even more in a few years.


Bonus Tip: Roses on Valentines Day

The value of roses skyrockets on Valentines Day.

Expect record-breaking expensive roses for Valentine’s Day. A single long-stemmed red rose can cost up to $16.

Try to order in advance and maybe sell. I don’t know I have never tried it before but maybe it could work for you, who knows.










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